Incident at Springbank, AB (Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))


1997-09-04: C-GJKC was on a dual VFR training flight and performing circuits on Runway 16 at Springbank. At the same time, C-FQRR was doing a simulated instrument approach to Runway 34, and reported inbound on final. C-GJKC was climbing out after a touch and go, and the controller thought he saw the a/c turning crosswind to re-join the downwind leg. The controller was busy with other a/c and did not see C-GJKC continue the climb straight ahead, in fact, the a/c did not turn crosswind until 4.5 miles from the end of the runway. C-FQRR was on the ILS for Runway 34 and flying in the opposite direction to C-GJKC. Both a/c were on Tower frequency, but did not realize the other's location until they passed one another at approximately the same altitude with about 300 feet lateral separation. Both a/c took evasive action. The instructor in C-GJKC said the a/c was not performing well in the high density altitude conditions of the day and needed to climb straight ahead. She also indicated that she was aware of the traffic in the opposite direction, but did not see the other a/c until the near miss.


CADORS Number 1997C0605
Occurrence Type Incident
Reported By NAV CANADA
Occurred At 1997-09-03 - 20:25
Day or Night?
Fatalities 0
Aerodrome ID
Aerodrome Name
Geographic Location Alberta, Canada, North America, Prairie and Northern Region, Springbank, AB
TSB Occurrence Number
TSB Class of Investigation
AOR Number
Reported By NAV CANADA
Categories Airprox/TCAS alert/loss of separation/(near) midair collisions
Events Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR)

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