June 8, 2021


An Aries Aviation Services Corp. Piper PA-31 (C-FFRY) from Edson, AB (CYET) to Calgary/Springbank, AB (CYBW) reported an engine failure of one of its engines while en route at 9000ft. The engine was restarted within a minute or two. No assistance needed, no emergency declared. The aircraft continued to its destination without issue.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A21W0037: C-FFRY, an Aries Aviation Piper PA31, was conducting an IFR flight from Edson, AB (CYET) to Calgary/Springbank, AB (CYBW) with only the pilot on board. Just as the aircraft levelled at 9000 feet ASL, the pilot observed that the No. 2 engine (Avco Lycoming TIO540-A2C) went to idle power. The pilot shut down and feathered the engine. A short while later, the pilot was able to restart and operate the engine, albeit at a lower power setting (maximum 20 inches of manifold pressure). The aircraft arrived in CYBW uneventfully. Maintenance follow up: Company maintenance found that the No.2 engine turbo charger had suffered a bearing failure.

December 14, 2020


An Exact Air Piper PA-31 (C-FVTL/ET703) from Roberval, QC (CYRJ) to Chicoutimi/St-Honoré, QC (CYRC) declared "PAN PAN " due to a alternator problem. Emergency vehicles requested, then cancelled. The aircraft landed safely at 0135Z. No impact on operations.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A20Q0110: C-FVTL, a Piper Navajo PA31 operated by Exact Air, was on an instrument flight rules training flight from Val dOr, QC (CYVO) to Chicoutimi/St-Honoré, QC (CYRC). While the aircraft was on approach for RNAV Runway 30, the "R Alt INOP" light came on. The crew completed the Quick Reference Manual (QRH) checklist for a simple alternator failure; once the checklist was completed, the crew had an indication of a double alternator failure. As a precaution, the crew declared a state of emergency (PAN PAN) and the aircraft landed safely.

March 22, 2019


An Ootsa Air Ltd. Piper PA-31-325 (C-GLRR) from Prince George, BC (CYXS) to Tsay Keh, BC (CBN9) reported an emergency with a partial left engine power loss. The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit was on standby. The aircraft landed on Runway 15 safely. No operational impact.
Update TSB Report #A19P0043: C-GLRR, a Piper PA31-325 operated by Ootsa Air Ltd., had departed Prince George, BC (CYXS) for Tsay Keh, BC (CBN9) and was climbing through about 5000 feet asl when the left engine (Lycoming TIO-540-A2C) backfired and quit. The pilot declared an emergency and returned to Prince George where the aircraft landed uneventfully. Maintenance found that the left engines magneto P-lead was shorting out and the left and right engine P-leads were replaced.

August 30, 2018


A Island Express Air Inc. Piper PA-31-350 (C-FVVS/IAX304) from Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) to Victoria International, BC (CYYJ) was 12NM Southwest of CYXX when the pilot declared an emergency and a return to the CYXX due to high oil pressure, which led to the shutting down of the right engine. The aircraft landed safely on Runway 19 at 2334Z. No operational impact.
UPDATE from Airworthiness: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. Maintenance investigated and found a clogged oil transducer. All lines were flushed and the transducer was checked for accuracy. Aircraft was ground run and returned to service.
Update TSB Report # A18P0125: C-FVVS, a Piper PA31 aircraft operated by Island Express Air, was conducting flight IAX304 from Abbotsford Intl, BC (CYXX) to Victoria Intl, BC (CYYJ) with 2 crew members and 2 passengers on board. While enroute, the flight crew observed an engine oil pressure warning caution light. Oil pressure and oil temperature on the right engine (Lycoming LTIO540-J2BD SN L-2222-68A) was rising. The flight crew notified ATC, declared and emergency and returned for landing at CYXX. The aircraft landed without further incident with ARFF standing by.

June 25, 2018

Incident at 0NM N NADPI intersection

Duplicate report of 2018P1052 (AOR 234327-V1)
TSB #A18W0088: C-GFFI, a privately operated Piper PA31, was conducting an IFR flight from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Tofino, BC (CYAZ) with 1 pilot and 4 passengers on board. While in cruise in IMC at FL180 the left engine (Avco Lycoming TIO-540-A2C) lost power. The pilot attempted to restore power but was unsuccessful. The aircraft was unable to maintain altitude on one engine and a controlled descent and turn back to CYEG was initiated by the pilot. The area minimum altitude (AMA) in the area of the descent was 13 900 feet. The pilot declared an emergency by relaying a message through another aircraft as radio contact was lost with ATC due to terrain and being below 14 000 feet. The pilot relied on a synthetic vision terrain depiction on a personal electronic device to ensure adequate separation from terrain. While descending through 10 000 feet the pilot was able to restart the engine and the flight continued uneventfully to CYEG. Maintenance did not find any issues with the engine and the aircraft was returned to service.
A Morgan Oilfield Services Ltd. Piper PA-31 (C-GFFI) on a flight from Edmonton International, AB (CYEG) and landing at Edmonton International, AB (CYEG) advised of engine failure and requested descent. The aircraft was unable to maintain altitude and descended below the minimum IFR altitude without clearance. Using communication relay through another aircraft, C-GFFI declared MAYDAY but subsequently advised that no emergency response was required, cancelling MAYDAY. The aircraft landed without issue at 1610Z.

