October 28, 2000

Incident at GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

SAB537 A340 requested and cleared to divert Goose Bay with a passenger having seizures (being attended to by an on board neurologist). requested to be met by an ambulance and a doctor on arrival. Information relayed to Goose by Montreal. Aircraft dumped fuel inbound to Goose (0004 to 0015) and landed at 0038. Nil TSB

February 21, 1999

Incident at Halifax Intl

SAB537 A330 diverted to Halifax Intl. due Passenger Medical emergency. Aircraft landed 1610z. Nil TSB

January 29, 1999

Incident at Moncton ACC (ATS operating irregularity)

BAW69 A320 was westbound at FL390 approaching the Moncton FIR boundary, an uncorrelated target with code 2437 was detected. Gander confirmed the code 2537 was assigned to BAW69. During the correlation process, code 2537 was assigned to SAB537, a flight that had progressed through the Moncton FIR earlier that day. BAW69 was handed off from Gander to Moncton but the Moncton controller thought the flight was SAB537 since the correlated target and the corresponding flight progress strips indicated the flight was SAB537. When BAW69 contacted Moncton the controller replied using the identification SAB537. BAW69 proceeded through the Moncton FIR and was handed off to Montreal ACC as SAB537. The flight proceeded through the Montreal FIR without further contact with either control agency. BAW69 was handed off to Boston as SAB537. BAW69 eventually established contact with Boston ATC. There was no conflicting traffic for BAW69 (SAB537) within the Moncton FIR. TSB evaluating. Nav Canada will conduct an internal review of this incident. TSB file A99A0015.