Incident at CLYDE RIVER NU (CYCY) (Conflict - loss of separation)


2005-01-04: BAW 219, a B777, was IFR en route Heathrow// 70N040W DCT ADSAM NCAA 6930/70W /// to Denver. At 1658Z the BIRK Controller passed an estimate for BAW 219 at ADSAM 1813 FL 360. ACA 851 was IFR Heathrow// 70N60W ADSAM NCAA 67N/90W // to Calgary. At 1757Z, ACA 851 progress was received via AFTN ADSAM 1757 FL 320 NACA 070W 1814 NCAA 080W next. At 1801Z, ACA 851 requested a higher altitude through Arctic Radio. The Controller cleared ACA 851 to maintain FL 360, maintain .84 not above FL 320 until past 65W. At 1805Z, BIRK passed a revised estimate for BAW 219 at ADSAM 1807Z FL 360. The Controller noticed the conflict with ACA 851, contacted Arctic Radio and issued a revised clearance for ACA 851 to maintain FL 350. At 1808Z, ACA 851 reported level FL 350. Arctic Radio advised that the crew indicated that they had climbed to FL 355 prior to descending to FL 350. The minimum required separation between ACA 851 and BAW 219 prior to BAW 219 reporting by ADSAM is 15 minutes longitudinal or 1000 feet vertical. A loss of separation occurred when the resulting longitudinal distance between ACA 851 and BAW 219 was less than the required 15 minutes.
2005-01-06: UPDATE ANS and Airspace reported that Nav Canada has reviewed this incident and no further action is planned.
2005-01-05: UPDATE TSB reported that the Boeing 777-200, operated by British Airways as BAW 219, was at FL 360 from London, bound for Denver, Colorado to the east of Baffin Island. The BIRK Controller transmitted to the Edmonton Controller that BAW 219 estimated the point of advance ADSAM at 1813 UTC. An Airbus 330-300, flight ACA 851 operated by Air Canada, was at FL 320, en route from London to Calgary, and had passed ADSAM at 1757 UTC at FL 320. At 1801 UTC, it received the authorization to climb to FL 360, and not to exceed level FL 320 before becoming to 65W. At 1805 UTC, the BIRK Controller reported to the Edmonton Controller that BAW 219 estimated ADSAM 6 minutes earlier than originally estimated, at 1807 UTC. The Edmonton Controller observed the conflict between the two planes and requested ACA 851 not to exceed level FL 350. ACA 851 was at level FL 355 when it received the directive and descended to FL 350. A loss of separation occurred since only 10 minutes of longitudinal spacing between the two aircraft existed, whereas the standard is 15 minutes longitudinal or 1,000 feet vertical.


CADORS Number 2005C0011
Occurrence Type Incident
Reported By NAV CANADA
Occurred At 2005-01-02 - 18:05
Day or Night? Day-time
Fatalities 0
Aerodrome ID CYCY
Aerodrome Name CLYDE RIVER NU (CYCY)
Geographic Location Nunavut, Canada, North America, Prairie and Northern Region, 65 NM SW of Clyde River at 69N 63W
TSB Occurrence Number A05Q0001
TSB Class of Investigation Class 5
AOR Number 52488-V1
Reported By NAV CANADA
Categories Airprox/TCAS alert/loss of separation/(near) midair collisions
Events Conflict - loss of separation

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