October 1, 2004

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

SGK335 made initial contact with FSS at 14:56Z when 6NM on final on Runway 05. ATC had given an estimate of 14:53Z. Snow removal equipment had been removed from the runway based on the ATC estimate. No other operational impact.

February 11, 2002


Skyward Aviation flight 335 (SGK335) was on an IFR flight from Toronto/LBPIA (CYYZ) to Thunder Bay (CYQT). Flight advised unsafe gear indication on 2 mile final for runway 25. Aircraft did a low pass and the gear appeared normal. AFF to standby positions. Flight landed without incident at 2213Z.

June 14, 1996

Incident at 50 NM South Norway House, MB (ATS operating irregularity)

An operating irregularity between SGK335, a Cessna 414 CVFR enroute from Winnipeg to Norway House and Perimeter 106, SW4 IFR from Norway House to Winnipeg. SGK335 while enroute requested 16000 CVFR. SGK335 was cleared to maintain 16000 CVFR. PAG106 was issued an IFR clearance through Winnipeg FSS, Norway House direct Winnipeg to maintain 15000 feet and to expect higher enroute. PAG106 departed at 1445Z. At approximately at 1452 the controller observed a target on radar consistent with the expected position of SGK335. The altitude read out from the target showed below 16000 and descending. The controller initiated corrective action through Winnipeg FSS and recleared PAG106 to maintain 14000 and SGK335 to maintain 15000. SGK335 descended to 14000 when the aircraft were approximately 8 miles apart and were 2 to 3 miles apart by the time SGK335 climbed back up to 15000.