February 9, 2018


UPDATE from Airworthiness: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. Aircraft was returning from an Avionics install at Boundary Bay (CZBB). Left Main Landing Gear down lock hook bolt was found seized. While in CZBB, the aircraft was stored outside for approximately one month. The down lock hook was replaced with a new bolt and a complete 50 hour lube service was completed. Company Fleet campaign has been initiated to check down lock hook bolts of all PA31-350 aircraft.
An Orca Airways Ltd. Piper PA-31-350 (C-GIKA/ORK1492) from Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) inbound to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) indicated a potential landing gear issue. The aircraft landed safely.

January 20, 2018


An Orca Airways Piper PA-31-350 (C-GPAK/ ORK143) picked up VFR clearance to CAT4 from clearance delivery. Ground South observed a PA31 taxiing out on Taxiway A and transmitted on ground frequency asking ident of PA31. ORK143 taxied via Taxiway A and crossed Runway 31 without a clearance. Upon reaching hold point Runway 08R, the aircraft contacted Tower South ready for departure. Tower instructed pilot to return to Ground frequency. Ground asked how the aircraft got out to the runway. Pilot apologized and switched back to tower and received a take off clearance. Tower supervisor listened to audio.

January 15, 2018


UPDATE: TSB Report #A18P0005: C-GZNB, a Piper PA31 was being operated by K D Air Corporation on a VFR flight plan as flight KDC412 from Vancouver Intl (CYVR) to Qualicum Beach (CAT4). Shortly after takeoff C-GZNB was struck by lightning south of the airport. ATC initiated an emergency standby and the aircraft returned to CYVR and landed uneventfully.
A K.D. Air Corporation Piper PA-31-350 (C-GZNB/KDC412) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) departed CYVR Runway 08R visual flight rule (VFR) south bound and was struck by lightning south of the airport. The air traffic control tower initiated an emergency standby and the aircraft landed safely on Runway 08R at 1753Z.

June 17, 2018


A Cessna 340A (C-GTPZ) from Edmonton/Cooking Lake, AB (CEZ33) to Red Deer Regional, AB (CYQF) initial call to flight service station (FSS) on the mandatory frequency (MF) was over the city about to turn 5 mile final. Conflicted with a PA31 who was also over the city. One IFR departure delayed

October 12, 2017

Incident at VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR) (FOD (foreign object debris), Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

As a KD Air Piper PA31 (KDC418) taxied to position on Runway 08R, the pilot reported a dead bird on the runway in front of them. A Carson Air Beech B300 (C-GRUU/CA911) on a flight from Nanaimo, BC (CYCD) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) was issued a missed approach on 4 mile final. Once CYVR Airport Authority (AA) picked up the bird, KDC418 was issued a take off clearance. CA911 vectored for a 2nd approach and landed Runway 08R without further incident at 2350Z. 2 other aircraft delayed on departure.

June 23, 2017


A Montair Aviation Inc Cessna 172S (C-GYPW) on a local flight out of Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) entered the zone 7NM west of the field and proceeded to orbit at 2000 feet for 10 minutes without contact. One westbound Piper PA31 was descended to 1500 feet to avoid C-GYPW. C-GYPW eventually called Vancouver, BC (CZBB) who moved the aircraft from the zone. This followed an issue ten minutes earlier where the aircraft tried to make an approach to the infield instead of Runway 19.

April 28, 2017


At 0311Z, a Pacific Coastal Airlines Saab SF340A (C-GPCQ/PCO592) from Williams Lake, BC (CYWL) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) reported complying with a resolution advisory (RA). The aircraft descended briefly before continuing with the approach for Runway 26R. The only known traffic in the vicinity was a Piper PA31 on approach to Runway 26L directly abeam PCO592 at approximately the same altitude. No impact to operations

January 28, 2017


A privately registered Cessna 172F from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Port Angeles, WA (KCLM) was given a taxi clearance to hold short of Runway 03. The controller received a read back on the hold short. As the aircraft approached Runway 03 the ground controller instructed the pilot to start slowing. The aircraft still crossed the hold line for Runway 03. A PA31 was in position Runway 03 and was delayed takeoff clearance until the Cessna 172F was fully across Runway 03.

July 14, 2017


A Bearskin Fairchild SA227-DC (C-GJVB/ BLS318) from Sioux Lookout, ON (CYXL) to Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) called Sioux Lookout aerodrome advisory service (AAS) on the Mandatory Frequency (122.0). BLS318 had an IFR flight plan filed. BLS318 was asked to standby due to Flight Service Station (FSS) was providing continual traffic information to four inbound aircraft estimating in 3 to 5 minutes and using opposite end runways: PC12 from SE, Runway 34 in 3 min; MU2 from NE, Runway 16 in 3 min; PA31 from NW, Runway 16 in 4 min; PC12 from SE, Runway 34 in 5 min. BLS318's next call on 122.0 was while holding short of Runway 16/34 on Taxiway Bravo and directed to an inbound aircraft.

May 23, 2017


A Montair Aviation Inc. Cessna 172S (C-GMDT) on a local flight from Red Deer, AB (CYQF) reported ready to depart Runway 35. The Pilot was requested to hold short due to traffic. At the time there were 3 C172s and a PA31 in the circuit. C-GMDT was observed entering the runway and departing. C-GGPQ on short final was requested to go-around and turn early crosswind to avoid the departing traffic.

