December 17, 2004

Incident at ÎLES-DE-LA-MADELEINE QC (CYGR) (Other operational incident, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATM - other)

Moncton Centre experienced communication problems in the Grindstone area. TGO961 relayed information between Moncton Centre and Grindstone FSS. PSC423 requested an IFR clearance departing Grindstone but had to depart VFR and received the clearance via Charlottetown FSS. Nil TSB

January 13, 2003


The Be200 on Takeoff from Moncton enroute Halifax but pilot was unable to retract the landing gear after departure. The flight returned to Moncton and landed without incident. Nil TSB

August 20, 2001


A01A0103: TGO961, a Beechcraft 200 had departed Stephenville for Moncton and, upon selection, the landing gear failed to retract. The crew elected to continue to Moncton with the landing gear extended; however, while en route, the crew discovered that the landing gear main circuit breaker had popped. The crew decided to reset the circuit breaker and, when reset, they were able to retract the landing gear; however, during the retraction, the circuit breaker popped again and the landing gear returned to the extended position. The crew decided to continue to destination and attempt to reset the circuit breaker before landing. On final approach, in VFR weather conditions, the crew selected the landing gear to the down position and reset the circuit breaker; the circuit breaker remained in the closed position with the hydraulic pressure light indicating normal operation. The crew monitored the circuit breaker for fire indication and they completed a fly-by of the control tower to confirm landing gear position. After confirmation of the landing gear position by the tower, the aircraft landed at Moncton without further incident. Maintenance personnel at Moncton performed several landing gear swings with and without the engine starter engaged; they could not duplicate the problem. A hydraulic circuit breaker and hydraulic actuator were ordered and will be installed; maintenance will then perform further testing of the landing gear system.

June 20, 2001


TGO961 BE20 departed Moncton rnwy29 on a round robin VFR flight. At 1331z when the flight was 5 miles north of Moncton, pilot reported a gear indication problem. Determination was eventually made that the cause was due to a circuit breaker. The flight flew by the tower for a visual check to confirm the gear down. The flight landed safely on rnwy 29 at 1354z with Emergency services standing by. Nil TSB

February 21, 2000

Incident at Goose Bay NF

TGO961 BE20 FL260 departed Goose Bay at 1844z. At 1903z requested and given descent clearance to FL200 due to a cracked windscreen. No emergency declared. No assistance required. Continued to destination. Nil TSB

September 8, 1998


TGO961 (C-GCFF) BEECH 200 GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT IFR Moncton to Ottawa (M-CIA) HLO103 was issued a taxi clearance (in preparation for the intended IFR flight to Brantford) via Bravo apron with a left turn at Echo and across runway 25. The aircraft missed the left turn at Echo and turned onto runway 32. At this time, TGO961 was rolling out after landing on runway 32 and was at a slow enough speed that the aircraft could follow HLO103. Ops. impact -- unknown. O.P.I.: PAP Supplemental information from T.S.B. Initial Notification (#A98O0246): The pilot of C-FZVY, a Jetstream 3212, was taxiing to position for take-off on Ottawa's runway 32. He was cleared from the Esso Avitat to runway 32 via Bravo, the apron and Echo. As the aircraft approached the turn for taxiway Echo, he had his attention focussed on conducting the take-off and departure briefing. He missed the left turn at Echo, entered Charlie and continued across the hold line at the intersection of runway 32. Realising he crossed the hold line, he immediately turned the aircraft around and exited the area. Meanwhile, the pilot of C-GCFF, a Beech 200, was rolling out after landing on runway 32. His speed was low enough that he exited at Charlie taxiway and followed C-FZVY. The pilot of C-FZVY continued with his original taxi clearance and continued to runway 32 for take-off. Before take-off, the Ground Controller asked for his name and pilot licence number.

March 26, 1997

Incident at Ottawa (MCIA), Ontario - 30 miles SE

IFR from Ottawa to Moncton. Pilot declared an emergency due to left engine trouble and returned to a safe landing at 2312Z with ERS on standby. Ops. Impact -- None.

September 24, 1997

Incident at Moncton

TGO961 (C-FCFF) BE20 with co-pilot landing at night at Moncton, on touchdown the aircraft struck and broke the third runway edge light from the threshold on the left side. The aircraft remained on the runway surface. During the daily inspection the next morning, maintenance found damage to the left main landing gear area. Both tires and wheels on the main gear along with the heat manifold were replaced and the aircraft returned to service. TSB case closed. UPDATE: TGO961 BE20 (C-GCFF) was at the end of taxiway Alpha leading to runway 29 when take-off clearance for the night landing training flight was received. While rolling in preparation for take-off, the PF proceeded to line up the aircraft with the runway lights, however, the PF realised that the runway was not equipped with centreline runway lights and that the aircraft was too close to the left edge of the runway. The PF brought the aircraft onto the runway centreline and continued the take-off. At no time did the crew suspect damage or notice anything unusual. They completed their training flight and left the aircraft parked on the ramp overnight. Damage to the left landing gear tires and bleed air heating collar was discovered during inspection of the aircraft on the subsequent morning. Pieces of white glass were found in the landing gear. The third runway edge light from taxiway Alpha on the left side of runway 29 was found damaged. The crew was advised of the damage to the left gear, however, they were not aware their aircraft had struck the runway edge light during the flight.

February 27, 1996

Incident at Moncton, N.B.

On departure the pilot advised of a problem with the landing gear. After a fly-by the control tower, ATC advised that the gear appeared to be down. The aircraft landed safely with ERS on standby. TSB case closed.

December 7, 1995

Incident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

The tower was advised that the aircraft had an unsafe gear indication while on approach. Manual extension was tried but failed to result in a gear safe indication. ERS responded and the aircraft landed safely. TSB evaluating. UPDATE - Maintenance replaced the landing gear light bulbs. The aircraft was placed on jacks and gear extensions and retractions were carried out. The aircraft was then returned to service. TSB case closed.