November 2, 2010


C-GNRG, a Jetstream 31 operated by Aviation Starlink, was on an IFR flight from Montréal/Trudeau (CYUL) to Chibougamau/Chapais (CYMT). The crew had to interrupt its approach due to weather and returned to its alternate airport. No impact on ATC operations. (SPECI CYMT 021421Z 00000KT 6SM BR BKN005 RMK SF6=) (METAR CYMT 021400Z 00000KT 5SM BR BKN007 M05/M05 A3044 RMK SF2 SLP331=) (SPECI CYMT 021344Z 31002KT 3SM BR SCT005 RMK FG2SF2=)

November 23, 2001


BLS361 landed when the weather (Wx) was below landing minima. The aircraft informed Sioux Lookout (CYXL) Flight Service (FSS) that they had ground contact at 2200 feet above sea level (ASL) and 4 nm final for runway 16. WX231700: 00000KT 8SM FEW002 OVC004 M00/M01 A2969 RMK SF2 SF6 BLN VSB TO 1000FT CIG RGD SLP075.

July 30, 1999

Incident at Seal Cove

At approximately 1725Z, FSS heard an aircraft overhead but had no visual contact due to low cloud. At 1735Z the aircraft reported 10 NW inbound. At 1740Z the aircraft reported 5 E (090 bearing). At 1743 the aircraft bearing was 280. At 1744 the aircraft reported inbound on a bearing of 310. At 1747 the pilot reported "visual shoreline buildings". Another aircraft GUTW informed FSS that N37756 was likely over Metlakatla. Company aircraft, N1018H also inbound from the north assisted N37756. both aircraft landed safely at Seal Cove at 1752Z. It was apparent that the pilot had been disoriented and although no assistance was requested, the FSS, GUTW and N1018H assisted the pilot. The weather at Seal Cove at the time was 4 BKN with unlimited visibility. The 1700Z Prince Rupert weather was 6 BKN 15 OVC visibility 1 BR clouds FG6 SF2 ST1. Remarks: Visibility variable 3/4 - 2. OPI: None

October 3, 1995

Incident at Cambridge Bay, N.W.T. (ATM - weather observation systems)

M1 OVC 1.35-M/-04/-05/2315/971/M 27 X M =. CARS observed actual weather 600-800 OVC visibility 1 1/2 VZL -S-. AWOS did not detect ZL. NWT661 B737 abandoned approach and returned to Yellowknife after CARS issued the 0424 special report (3 -Sct M10 OVC 2ZL-S-2419 SF2 SC8 beam VSBL 1500 ft drftg SNW=.