September 21, 2016

Incident at 60NM E VAL-D'OR QC (YVO) VOR/DME

TSB Update no. A16Q0117: An Exact Air Piper Navajo PA31 (ET870/C-FVYW) was on an IFR flight from La Sarre Airport (CSR8), QC, to Chicoutimi/St-Honoré (CYRC), QC. While the aircraft was 60 NM east of Val-d?Or, the crew noted that the left engine (Lycoming TIO-540) oil pressure had decreased and asked to change its destination to Val-d?Or Airport (CYVO), QC, without declaring an emergency. A few minutes later, the crew shut off the engine as a precautionary measure and still did not declare an emergency. The aircraft landed without incident at 1838Z.
An Exact Air Piper PA-31 (C-FVYW/ET870), from La Sarre (CSR8), QC, to Chicoutimi (CYRC), QC, reported a left engine oil pressure problem and asked to change its destination to Val-d?Or (CYVO), QC, without declaring an emergency. Five minutes later, ET870 reported that it had shut off the problematic engine and still had not declared an emergency. ET870 landed without incident at 1838Z. No impact on operations.

February 5, 2016


A few minutes after takeoff, the pilot of a Pascan Aviation Inc. Pilatus PC-12 (PSC110), from Québec/Jean Lesage (CYQB), QC, to Montréal/St-Hubert (CYHU), QC, asked whether the regular PA31 aircraft had been replaced by PC-12. The flight plan still indicated a PA31. The pilot had not changed the type when filing the flight plan. No impact on operations.

December 13, 2016

Incident at ABBOTSFORD BC (CYXX) (Aerodrome - visual aids)

Runway 25 precision approach path indicators (PAPIs) failed. PAPIs returned to service December 14 at 1700Z. PAPIs unavailable for 3 Boeing 737s and one Piper PA31, who used Runway 25 during this period.

November 9, 2016

Incident at In the vicinity of: VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR)

A Pacific Coastal Airlines Saab SF340A (C-GPCG / PCO102) from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) was cleared to 3000 feet with an Orca Airways Piper PA-31-350 (C-GPWP / ORK8988) from CYVR to CYYJ in close proximity in level flight at 2000 feet. At 3500 feet PCO102 reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance (TCAS) advisory climb to 4000 feet. PCO102 was passed traffic after the TCAS climb was initiated. The two aircraft were separated by 1500 feet and 0.6 NM. Separation was assured. No operational impact.
UPDATE TSB #A16P0199: C-GPCG, a Saab SF340A aircraft operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines, was conducting flight PCO102 under IFR from Victoria Intl, BC (CYYJ) to Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR). C-GPWP, a Piper PA31-350 (Chieftain) aircraft operated by Orca Airways, was conducting a local flight (ORK8988) under IFR in the CYVR area. PCO102 was cleared to descend to 3000 feet while ORK8988 was in level flight in close proximity at 2000 feet. Upon reaching 3500 feet in the descent, PCO102 reported a TCAS RA to climb to 4000 feet. PCO102 had passed the traffic after the TCAS climb was initiated. The two aircraft were separated by 1500 feet vertically, and 0.6 nautical miles laterally. IFR separation was maintained.

May 26, 2016

Incident at In the vicinity of: VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

At 1456Z, an Orca Airways Ltd. Piper PA31 350 TI020 (ORC380) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Penticton, BC (CYYF) declared an emergency with Vancouver Center and requested return to CYVR with one engine shut down/possible fuel issue. Initially they requested Runway 26L (08s active), then it was changed to 08R. Emergency vehicles were staged for 08R. Term advised the aircraft they were unable to use area navigation (RNAV) and the Runway was changed to 08L. Emergency vehicles were re-staged for Runway 08L. When the aircraft was approximately 2.5 miles on final approach, the Tower was advised by the Terminal that the aircraft had Runway 08R in sight and requested to land on Runway 08R. Emergency vehicles were unable to re-stage for Runway 08L before the aircraft landed. The aircraft landed safely on Runway 08R at 1512Z. The Runway was inspected and reopened a few minutes after the aircraft landed.
UPDATE: TSB#A16P0084: C-GPWP, a Piper PA31-350 operated by Orca Airlines as ORCA380 departed IFR from Vancouver Intl (CYVR) for Penticton (CYFF). The crew declared an emergency with Vancouver Centre and requested a return to CYVR RWY 26L with one engine (Lycoming TIO-540-J2BD) shut down. Parallel Runways 08R and 08L were active and ARFF was staged for the arrival on RWY 08R. To accommodate flight crew requests, the runway was changed twice resulting in ARFF being unable to stage in time for the landing on RWY 08R. The flight landed uneventfully.

April 1, 2016


A WestJet Boeing 737-8CT (C-GVWA / WJA1723) from Palm Springs International Airport, CA (KPSP) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) reported a resolution advisory (RA) at 6 miles final on approach of Runway 26R. RA instructions were to climb, the RA was very brief in duration and the aircraft opted to continue approach after the RA ended. At 2 miles final, WJA1723 elected to perform a missed approach due to not being stable on approach. Only aircraft in the vicinity for the RA was a Peregrine Aerial Surveys Inc. Piper PA31 (SEE02) at 4200 feet crossing in front from left to right approximately 2000 feet higher than WJA1723.

March 26, 2016


UPDATE: TSB#A16P0052: Shortly after departing from Runway 26L at Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR), the Piper PA31-350 Navajo, C-GXEY, operated as flight KDC414 by K.D. Air Corporation to Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4), advised ATC of a rough running right engine (Avco Lycoming LTIO-540-J2BD). The pilot reported that the engine started surging and requested a return to CYVR. When queried, the pilot stated that no emergency was declared. Engine indications were normal except for the RPM that was fluctuating. ATC initiated ARFF and provided priority handling. The flight landed on Runway 26R without further event. The operator?s maintenance replaced 2 condensers on the right engine magnetos and cleaned a fouled spark plug.
Emergency standby for a K.D. Air Corporation Piper PA-31-350 (C-GXEY / KDC414) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) due to a rough running engine after departing Runway 26L. KDC414 landed Runway 26R without incident.

