March 21, 2013

Incident at 4430N06253W

VIR18, Airbus A340-600, enroute from Newark (KEWR) to London (EGLL), reported severe turbulence at 35,000 feet and was issued clearance to climb to 37,000 feet. Turbulence dissipated through 36,000 feet. The Flight Information Centre (FIC) was advised.

August 10, 2012

Incident at Vicinity of 5607N 6614W (ELT)

A strong short ELT signal was heard by VIR18 in the vicinity of 48N 5438W, at 14:18Z at 39,000 feet. No other signals were heard by other aircraft in the vicinity and the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) was advised. The source of the ELT signal is unknown.

April 30, 2005

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

VIR18 A340-600 unable to complete a turn on runway 29 after landing in St. John's due to a medical emergency. Runway 29 closed. Nil TSB

Incident at 20NM West of NOVEP

VIR18 A340-600 enroute Newark (KEWR) to London (EGLL) declared Medical Emergency 20nm west of NOVEP and requested present position direct St. John's (CYYT). Aircraft cleared as requested. Assistance requested at CYYT. Tower informed and ambulance called. Nil TSB