June 27, 1996

Incident at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The pilot of Westwind WEW1051, a Cessna 401, cancelled IFR 3 mile final for Prince Albert on Runway 26. The pilot was unable to get the three green gear indications. He did a go around and fly by for inspection. The pilot of C-GKKL on the ground reported the gear appeared to be down but not locked. The pilot of WEW1051 decided to proceed to Saskatoon. There were 2 SOB and 60 Gallons of fuel. The aircraft orbited NE to burn the fuel off. WEW1051 landed on runway 09 at 1531Z. The aircraft was shutdown, gear pinned and taxied off runway at 1550Z. CFR was notified and stood by.

May 9, 1996

Incident at YORKTON MUNI SK (CYQV) (ATS operating irregularity)

An operating irregularity existed between MNS100, a Dornier 228 and Westwind WEW1051, a Cessna 401. MNS100 departed Winnipeg IFR at 8000 feet Langruth direct Saskatoon. WEW1051 departed Regina at 1205Z direct Tisdale at 8000 feet. One controller estimates the aircraft only had 5 minutes on a crossing track. This was not noticed until 1225Z when MNS100 progressed abeam Yorkton. At this point MNS100 was 23 miles from the conflict point. The controller took action and had MNS100 climb to 9000 to resolve the possible conflict. MNS100 was 5 minutes late abeam Yorkton so there was actually 11 minutes separation between the aircraft on a crossing track. ATC Shift Manager are investigating the incident.