October 18, 2004

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

SGK300 requested advisory for departure Runway 05 at 16:11Z and was informed that the active runway was 23 with two E110's inbound for Runway 23. SGK752 estimating in 4 min and SGK753 in 7 min. SGK752 advised that SGK had time to depart Runway 23, but SGK again said he wanted Runway 05 (CAR's 602.96 3b). SGK752 then said he would use Runway 32 for arrival and SGK300 started backtracking Runway 05 for departure. When SGK752 reported final for Runway 32 at 16:17Z he asked that SGK300 delay their departure until he was down and holding short of Runway 05/23. SGK300 was already rolling and proceeded to abort take off (CARs 602.100 b)while SGK752 landed. SGK300 taxied off the runway for the arrival of SGK753 then departed Runway 23 at 16:20Z without further incident.

May 25, 2004

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

The pilot of SGK 300, a Cessna 402, reported on final for Runway 05 at Thompson. FSS advised that landing gear was not down. The aircraft was between 100 to 200 feet AGL and the pilot then conducted an overshoot. SGK 300 executed two circuits as FSS and RED 2 observed for deployment of the landing gear. SGK 300 landed safely at 1613Z and was followed by RED 2 on the runway to ensure the gear was locked. One departure was delayed approximately 10 minutes and one arrival was delayed 5 minutes.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the pilot advised maintenance that with gear selected down, three green down and locked was indicated, but the gear was not down. The aircraft's landing gear and indicating system was inspected and numerous gear swings carried out. Maintenance was unable to duplicate the occurrences. The aircraft was released for a test flight which was completed without incident. The aircraft has had no further occurrences of this nature.

February 5, 2003

Incident at RANKIN INLET NU (CYRT) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

The pilot of SGK 300, a Cessna 402, was departing Rankin Inlet for Thompson when he rejected the takeoff because of a rough engine. The aircraft had to be towed to the ramp and as a result, the runway was closed for about 10 minutes. No impact on operations reported. TSB will contact the company.
Maintenance and Manufacturing advised that the pilot of the Cessna C402 rejected takeoff due to a rough running right engine. Maintenance trouble shooting identified that both magnetos had failed internally. The aircraft had spent the night outside in extremely cold weather. It is suspected that this was a contributing factor in this failure. The mags were replaced and a satisfactory runup was carried out. The aircraft was released to service. SDR and component tear down reports are in process at this time.
The Manager of Tranportation Programs at Rankin Inlet advised that the base manager at Rankin Inlet for Skyward Aviation towed the aircraft off the runway. While he has an AVOP it is not valid for Rankin Inlet. He is getting licensed for this airport and understands the importance of being current for each airport he is working at.
TSB reported that Flight SGK300, a Cessna 402 aircraft, registration GSRL aborted the take-off due to a rough running right engine (Continental TSIO-520). The aircraft had to be towed to the ramp for inspection by maintenance personnel. The operator will provide information from the maintenance action.

August 15, 1998

Incident at Thompson, MB

At 04:03Z SKG300 reported 20 miles south of Thompson requesting airport advisory and the runway lights. Shortly after stated he was north of the Airport and the DME was U/S. The pilot requested a DF steer to the Airport. FSS advised VHF DF was not available at Thompson and switched the A/C to the ACC frequency for radar vectors. At 90427 the pilot returned to FSS frequencies and reported 43 miles south of Thompson. The pilot stated he had mistaken the lights of Cross Lake for Thompson. A/C landed safely at Thompson at 04:49Z. OPI - System Sfety

August 12, 1998

Incident at Thompson, MB

After departing Runway 33 at 13:24 SKG300 reported a landing gear problem. CFR responded. A/C returned to Thompson and landed safely. OPI - System Safety

December 11, 1996

Incident at Thompson, Manitoba (Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))

Both aircraft were operating VFR. C-GMOM was on a medevac flight from Cross Lake to Thompson and had advised Air Radio that they would be conducting an approach and landing on runway 23, since a Calm Air flight was using 23. Both aircraft had been provided with airport advisories and traffic information. The pilot of C-GSRL (SGK 300) advised Air Radio that he was taxiing for a departure to York Landing and would be using runway 05. The pilot was informed of the traffic. SGK300 departed 05 and the crew of C-GMOM performed an evasive descent to avoid a possible collision after Air Radio had requested SGK 300 to turn right. However, this failed to produce a response.

January 22, 1996

Incident at Baker Lake, NWT

The crew of SGK300 which was inbound Baker Lake from Rankin advised Baker Lake Radio that due to a fire warning indication on the number one engine that they had shut down the affected power plant. The aircraft was landed at Baker without further incident. All appropriate ERS agencies were on standby. There were no other aircraft inconvenienced. Maintenance has returned the aircraft to service.

April 6, 1995

Incident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

The pilot of SGK300, C-GSRL, a Cessna 402B was inbound with a faulty gear indication. The aircraft landed safely at 2226Z. The occurrence is not being investigated.