November 19, 2016

Incident at In the vicinity of: 521413/0904714

A United Airlines Boeing 777 200 (UAL901) from San Francisco, CA (KSFO) to London, England (EGLL) declared medical emergency and requested reroute to Chicago, IL (KORD). The Company dispatch made arrangements for all emergency services. Fuel dumping was required for approximately 15 minutes. No impact on operations. (Duplicate AOR 208318-V1 deleted)

February 7, 2010

Incident at Gander Oceanic Airspace (ATS operating irregularity)

UAL901, Boeing 747-400, was enroute from Frankfurt (EDDF) to San Francisco (KSFO), routing 61N030W 63N040W 64N050W 64N060W. The aircraft entered Reykjavik Oceanic from Gander Oceanic after passing 63N040W and returned to Gander Oceanic at approximately 57W. The flight data estimate was passed to Reykjavik at 33,000 ft. The aircraft was re-cleared by Gander to 34,000 ft. prior to entering Reykjavik airspace without coordination. The aircraft entered Reykjavik airspace at an uncoordinated flight level. There was no traffic. Nil TSB.

June 21, 2007

Incident at 59N/60W

United Airlines Boeing 747-400 UAL901 was IFR between Frankfurt (EDDF) and San Francisco (KSFO). At 59N/60W, the aircraft took a different route from the one in the flight plan that was in the possession of ATC. The company's dispatcher had apparently submitted a new flight plan after the aircraft took off. No impact on ATC operations. *** ** *** UAL901, un Boeing 747-400 exploité par United Air Lines, effectuait un vol selon les règles de vol aux instruments (IFR) entre Frankfurt (EDDF) et San Francisco (KSFO). Aux coordonnées 59N/60W, l'aéronef a volé une route différente de celle que possédait le contrôle de la circulation aérienne (ATC). Le répartiteur de la compagnie aurait soumis un nouveau plan de vol une fois l'aéronef décollé. Aucun impact sur les opérations ATC.

May 3, 2007


Over Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International the pilot of a United Air Lines Boeing B744, IFR Frankfurt (EDDF) to San Francisco (KSFO), advised of an onboard medical emergency and requested routing to Spokane (KGEG).

November 28, 2005

Incident at NORTH BAY ON (CYYB) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATM - other)

Artic Radio lost transmit capability on frequency 126.7 MHz for approximately 10 minutes for all Dew Line Sites east of 088 degrees West. Radio contact was lost with United Airlines flight UAL901, United Airlines flight UAL931, Royal Dutch Airlines flight KLM605 and First Air flight FAB800.

October 15, 2004

Incident at FORT MCMURRAY AB (CYMM) (ATS operating irregularity)

AFR068 was IFR enroute LFPG to KLAX at FL360. UAL901 was IFR enroute EDDF to KSFO at FL360. At 17:12Z the controller issued a clearance to UAL901 through Arctic radio that after passing 6930N/70W direct 68N/80W 66N/100W direct Fort McMurray flight plan route maintain FL360 M.84. Arctic radio readback to the controller was correct but clearance delivery to UAL901 was read as after passing 6930N/70W direct 68N/80W direct 66N/90W direct 63N/100W flight plan route. At 18:24Z UAL901 progressed 66N090W 1824 FL360 63N/100W 1906 Uranium City next. The controller did not detect Uranium City as the second position. At 19:06Z UAL901 progressed 63N/100W 1905 FL360 Uranium City 1945 TUFLY next. The controller queried UAL901 regarding the position and cleared UAL901 present position direct Fort McMurray flight plan route. Safety was not assured when Arctic radio did not relay the clearance as received from the controller. Safety was not assured when the controller did not detect the discrepancies in the 090W position report. No loss of separation occurred.

November 12, 2000


UAL 901, a B777, was proceeding southwest from Frankfurt to San Francisco and was 50 NM north of Prince Albert when the pilot reported a medical emergency. The aircraft diverted to Calgary, ETA approximately 2115Z. The airline looked after necessary arrangements.