August 28, 2003


A United Airlines B777-200 UAL905 was en-route from Heathrow to Kennedy when it diverted to Halifax due to a medical emergency. A 19 yr old female had experienced a drug overdose. An ambulance was required. The aircraft landed in Halifax at 1858Z

October 13, 2002

Incident at Gander Oceanic N5640 W3555

UAL905, B-777, enroute Heathrow to JFK FL370 Track Delta. At 1537 The pilot reported a medical emergency and requested a diversion clearance to Keflavik. ATC was unable to provide a clearance until a conflicting aircraft climbed from FL 380 to FL 390 therby making FL 380 available. At 1546 UAL905 declared an emergency and descended to FL 365 and was proceeding direct to Keflavik. There were a number of conflicting crossing aircraft on adjacent tracks at FL 370 and FL 360. At 1547 FL 380 was approved for UAL 905 which then ensured separation from all other crossing traffic. UAL 905 entered the Keflavik FIR at 1622Z.The aircraft landed at 1702Z. Nil TSB

April 20, 1999

Incident at Gander Oceanic

UAL905 B767 enroute London to New York reported smoke in the cockpit at 1614z. At 1620z pilot reported that the situation had stabilized and at 1638z that the smoke had dissipated. Continued to destination. TSB case closed. TSB File number A99A0055.