April 16, 2017


UPDATE: TSB REPORT#A17C0035: C-FAMC, a Fairchild SA227-AC operated by Perimeter Aviation Lp, was conducting flight PAG207 from Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson Intl, MB (CYWG) to Red Sucker Lake, MB (CYRS) with a crew of 2 and 9 passengers on board. While climbing through 6000 feet after departing Runway 36 in CYWG, the crew observed a right engine (Garrett TPE-331-11U) fire warning indication. The crew shut down the engine and an emergency was declared. The aircraft returned to CYWG and landed safely. The operator has removed this aircraft from service for further investigation and will advise of their findings. This aircraft had experienced a similar event on 03 April 2017 (TSB occurrence A17C0033).
UPDATE from Airworthiness: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. The issue was the right Hand (R/H) Engine Fire Light indication in flight. The R/H Engine Fire Detection wires from probes to the cockpit tests performed serviceable. The Fire Extinguisher Control Unit was replaced and function tested serviceable.
A Perimeter Aviation Swearingen SA226-TC (PAG207), from Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson, MB (CYWG) to Red Sucker Lake, MB (CYRS), departed Runway 36 at 1616Z. Shortly after departure the aircraft shut down an engine and declared an emergency. The aircraft advised it was returning to CYWG. Emergency Response Services (ERS) were on standby. The aircraft arrived safely on Runway 36 at 1641Z.

March 20, 2011


PAG207 SA227AC rejected takeoff due gear door indication. No operational impact.

February 14, 2011


PAG207 DHC8 106 reported a generator failure and advised returning to Winnipeg. No assistance required. Aircraft landed at 1507z with no operational impact
UPDATE The crew reported that the number 2 generator annunciator light illuminated. Maintenance replaced the number 2 starter generator and swapped the generator control units from left to right.

May 5, 2007


PAG207 departed Runway 13 at 15:50Z. A few minutes later the pilot advised the flght was returning due to a fuel guage problem but equipment was not required. PAG207 landed safely at 16:07Z. No other aircraft affected.
UPDATE Maintenance and Manufacturing reported that the LH fuel quantity indicator appeared to be misreading during the crossflow (approximately 300 lbs high.) Flight crew returned to YWG to confirm fuel quantity using the drip (magna) sticks. No maintenance was requested as the crew confirmed the fuel level and the flight departed shortly after.

November 1, 1996

Accident at Gods River, Manitoba

The aircraft was on a routine scheduled flight from Winnipeg to Gods Lake Narrows to Gods River with a return flight to Winnipeg. The aircraft was landing on runway 27 at Gods River. Shortly after touch down the crew reported that the right main gear collapsed which caused the aircraft to slew to the right through 180 degrees and come to rest north of runway 27. The aircraft was substantially damaged, however, there were no injuries to the crew of 2 and their 5 passengers. TSB are on the scene, an update to follow. UPDATE: The right main landing gear touched down approximately 345 feet before reaching the threshold of runway 27. The wheels of the right landing gear travelled about 20 feet and struck a snow ridge which had been created as snow removal equipment turned in the under run area. The ridge was about 2 feet high and consisted of frozen snow. The right landing gear drag links failed and the right gear moved rearward pivoting at the trunnion. The left gear wheels touched down about 326 feet ahead of the runway threshold. The aircraft slid off the right side of the runway and sustained substantial damage. The right main landing gear punctured the fuel tank in the right wing when the gear collapsed. The two failed drag links have been sent to the TSB lab at Ottawa for analysis.

August 6, 1996

Incident at Sabourin Lake, Ontario

The pilot of C-FSJX, a DHC2, VFR from Winnipeg to Sabourin Lake, relayed via Keystone Air Services Ltd. (KEE200) that his aircraft was losing oil and the engine was smoking. C-FSJX advised they were intending to land on the north end of Sabourin Lake. At 1400Z, C-FSJX relayed via Perimeter Aviation Ltd. (PAG207) they were down safely on Sabourin Lake. The aircraft had reportedly blown a cylinder causing the oil to spray over the windshield and hot exhaust.

February 6, 1996

Incident at Winnipeg, Manitoba

The pilot of PAG207, a SW4 Metro aborted takeoff due to no airspeed indication on the takeoff roll. The pilot taxied the aircraft to the apron and departed at 1536Z.