December 2, 2016

Incident at TORONTO / BILLY BISHOP TORONTO CITY AIRPORT ON (CYTZ) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

After landing Runway 26, while on Taxiway E, a Porter Airlines de Havilland DHC-8-400 (C-GLQR/ POE936) from Boston, MA (KBOS) to Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) advised Ground of a drone over old threshold for Runway 15. The drone then flew over the Control Tower, over the apron, and over Runway 26 onto the approach path and base of Runway 26. Police were advised. The drone was approximately 4 feet long and black in colour. A R.A. Keeping Consultants Cessna 172 (C-FKWM) was in the circuit for Runway 26 and advised the drone was at circuit altitude. A Greater Toronto Airways Piper PA31 (C-FAPL) from St Catharines, ON (CYSN) to Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) was advised and elected to alter their approach path. C-FKWM was instructed to land until situation was resolved; they elected to return to hangar. A Porter Airlines de Havilland DHC-8-400 (C-GKQB/ POE405) from Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) to Montreal, QC (CYUL) departure was delayed. A Porter Airlines de Havilland DHC-8-400 (C-GLQF/ POE408) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) and a Skyservice Business Aviation Beech B300 (C-GOKI) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Toronto/ Billy Bishop, ON (CYTZ) both were delayed on arrival. Shortly after drone was mentioned on Ground & Tower frequencies, it was no longer visible.

December 23, 2016

Incident at 6 S CALGARY INTL AB (CYYC)

An Orca Airways Piper PA-31 (ORK374) from Grande Prairie, AB (CYQU) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) reported issues with the landing gear but on approach indications were green. Requested emergency response on standby. The aircraft landed without incident at 0306Z. No impact on operations.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A16W0180: The Orca Airways Piper PA31-350, C-GPMP, operating as ORK374, was on a flight from Grande Prairie, AB (CYQU) to Edson, AB (CYET). ORK374 experienced a landing gear malfunction on departure from CYQU. The landing gear achieved an up and locked position but the landing gear in transit light remained illuminated. The flight crew elected to divert to Calgary (CYYC). When the landing gear was selected down on approach into CYYC, the landing gear down lights (green) did not illuminate. The flight crew used the emergency gear down extension system and achieved a '3 green' down and locked indication. Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) was requested to standby for the landing. An uneventful landing was carried out and the aircraft taxied to the hangar. Maintenance inspected the aircraft and found that the hydraulic tank was over-serviced. The tank was serviced to the proper level. Landing gear swings were carried out with no faults found and the aircraft was returned to service.

May 12, 2016

Accident at IGLOOLIK NU (CYGT)

UPDATE: TSB#A16C0046: C-GUKO, a privately registered Piper PA31 aircraft, was landing on Runway 33 at Igloolik, NU (CYGT) on a flight from Grise Fiord, NU (CYGZ). The aircraft touched down hard on the runway, and the right main landing gear collapsed. The aircraft veered to the right and departed the runway surface, coming to rest approximately 300 feet south of the runway centerline. The pilot and the two passengers sustained minor injuries. When the aircraft was recovered from its location, it was discovered that the right landing gear oleo had broken.
A Les Entreprises SIFEC Nord Inc. Piper PA-31 (C-GUKO) from Grise Fiord, NU (CYGZ) to Igloolik, NU (CYGT) attempted a landing at CYGT. Upon touchdown, their right main gear collapsed. The pilot attempted to pull up and the aircraft crashed approximately 100 feet off the right side of Runway. The community aerodrome radio station (CARS) at CYGT was able to contact the pilot and confirmed that everyone on board was uninjured. The weather was: METAR CYGT 121500 30022KT 3SM -SN BLSN OVC010 M06/M09 A2988 RMK SC8 SLP126=

January 7, 2016

Incident at ATHABASCA AB (CYWM) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

An Orca Airways Ltd. Piper PA31 350 T1020 (ORK393), from Slave Lake, AB (CYZH) to Athabasca, AB (CYWM), reported an unknown vehicle on runway, commenced missed approach and reported to Air Traffic Control (ATC). ORK393 conducted second approach as vehicle appeared to be leaving runway area.

October 14, 2015


UPDATE: TSB#A15P0198 - The Island Express PA31 (C-GDFR) was operating as IAX 301 on an IFR flight from Victoria (CYYJ) to Abbotsford (CYXX). A landing gear down indication issue was reported on final approach. The pilot elected to cancel IFR and orbit VFR south of the airport to try and resolve the issue. After an attempt to re-cycle the landing gear the crew conducted the manual gear extension checklist and procedure. A "Pan Pan" was made and the passengers briefed. The aircraft continued to Abbotsford for a low approach; the tower confirmed that the gear appeared to be down. ARFF was notified. The aircraft landed uneventfully on RWY 07 and the landing gear down indication light illuminated. Maintenance actions included adjustment to the left main gear limit switch and a landing gear swing.
At 1609Z, an Island Express Piper PA-31 (IAX301) from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) reported a gear issue on final. The aircraft elected to cancel IFR and orbit VFR south of the airport to try to resolve the issue. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) placed on standby, and elected to call additional 911 resources. The aircraft was unable to resolve the issue however the gear appeared down during a Tower fly by so the aircraft elected to land Runway 07. Aircraft landed safely at 1629Z. Coastal Pacific Aviation (C-GRCG) was denied circuits during the event.
Update from Maintenance & Manufacturing: On final to Abbotsford, BC (CYXX), C-GDFR's left main gear did not show a green light. Crew re-selected and then used alternate method of gear lowering and flew by Tower. The green light illuminated on touchdown. Aircraft snagged and was awaiting maintenance. Eagle Aircraft adjusted the left main gear actuator and swung it satisfactorily, but it was still not satisfactory on a flight test. The left gear limit switch was adjusted, swung it satisfactorily. Flight tested serviceable.

