October 23, 1997

Incident at Halifax Intl

SPR703 PA31 aborted take-off from runway 24 at Halifax Intl 1026z. Taxiied back to company hangar. No assistance required. No reason stated for occurrence.

April 29, 1997

Incident at Charlottetown PEI

SPR 703 was on a flight from Moncton to Sydney NS and while in the vicinity of Charlottetown PEI the crew discovered that the cargo door was open. The crew decided to divert to Charlottetown and landed safely at 1325Z.

April 14, 1994


At approximately 1230Z a report was received by the Sydney FSS from the Lingan generating station that an aircraft almost hit their building. An employee estimated the height above the building was no more than 25 to 30 feet before the aircraft began to climb. The two aircraft were on approach to runway 19 and both were working Centre. The crew of SPR703 (SW3) told the FSS operator after landing that they did a missed approach on runway 19 because they flew through the localizer while being vectored but otherwise the approach was normal. The crew of CME406 (PA-31) said their approach was normal as well. After the missed approach there was some discussion between the Centre, FSS and both aircraft about the Sydney altimeter. Ceiling at the time was reported as measured 100 feet overcast.