Incident at HALIFAX / STANFIELD INTL NS (CYHZ) (Conflict - loss of separation, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)


2010-01-28: UPDATE TSB A10A0011: JZA896, an Air Canada Jazz Canadair CRJ-100 en route from Boston to Halifax, was on approach for Runway 05 and was cleared for the approach via the ODKAS initial fix. CME602, a Prince Edward Air Beech 1900 en route from Deer Lake to Halifax, was also on a vectored approach for Runway 05 and was number two behind JZA896. JZA896 did not turn final at ODKAS as expected and lateral separation between the aircraft eroded to 2.6 nm where 3 nm is required. JZA896 re-acquired the approach, at which point the required separation between the aircraft was restored.
2010-01-21: JZA896, RJ100, enroute from Boston (KBOS) to Halifax (CYHZ), was approaching from the northwest and was cleared for Runway 05 via ODKAS. CME602, Beech 1900C, enroute from Deer Lake (CYDF) to Halifax, was approaching from the northeast and was going to be number-2 behind JZA896 for Runway 05. JZA896 did not turn to the runway heading at ODKAS and crossed behind the southwest bound CME602 with less than the required separation minima. JZA896 turned back to intercept the runway heading and CME602 continued on to be vectored in number-2 behind the JZA896 for Runway 05.


CADORS Number 2010A0067
Occurrence Type Incident
Reported By NAV CANADA
Occurred At 2010-01-20 - 23:58
Day or Night?
Fatalities 0
Injuries 0
Aerodrome ID CYHZ
Geographic Location Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Atlantic Region, Halifax Intl (CYHZ)
TSB Occurrence Number A10A0011
TSB Class of Investigation Class 5
AOR Number 115458-V2
Reported By NAV CANADA
Categories Other,Airprox/TCAS alert/loss of separation/(near) midair collisions
Events Conflict - loss of separation,Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction

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