August 10, 2006


UPDATE TSB: After landing, the source of the smoke was isolated to a video monitor. The flight departed Stephenville for Frankfurt.
UPDATE TSB: A06A0082: US Air flight 894 (USA894), a Boeing 767-200, was en route from Philadelphia to Frankfurt when, at 03:44Z, the flight crew declared an emergency due to smoke in the cockpit. The crew then carried out the oceanic contingency procedure and descended from F370 to F280. The crew requested and received a clearance to divert the flight to Stephenville, NL and landed safely at 04:54Z without further incident. After shutting down the aircraft, further investigation revealed that the source of the smoke was a bulkhead-mounted video monitor at seat 5 A/B. Once the monitor was electrically isolated, the problem could not be repeated. The aircraft departed Stephenville at 06:49Z, exited Canadian airspace, and landed in Frankfurt at approximately 12:00Z without further incident.
USA894, Boeing 767-200, enroute from Philadelphia (KPHL) to Frankfurt (EDDF), routed CRONO 52/50 54/40 track Y, at position 5322N047W, declared an emergency due to smoke in the cockpit. The aircraft carried out published oceanic contingency procedures, descended from 37,000 ft. to 28,000 ft. and diverted to Stephenville (CYJT). The aircraft landed safely at 04:54Z. TSB Case Closed.

May 15, 2005

Incident at Gander Oceanic

USA894,AirBus A330 eastbound at FL380 enroute from Philadelphia (KPHL) to Frankfurt (EDDF ) , position 5403N 4402W, requested to divert CYYR (Goose Bay) with a medical emergency (passenger). In order to facilitate turnback ATC descended one flight to FL370 and then cleared USA894 to CYYR via direct routing. Flight landed CYYR without further incident at 0559Z. Nil TSB .

August 21, 2003


A US Airways A330 was Eastbound from Philadelphia to Frankfurt near position 4953N 4337W at FL 360. The aircraft off-set 30 Nautical Miles south of course and descended to FL 260 then diverted to Gander due to a sick passenger. There was parallel same direction traffic at all flight levels above FL300. No assistance was required. The aircraft landed without further incident in Gander at 0500Z.

August 18, 2003


USA894 an Airbus A330 bound from Philadelphia to Frankfurt declared a medical emergency between St. Anthony and 53N 50W. The aircraft then requested a clearance to Gander. The pilot advised they had an asthmatic infant on board. The airbus landed at 0500Z

March 1, 2001


USA894 A330 enroute Philadelphia to Frankfurt had turned around at approximately 5100N 5000W and was diverting to Halifax. Pilot advised Gander that a lady passenger was suffering food poisoning and dehydration. There was a doctor on board. All medical notifications were made through airline representatives in Halifax. Aircraft landed at Halifax at 0545Z. Nil TSB