February 27, 2012

Incident at Près du VOR de Sherbrooke (YSC)

CJA610, a Boeing 737 operated by Canjet, was on an IFR flight from Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB) to Varadero (MUVR). While the aircraft was around the Sherbrooke (YSC) very high-frequency omnidirectional range (VOR), the crew flew a different route (YSC JFK J37 VILLS J79 SBY J209 ORF J121 CRG J53 ORL RSW MTM G448 TADPO TADPO2) from the one ATC had (YSC J563 ALB J6 SAX SBJ CYN J37 VILLS J79 SBY J209 ORF J174 CLAPY J174 ILM AR17 VKZ MTH G448 TADPO UG448 UVA). No impact on ATC operations.

June 17, 2008

Incident at 80 Nautical Miles Northeast of NOVAK (ATS operating irregularity)

BAW2167, Boeing 777-200, enroute from London (EGKK) to Tampa (KTPA), was on a routing from CYYT direct NOVOK M201 BAHAA AR15 ORL DADES1 KTPA. Due to a co-ordination problem with the New York Area Control Centre (ACC), the flight had to be re-routed from NOVOK direct VITOL to keep the flight away from New York Oceanic and in radar coverage. The flight was about 60 nautical miles west of NOVOK before a clearance was obtained and the flight was re-cleared direct DRYED and the balance of flight planned route. Nil TSB.