August 7, 2015


UPDATE: TSB#A15P0179: The Island Coastal Aviation Inc. Cessna 172, C-GYPN, was on a flight from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) with a stop and go on Runway 34 in Nanaimo, BC (CYCD). The Island Express Inc. Piper PA31 Navajo, C-GDFR was operating as IAX805 from CYCD to Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR). IAX805 acknowledged aircraft traffic in the vicinity of YCD and entered Taxiway Bravo, located midfield of the runway. While C-GYPN was conducting the touch and go, IAX805 crossed the hold short line at Taxiway Bravo and entered the runway.
An Island Express Air Piper PA-31-325 (C-GDFR/ IAX805) from Nanaimo, BC (CYCD) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) appeared to enter the runway while an Island Coastal Aviation Cessna 172N (C-GYPN) on a local flight from Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) was conducting a touch and go.

January 28, 2015

Incident at VICTORIA INTL BC (CYYJ) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

UPDATE: TSB Report#A15P0017: The Pacific Sky Aviation Piper Navajo PA31-35, C-FNGV, was on a flight from Victoria International (CYYJ) to Vancouver International (CYVR). During the takeoff, at approximately 80 Knots (KIAS), there was a loss of power from the number 2 (R/H) engine. The crew aborted the takeoff, exited the runway and then noticed thick black smoke coming from the number 2 engine. The crew declared an emergency, shut down both engines and evacuated the aircraft. The cause of the engine power loss and smoke from the nacelle is being investigated by maintenance.
A Pacific Sky Aviation Piper PA-31-350 (C-FNGV) rejected takeoff for Runway 09 due to an engine fire. Pilot and passengers abandoned the aircraft once on Taxiway E between Runway 13 and Runway 03. Aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) responded. Several VFR aircraft were temporarily diverted.

December 4, 2015


UPDATE: TSB#A15W0177: The Orca Airways Ltd. Piper Navajo Chieftain PA31-350 (C-GGQM) was operating as flight ORK370 from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Edson, AB (CYET). Shortly after leveling at 8000 feet and while setting cruise power, the pilot noticed a rapid drop in manifold pressure on the left engine (Avco Lycoming LTIO-540-J2BD). Mixture was set to full rich and throttle was moved to full power with only a slight change detected. Fuel pressure and fuel flow indications indicated zero. Fuel tank selector was changed and emergency pump was selected ?on? with no change observed. The emergency checklist was actioned and a precautionary engine shutdown was accomplished. An emergency was declared with ATC and a return to CYYC with ARFF on standby was requested. ORK370 landed without incident. Initial maintenance actions revealed no faults found, however, Orca Airways? investigation remains active.
An Orca Airways Piper PA-31 (ORK370) from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Edson, AB (CYET) declared an emergency 21nm NW of Calgary due to an engine failure. The aircraft returned, requested Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and landed Runway 17R at 1234Z and stopped on C1. The aircraft was towed back to their hanger. Minimal impact to operation.

October 28, 2015

Incident at THE PAS / GRACE LAKE MB (CJR3)

TSB#A15C0148: The Beaver Airways Piper PA31-350 aircraft (C-GADW) departed from The Pas/Grace Lake, MB (CJR3) with the pilot and three passengers onboard. After takeoff, the pilot turned on the forward heater and smoke began to fill the cabin. The heater was selected off and the smoke began to dissipate. The decision was made to return to the airport where the aircraft landed without further incident. An inspection of the heater system revealed that the heater blower had failed.

September 15, 2015

Accident at THOMPSON MB (CYTH)

