March 19, 2002


A US Military C130 Hercules Aircraft departed Gander airport at 1516Z and was routed to Robins AFB. At 1517Z the pilot called Gander Tower declaring an emergency and requested vectors back to Gander due to an aileron control problem. The aircraft missed the approach and due to a combination of the Gander weather and the control problem, the pilot requested to go to Halifax International Airport. It was later discovered that the Aircraft dumped 20,000 lbs of fuel at 2,000 feet from 1518Z to 1528Z and did not advise ATC. There were complaints of a strong fuel smell from different parts of the town of Gander. Aircraft was in the Moncton ACC control area at 1625Z. The estimated time of arrival Halifax was 1720Z. TSB - Case Closed - More to follow

October 30, 1999

Incident at Gander Oceanic

RCH2294 C17 declared an emergency due Fumes in the Aircraft. Crew donned oxygen Masks and deviated 30 nm south of track. At 1706z flight reported FL200 and performing checks. No further assistance required. Aircraft diverted to Gander and when 30 NE of Gander reported a Flap porblem. Crew still on Oxygen and requested ERS on standby. Flight landed Gander 1825z. TSB evaluating. Update: The USAF in Charleston advised that it was not related to fire, smoke, or fumes. The load masters began to feel hypoxic and advised the pilots. O2 masks were dropped and a descent initiated. Apparently, a nitrogen cart on board had not been properly vented and a partially opened valve on the cart was the cause of the hypoxia. The cart was off-loaded in Gander, and the flight continued to Charleston. Nil TSB