April 30, 2007

Incident at 45 21 05N/58 51 47W

RCH6002, C17, enroute from McGuire AFB (KWRI) to Portsmouth (KPSM), descended in Gander airspace due to a cracked windshield. The aircraft, requesting and receiving direct routing to KPSM, declared an emergency in Moncton airspace. The aircraft entered Boston airspace at approximately 08:40Z. Nil TSB.

December 27, 2003

Incident at Gander Oceanic FIR

RCH6002 C17 enroute Dover Airforce Base to Frankfurt/Main Intl. at 33,000 feet, requested to divert to Charleston Airforce Base at position 52N40W due to pressurization and auto-pilot problems. RCH6002 cleared as requested and exited Gander domestic airspace at 1340Z. Pilot did not declare an emergency. Nil TSB