UPDATE: TSB#A15C0134: The Keystone Air Service Piper PA31-350, registration C-FXLO and operating as flight KEE208, departed Thompson, MB (CYTH) on an IFR flight to Winnipeg, MB (CYWG). Shortly after takeoff on Runway 06, the crew experienced a malfunction and alerted the Thompson FSS that they were returning for Runway 06. The aircraft collided with terrain approximately 1 nm southwest of CYTH. EMS crews responded to the scene and all 8 occupants were taken to hospital with varying injuries. TSB investigators have been deployed.
UPDATE: JRCC Trenton SARSUM Report#[T2015-02260]: (554730N 0975270W - Thompson, MB). Aircraft with 7 persons on board (POB) departed Thompson, MB. The aircraft reported difficulties shortly after takeoff with the intent of landing back in Thompson. Aircraft crashed on final approach approximately 1/2 mile short of Runway 06. 435 Squadron Hercules tasked and stood down before departing after local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) recovered all 7 POBs and transported them to Thompson General Hospital for treatment. No further assistance from Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) is required.
A Keystone Air Service Ltd. Piper PA-31-350 (C-FXLO/ KEE208), from Thompson (CYTH), MB to Winnipeg (CYWG), MB, departed Runway 06 at 2317Z on an IFR clearance to CYWG. Immediately after departure, KEE208 indicated that it wanted to return and land Runway 06. Flight Service Specialist (FSS) enquired if assistance was needed and was told no. KEE208 disappeared from radar. FSS tried to contact KEE208 with no success. Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) was heard around 2321Z. Fire, police, airport maintenance and appropriate managers were all contacted. Aircraft was located around 2348Z.
Update from Aviation Operations Centre: Keystone Flight 208 (KEE208), twin engine Piper Navajo, C-FXLO, departed Thompson, MB (CYTH) at 2317Z with destination of Winnipeg, MB (CYWG). Shortly after departure, the pilot advised the Flight Service Specialist (FSS) they had an electrical problem and would be returning to Thompson, MB. The pilot also advised the Flight Service Station (FSS) they did not require any assistance. Shortly thereafter, KEE208 was not being displayed on RADAR and the FSS was unable to establish communication with the crew. An emergency locator transmitter (ELT) was heard at approximately 2321Z. The signal was identified to be approximately 2 nautical miles North of Thompson, MB (CYTH). The aircraft went down in a bushed area not far from a highway (55 47.3N 97 54.4 W). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Emergency Medical Services were quick to arrive on the scene. There were 8 soles on board and all were able to get out of the aircraft. Extent of the injuries were unknown.
UPDATE According to the TSB Final Report A15C0134 authorized for release on the 10th of August 2016: At 1817 Central Daylight Time, the Keystone Air Service Ltd. Piper PA-31-350 (registration C-FXLO, serial number 31-8052022) departed Runway 06 at Thompson Airport, Manitoba, on an instrument flight rules flight to Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Manitoba, with 2 pilots and 6 passengers on board. Shortly after rotation, both engines began to lose power. The crew attempted to return to the airport, but the aircraft was unable to maintain altitude. The landing gear was extended in preparation for a forced landing on a highway southwest of the airport. Due to oncoming traffic, the forced landing was conducted in a forested area adjacent to the highway, approximately 700 metres south of the threshold of Runway 06. The occupants sustained varying serious injuries but were able to assist each other and exit the aircraft. The emergency locator transmitter activated, and there was no fire. Emergency services were activated by a 911 call and by the Thompson flight service station. Initial assistance was provided by sheriffs of the Manitoba Department of Justice after a crew member flagged down their vehicle on the highway.

February 3, 2015

Incident at In the vicinity of: PUKATAWAGAN MB (CZFG)

TSB Report#A15C0017: Beaver Air Services/Missinippi Airways Piper PA31-350 aircraft, registration C-GMKO, was enroute from Grace Lake, MB, to Pukatawagan MB, with a crew of two and six passengers on board. The aircraft departed Grace Lake with full fuel. While in cruise, the crew noticed that the right fuel gauge read far lower that left fuel gauge and continued their trip. After Landing in Pukatawagan, it was determined that the fuel indication disparity was a fuel indication problem and fuel levels were never physically checked. The crew then departed on their trip back to Grace Lake. While in cruise, the fuel indication disparity between the left and right fuel tanks became increasingly larger and the crew decided to divert to Flin Flon MB, where the aircraft landed safely. After refuelling the aircraft, it was determined that the right fuel tank had approximately 15 litres of fuel remaining. It was reported that the fuel crossfeed was open and that both engines were feeding from the right fuel tank.

November 13, 2014

Incident at VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Tower controller noticed smoke coming from number 1 engine of a K.D. Air Piper PA-31-350 (C-GROJ/ KDC415) from Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR). Pilot was unaware. Runway closed from 2127Z-2131Z for runway inspection. No operational impact.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14P0195: The KD Air PA31, C-GROJ, flight KDC415, was inbound to Vancouver from Qualicum. The flight was informed by the tower controller that the #1 engine was smoking on landing. It was determined that there was a turbocharger bearing failure. Repairs are in progress and a Service Difficulty Report will be filed with Transport Canada.

November 6, 2014


An Island Express Air Piper PA-31 (IAX505) from Nanaimo, BC (CYCD) to Victoria, BC (CYYJ) landed Runway 09 and the tower controller instructed the aircraft to exit on Runway 21 and contact ground. A Department of National Defence Sikorsky S-61L (STGR24) on a local flight from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) was on final Runway 31 landing in operations area 31 for hover work. IAX505 did not contact ground and continued to taxi across Runway 31 without authorization. STGR24 was short final for runway 31 and landed safely in operations area 31 as it is south of Runway 21. IAX505 reported they where heads down going through a checklist as the crossed the active Runway 31.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14P0189: A Piper PA31 Navajo operating as Island Express Air (IAX) 505 arrived at Victoria Intl RWY 09. The flight was instructed to exit right onto RWY 21 and contact ground. The aircraft exited onto RWY 21 and continued taxiing and there was no radio contact made to ground. A runway incursion occurred as the aircraft crossed active RWY 31 without authorization. A Sikorsky S-61 Sea King helicopter operating as STGR24 was on short final and cleared to land RWY 31. A risk of collision was avoided as STGR24 air taxiied off of RWY 31 prior to the intersection of RWY 21.
Update from Commercial and Business: The company has developed and implemented a Corrective Action Plan is response to these concurrences. The Principal Operations Inspector (POI) will continue to actively monitor the company?s performance.

