Incident at GAMÈTÌ / RAE LAKES NT (CYRA) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)


2003-04-07: UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that the individual involved was removing snow that had accumulated around the runway and approach lights on Runway 32T. The CARS operator received an erroneous ETA from an inbound aircraft, which alerted her to advise the Gameti Corporation operator. The snow remover normally clears the apron area only, however in his apparent enthusiasm to do good work he entered an area where permission was required. The radio in the vehicle had been turned down so the individual was unable to hear the CARS operator's calls. The NWT government reported that AVOPS training will be taking place next week.
2003-04-03: An individual drove onto the runway at Rae Lakes airport in a Ford truck owned by Gameti Dev. Corporation at 10:49 am local time. The individual did not request authorisation and it was also determined that he had no AVOP permit. The CARS Operator attempted to contact him via the radio to inform him of an incoming plane (ETA: 11:10 am). The attempt at radio contact was unsuccessful and the CARS Operator then had to go out onto the runway and tell the individual to leave. The individual left the runway at 11:13 am. (Note: the arrival of the incoming plane was delayed until 12:34 pm.) It was then discovered that he had the volume control on the radio turned down, thereby preventing radio contact from taking place. It is not clear what the individual was doing on the runway. It appears that he was either shovelling snow or fixing the lighting.


CADORS Number 2003C0418
Occurrence Type Incident
Reported By Government
Occurred At 2003-04-01 - 17:49
Day or Night? Day-time
Fatalities 0
Aerodrome ID CYRA
Geographic Location Northwest Territories, Canada, North America, Prairie and Northern Region, Rae Lakes
TSB Occurrence Number
TSB Class of Investigation
AOR Number
Reported By Government
Categories Runway incursion - vehicle, aircraft or person
Events Incursion - runway - vehicle

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