April 26, 2017

Incident at In the vicinity of: SYDNEY / J. A. DOUGLAS McCURDY NS (CYQY)

Both transponders of a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 (UAL80), from Manchester, England (EGCC) to Newark, NJ (KEWR) failed at approximately 1420Z. The aircraft was cleared on a routing that facilitated procedural separation and descended to FL280 at Boston air route traffic control center's (ARTCC) request. Minimal impact on air traffic service (ATS) operations.

May 29, 2015

Incident at 59N030W

At 1121Z, a 30W Position report was received from a United Airlines Boeing 757 224 (N13138/ UAL80) from Manchester, UK (EGCC) to Newark, NJ (KEWR) that indicated incorrect north coordinate at 50W. The aircraft was queried and confirmed wrong coordinate. Flight was recleared on course.

Incident at N59/W30

At time 1121Z over N59/W30, a United Airlines Boeing 757 200 (UAL80) from Manchester, UK (EGCC) to Newark, NJ (KEWR) reported an incorrect coordinate at 50W. The flight was recleared over the correct coordinate before a gross navigational error (GNE) occurred. There was no impact on normal operations.