October 14, 2014


Update from Maintenance and Manufacturing: Broken wire found at connector E314 behind pilots dash. Wire repaired and new pins installed in connector. Function checks carried out, system operated normal.
UPDATE: TSB Report# A14P0173: A Piper PA31-350, C-GWXL, operated by Orca Airways as flight ORK140 was arriving at Vancouver (CYVR) from Qualicum Beach (CAT4). The flight crew declared an emergency due to a landing gear issue. Aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) crews were on standby as the flight landed Runway 08R without further event. More information is to be provided by the operator.
An Orca Airways Piper PA-31-350 (C-GWXL/ ORK140) from Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) had gear issues, declared an emergency. Emergency standby landed runway 08R at 1435Z.

October 7, 2014


An Orca Airways Piper PA-31-350 (C-GNAE/ ORK351) from Nanaimo, BC (CYCD) to Comox, BC (CYQQ) rejected take off Runway 34 then taxied back to the apron. No operational impact.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14P0169: The Orca Air PA31, C-GNAE flight ORK351 was on the take-off roll from Nanaimo runway 34 (CYCD) when the L/H engine (Lycoming TIO 540 J2BD) failed to produce full power and the take-off was aborted. It was determined that 3 fuel injectors were contaminated. The 6 injectors were replaced and the lines purged back to the filter which was clean. A Service Difficulty Report was filed with Transport Canada.
Update from Maintenance & Manufacturing: The left hand (L/H) engine failed to develop full power on take-off. Aircraft rejected take-off and returned to ramp in Nanaimo Airport (CYCD). Maintenance found fuel injectors for cylinder 1, 3 & 5 clogged with small unknown debris. Fuel control screen was inspected as were fuel injector lines. No debris in either. All injectors for L/H engine replaced and engine ground run serviceable. Engine manufacture does not have a mandated nozzle replacement schedule but the company has a best practises schedule fuel nozzle replaced every 500 hrs. L/H Waste Gate was also replaced at this time with overhauled assembly.

June 27, 2014


An Air Canada Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (C-FNAW/ACA219), from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR), was one of a number of aircraft on approach for Runway 08L behind a PA31 when it ran out of room to land due to compression on final. ACA219 was instructed to conduct a missed approach. ACA219 landed on Runway 08L at 0242Z.

June 13, 2014


An Air Canada Embraer E190 (ACA295) from Winnipeg, MB (CYWG) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR), on an IFR approach to CYVR, encountered a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) while on the instrument landing system (ILS) runway 08L. Aircraft climbed to 3000'. A K.D. Air Piper PA-31 (KDC411) from Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) was established on the ILS runway 08R parallel to ACA295.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14P0086: The flight crew of the Embraer E190 (C-FHJU), operated by Air Canada as Flight ACA295, from Winnipeg to Vancouver, received a TCAS RA while on the Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach runway (RWY) 08L. The flight climbed to 3000'. A Piper PA31 (C-GPCA), operated as Flight KDC411, was established on the parallel approach ILS Runway 08R.

April 23, 2014

Incident at 5 NM southeast of VANCOUVER INTL BC (CYVR)

An Orca Airways Piper PA31 (ORK521) from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) reported a laser strike on left base for runway 26L.

February 18, 2014

Incident at 4 W NANAIMO BC (CYCD)

A Jazz Aviation de Havilland DHC 8 300 (JZA8265) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Nanaimo, BC (CYCD) level at 2000 feet inbound to CYCD reported receiving a TCAS RA from VFR traffic, a K.D. Air Corporation Piper PA31 (KDC423) from Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4) to Vancouver, BC (CYVR) that had been passed to the aircraft at 5nm and again at 3nm indicating 1600 feet. JZA8265 did not respond to the RA due to sighting the traffic. There was no operational impact.

May 23, 2014

Accident at RED LAKE ON (CYRL) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

UPDATE: TSB Report#A14C0069: The SkyCare Air Ambulance PA31-350 Piper Navajo, C-FAQR was on final approach to CYRL, Red Lake. The power was reduced during the flare and the landing gear warning horn activated. The throttles levers were advanced to initiate a go-around, however the propeller tips struck the runway surface. The throttles were closed and the mixture levers moved to idle cut-off. The aircraft landed straight ahead with the landing gear retracted. Once the aircraft stopped on the runway the nine passengers were evacuated. There were no injuries or fire, oil or fuel leaks. The ELT did not activate. During the recovery the landing gear selector was found in the up position. The landing gear was extended manually and towed from the runway. Damage was sustained to the propellers, engines, flaps and belly.
UPDATE: Aviation Incident Report# 13460: At 1818Z, an On-Duty person at Red Lake received a call from Kenora FSS asking to verify PA-31, C-FAQR, had landed. At 1820Z the aircraft was observed on the runway, gear up. The passengers were walking, escorted by the pilot, down taxiway B toward airport terminal building (ATB). No Smoke, no fire, no panic or injuries apparent. They advised Kenora FSS by radio and closed the runway. The aircraft was lifted, gear extended and towed to Apron I. The runway was walked, swept and reopened at 1845Z.
No down and clear received from a 2080061 Ontario Inc. Piper PA-31-350 (C-FAQR) from Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) to Red Lake, ON (CYRL). During search, another aircraft overflying the airport indicated that there looked to be an aircraft that landed gear up on runway. Notified CYRL airport manager (APM) of search for aircraft, it was confirmed aircraft landed gear up, runway NOTAM'd closed. Unknown injuries or damage. The aircraft was removed and runway re-opened at 1945Z.

January 26, 2014

Incident at 5 miles NW DRYDEN REGIONAL ON (CYHD)

A Government of Canada, Department of National Defence Canadair CT-114 Tutor (SNBD14) from Dryden, ON (CYHD) to Winnipeg, MB (CYWG) made initial contact with ATC climbing through 7,500 feet. The aircraft had been cleared to climb to 5,000 feet due crossing PA31 traffic at 6,000 feet. Once radar identified SNBD14 was subsequently cleared to FL200, no conflict with the traffic. No impact to operations.

