March 20, 2000

Incident at 47N/30W

An IFR flight from Gatwick Intl Airport (EGKK) to the William B. Hartsfield Atlanta Intl Airport (KATL). DAL11, B772 at FL350, shortly after progressing 47N/30W, flight declared a medical emergency. The flight offset 30nm and descended to FL290. The contingency descent caused a loss of seperation with several aircraft. DAL11 recleared at FL290 to EINN. Traffic to descent; KLM741 FL340 - 1 minute separation - 10 minutes required; SWR120 FL 330 - 6 minutes separation - 10 minutes requied; AAL63 FL320 - 6 minutes separation - 10 minutes required; AMX006 FL310 - 7 minutes separation - 10 minutes required. All agencies were advised. TSB Case Closed. TSB file # A00A0049

November 4, 1999

Incident at Halifax Intl

SWR120 B747 enroute Zurich to Atlanta reported a Passenger Medical Emergency and diverted to Halifax. Flight landed 1655z with Medical services standing by. Nil TSB