Incident at 7200N and 6000W East of Baffin Island, NT (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)


1999-05-03: BAW 285, a B747, was enroute from Heathrow to San Francisco and entered Edmonton ACC airspace at FL 350 followed by VIR 019 at FL 340, also enroute Heathrow to San Francisco, followed by KLM 605 at FL 330 enroute from Amsterdam to San Francisco. The first two a/c were close in terms of time, so could not be at the same altitude, but there was more than 10 minutes longitudinal separation between VIR 019 and KLM 605. The ATC plan was to get both VIR 019 and KLM 605 by 6000W and then clear VIR 019 to FL 330. In Edmonton ACC airspace, a 1,000 foot vertical separation is not allowed over FL 280, so it was important that Birk ACC in Iceland hand off VIR 019 at FL 330 before it entered Edmonton ACC airspace to avoid a loss of separation with BAW 285. Communication with the crew of VIR 019 was lost for a brief time and when the flight entered Edmonton airspace, it was still at FL 340 with only 5 minutes longitudinal separation with BAW 285. The Controller was able to establish contact with the crew of VIR 019 and clear them down to FL 330, but for a brief period, the required separation did not exist. The Shift Manager at Edmonton ACC will discuss the proper handoff procedures with the Icelandic ACC staff. OPI - ANS and Airspace


CADORS Number 1999C0321
Occurrence Type Incident
Reported By NAV CANADA
Occurred At 1999-05-03 - 14:35
Day or Night? Day-time
Fatalities 0
Aerodrome ID
Aerodrome Name
Geographic Location Nunavut, Canada, North America, Prairie and Northern Region, 7200N and 6000W East of Baffin Island, NT
TSB Occurrence Number
TSB Class of Investigation
AOR Number
Reported By NAV CANADA
Categories Airprox/TCAS alert/loss of separation/(near) midair collisions,ATM/CNS
Events Conflict - loss of separation,ATS operating irregularity

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