Incident at WINNIPEG / ST. ANDREWS MB (CYAV) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)


2003-03-04: UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that Runway 18/36 was the active runway. Staff 23 was on the Taxiway Hotel extension north of Runway 13/31. He requested clearance to proceed down Runway 13 and Runway 22 and to the threshold of Runway 04. Clearance was given 'Staff 23 - unrestricted on the east side of Runway 18/36, hold short 36'. Staff 23 confirmed restriction to hold short 36. Staff 23 then drove off the threshold of Runway 04 past 200' and called back to Tower that Staff 23 was off the field. Staff 23 then returned to 200' off the threshold of Runway 04, entered 04 at the threshold and proceeded down Taxiway Golf to the hold line for Runway 36. Staff 23 then requested clearance to cross Runway 36 to proceed to Apron I. Staff 23 failed to request and obtain clearance prior to entering the maneuvering area at the threshold of Runway 04. During this period, Runway 18/36 had remained the active runway and Staff 23 had continuously monitored the frequency. Staff 23 assumed that he was still unrestricted east of Runway 18/36, hold short of Runway 18/36. If he had not indicated he was off the field when he was off the end of the threshold on Runway 04 he would not have been in violation. He was only off the field for a short period of time. However, he had indicated he was off the field and should not have proceeded back onto the field until cleared to do so. He has been reminded to request permission back onto the field prior to re-entering the maneuvering area at all times and when in doubt request and to take direction from the Tower
2003-02-04: The driver of Staff 23, an airport truck, entered Runway 04 at St. Andrews airport from an emergency access road without authorization. Runway 04 was not the active runway at the time and there was no conflict with aircraft.


CADORS Number 2003C0158
Occurrence Type Incident
Reported By NAV CANADA
Occurred At 2003-02-03 - 20:20
Day or Night? Day-time
Fatalities 0
Aerodrome ID CYAV
Geographic Location Manitoba, Canada, North America, Prairie and Northern Region, St. Andrews
TSB Occurrence Number
TSB Class of Investigation
AOR Number 27382
Reported By NAV CANADA
Categories Runway incursion - vehicle, aircraft or person
Events Incursion - runway - vehicle

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