November 21, 2014


UPDATE: TSB Report#A14C0172: The crew of C-FAAF (a Transwest Air Piper PA31-350 Chieftan) was planning a flight from Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan to Fond Du Lac. They noted 3 pilot reports that indicated no icing below 4000 ft ASL along their intended route. After departure, while climbing through 2500 ASL the crew observed ice accumulation, and chose to descend to 2000 feet and continue VFR to destination. While enroute the crew noted that the windshield had iced over, and visibility could not be maintained. They elected to return to Stony Rapids, however upon arrival they still could not see out the window. They declared an emergency, and circled in an area clear of icing until the windshield de-ice was able to clear the ice from the windshield. They then carried out an uneventful landing at Stony Rapids.
A Transwest Air Piper PA-31-350 (C-FAAF) from Fond-du-Lac, SK (CZFD) to Stony Rapids, SK (CYSF) declares an emergency at 0139Z due windshield icing reducing pilots visibility. Aircraft conducts three approaches and lands safely on the third approach. No impact on operations.
Update from Commercial & Business Aviation: Follow-up conducted by Flight Operations into this matter revealed that the aircraft was properly equipped and maintained for the intended flight, the pilots had flight planned and departed as per regulations. The companies safety management system (SMS) had fully handled this matter. No further action required.

April 9, 2014


A Harv's Air Service Piper PA-31 (C-FQLC) from Biggar, SK (CJF8) to Brandon, MB (CYBR) reported 5 miles west of CYBR and was passed traffic 4 miles final runway 26. Traffic updated to 2.5 mile final when C-FQLC reported downwind. C-FQLC turned tight base while a Winnipeg Aviation Piper PA-28-140 (C-GQPN) from St Andrews, MB (CYAV) to Neepawa, MB (CJV5) was approximately 1.5 mile final. C-GQPN reported PA31 traffic in sight, but chose to conduct a low approach due to lack of spacing.

February 8, 2014


Sunwest Aviation Piper PA31 (CNK1015) from Edson, AB (CYET) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) overshot on his own from short final. No impact to operation.

January 29, 2014


TSB Report#A14W0013: A Sunwest Aviation Piper PA31-350 (C-FDOI) was operating as CNK1013 on an IFR flight at 8000 feet asl southwest of Wainwright, Alberta. The flight was in uncontrolled airspace at the time in VMC. CNK1013 observed a privately operated Cessna 177B flying VFR in the opposite direction below them. the Cessna 177B also had CNK1013 visually. Neither aircraft took evasive action. The aircraft came within approximately 200 feet vertically and about ½ mile laterally. The occurrence happened within uncontrolled airspace, where ATC does not formally provide traffic altering services. ATC does, as a courtesy, provide limited alerting services depending on workload. At the time of the occurrence, ATC was focused on providing direct control in the Calgary area.

January 2, 2014

Incident at 12 NM W WATSON LAKE YT (CYQH)

An Alkan Air Beech 200 (C-GMOC) from Watson Lake, YT (CYQH) to Whitehorse, YT (CYXY) had clearance to FL220 with a restriction to cross 17 DME from CYQH at 8000 feet or below to keep separation with an Alkan Air Piper PA-31-350 (C-GSDT) from Whitehorse, YT (CYXY) to Watson Lake, YT (CYQH). C-GSDT was west of CYQH, level at 11000 feet, landing. C-GMOC reported through 8500 feet at 4 DME with CYXY FSS. When informed of the aircraft's position and altitude the controller requested the position and altitude of both aircraft again. Reports indicated that both aircraft were at 11000 feet and 7 NM apart where vertical separation would be required. C-GSDT was given an immediate descent clearance to re-establish vertical separation. No other impact to operations.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14W0001: The Alkan Air Ltd. Beech 200, C-GMOC, was operating IFR from Watson Lake, YT (CYQH) to Whitehorse, YT (CYXY). Due to inbound company traffic (PA31 C-GSDT) at 11 000 feet, C-GMOC was given a departure clearance with a restriction to cross 17 DME from YQH on the 280° radial at 8000 feet or below. The clearance was invalid unless airborne within 2 minutes. When C-GMOC reported in with CYXY FSS, they were climbing through 8500 feet at 4 DME. After position reports were obtained from both aircraft, a loss of separation had occurred as both aircraft were at 11 000 feet with 7 nm lateral separation. Separation was regained when immediate descent instructions were given to GSDT.

February 4, 2014

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

Aviation Incident Report#13376: At 2105Z a call was received from FSS that an American corporately-registered Piper PA31 (N302TC) aircraft was landing at Saint John's airport, MB (CYSJ) with 1 engine running rough. Responded on standby. Aircraft circled airport 2 times and landed. Taxied to apron and did some engine run ups with no problems. Taxied out and departed without incident.

December 23, 2013

Incident at MONTRÉAL / ST-HUBERT QC (CYHU) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

Non-declared aircraft types took off from St-Hubert (CYHU). Declared aircraft that were authorized to take off: a Pascan Aviation Piper PC-12 (PSC822), from St-Hubert (CYHU) to Val-d'Or (CYVO), and a Pascan Aviation Piper PA31 (PSC895), from St-Hubert (CYHU) to Val-d'Or (CYVO). PSC895 was actually a PA31 and not a PC12 and PSC822 was a PA31 and not a PC12. No impact.