July 12, 2020


The pilot of a privately registered Burkhart Grob G 115C from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) to Victoria, BC (CYYJ) reported a rough running engine with the Victoria Terminal and returned to CYYJ. The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit was put on standby. The aircraft did not declare an emergency, but requested priority. A formation flight and one Piper PA28 were delayed to accommodate the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely.

September 27, 2020

Incident at THUNDER BAY ON (CYQT) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

A privately registered Piper PA-28-180 from Winnipeg/St. Andrews, MB (CYAV) to Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) was inbound with a fuel shortage. The aircraft landed without fuel and was disabled on Runway 25 for 20 minutes. Multiple aircraft were rerouted to Runway 30 for arrival and departure.
UPDATE: TSB Report #A20C0094: A privately registered Piper PA28-180 was enroute from Winnipeg/St. Andrews, MB (CYAV) to Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) with the pilot and 1 passenger on board. While on approach to CYQT, the pilot noticed a low fuel indication and switched fuel tanks. During the base leg, the engine (Lycoming IO-360) lost complete power. The pilot declared an emergency and then successfully completed a forced landing on Runway 25. The aircraft was able to roll off the runway onto the taxiway under its own momentum and was then towed to the ramp. It was reported that both fuel tanks were empty. The aircraft was refueled and then departed a short time later. The pilot had just purchased the aircraft.

January 14, 2020


The pilot of a 10770582 Canada Inc. Piper PA-28-140 (C-FWFK) on a flight from Edmonton/Villeneuve, AB (CZVL) to Edmonton/Villeneuve, AB (CZVL) called indicating that they had a forced landing north of Calmar, AB. Emergency services already dispatched by area control centre (ACC). Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton advised.
UPDATE TSB Report #A20W0004: The ClearGRID Ltd Piper PA28-140, C-FWFK, was operating on an aerial survey flight; departing and returning to Villeneuve (CZVL), AB. After approximately 2.5 hours of flying in central Alberta, the aircraft was on a northerly track returning to CZVL when the pilot observed the fuel pressure in the upper limits of the gauge. Attempts to control the pressure were unsuccessful and after a brief time the engine began surging between 1800 and 2400 rpm. The pilot declared an emergency with Edmonton ATS and shortly thereafter the engine (Avco Lycoming 0-320-D2B) rpm reduced to 1100 rpm where it remained. The pilot selected a field 1.6 nm NW of Calmar, AB and conducted a forced approach. During the touchdown and roll out the aircraft’s nose wheel failed. The propeller received bending damage. Within 15 minutes, emergency services were at the scene; the pilot, who was the sole occupant, was uninjured. The unregistered 406 ELT transmitted a good signal and a position was resolved within 15 minutes.

December 5, 2019


TSB #A19W0159: A privately operated Piper PA28-160, was conducting touch and goes at Cooking Lake (CEZ3), AB. During the landing the aircraft landed slightly off center and veered to the left. A correction was attempted with right rudder and the addition of power. The aircraft was not at rotation speed and continued to veer to left and contacted a snowbank on the left side of the runway. The aircraft came back on the runway and then crossed to the right side where it came to rest in the grass. The propeller (Sensenich M74DM-0-61) and nose gear were damaged. The aircraft was towed off of the runway.

December 14, 2019

Incident at CALGARY / OKOTOKS AIR RANCH AB (CFX2) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

A Calgary-Okotoks Flying School Piper PA-28-140 (C-GJOA) from origin unknown to Calgary/Okotoks Air Ranch, AB (CFX2) failed to remain on runway during landing at CFX2. The aircraft was disabled off the edge of the runway. No known damage or injuries. CFX2 closed due to the disabled aircraft. Vehicles to be on the runway to remove the aircraft.
UPDATE from Aerodromes and Air Navigation: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. The aircraft was damaged – front wheel came off as well as damage to the wing of the aircraft.
UPDATE Aviation Incident Report #16483: Airport staff was alerted that a Calgary-Okotoks Flying School Piper PA-28-140 (C-GJOA) had crashed. It was reported that the aircraft crashed immediately after touchdown, ending up off the runway (west side), nose down and tail up. There was visible damage to the propeller.
Update TSB Report #A19W0166: The Calgary-Okotoks Flying School Piper PA28-140, C-GJOA, was on a training flight conducting circuits at the Okotoks (CFX2), AB airport with a student and instructor on board. On the landing roll the student passed control to the instructor. During the exchange of control a swerve developed that was not corrected and the aircraft struck the snow bank on the side of the runway. The aircraft experienced a prop strike, broke off the nose gear, and damage to the right wing. There were no injuries to the crew.
UPDATE: Duplicate AOR-265621-V1 deleted.

July 1, 2018

Accident at TOBERMORY ON (CNR4) (Collision with terrain, Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

The London, ON (CYXU) Flight Information Centre (FIC) received a call from the pilot of a Canadian privately owned Piper PA-28-161 from Tobermory, ON (CNR4) to Kitchener/Waterloo, ON (CYKF) at 2352Z to report a crash. The aircraft had attempted to depart Runway 30 at CNR4 and ended up inverted past the threshold of Runway 12. All occupants were fine with no apparent injuries at the time of the report. The CYXU FIC coordinated with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for ambulance, fire and police to be dispatched. The shift manager was advised. After coordinating with CNR4 approach path monitor (APM), Runway 12/30 at CNR4 was NOTAMed closed.
Update TSB Report #A18O0091: The private PA28-161 was taking off from CNR4 Tobermory, destined for CYKF Kitchener/Waterloo, with the pilot and three passengers on board. The weather was reported as very hot with gusty winds. After initial lift off the pilot levelled the aircraft to gain sufficient speed to climb out, but in doing so contacted the runway. After the brief runway contact the pilot determined that the aircraft was unlikely to clear the trees at the end of the runway, and chose to abort the take-off. Once the aircraft was back on the ground the pilot commenced heavy braking but was unable to stop the aircraft on the runway. As the aircraft slid off the runway end, the left wing contacted a tree and was separated. The aircraft then rolled upside down and came to a stop just short of the trees. The four occupants were able to egress the aircraft without difficulty and had received only minor injuries during the accident. The aircraft was significantly damaged.

August 13, 2017

Accident at LACOMBE AB (CEG3)

UPDATE TSB Report #A17W0121: A privately operated Piper PA28-140, was on a VFR flight from Lacombe, AB (CEG3) to Wetaskiwin, AB (CEX3). While attempting a takeoff from runway 16 at CEG3 the pilot encountered a large gust and windshear from an approaching storm. The aircraft became airborne and drifted left of the runway. The windshear continued and the pilot landed the aircraft in the grass east of the runway. The aircraft decelerated rapidly in the grass and overturned coming to rest inverted, approximately 200 yards east of runway 16. The pilot and passenger exited the aircraft uninjured. The aircraft was substantially damaged.
Edmonton area control centre (ACC) shift manager received a call from 911 dispatch of an aircraft crash at Lacombe, AB. After investigating, the aircraft turned out to be a privately registered Piper PA-28-140 who was departing Lacombe, AB (CEG3) and crashed after liftoff due to a wind gust. No impact to operations.
UPDATE: JRCC Trenton SARSUM Report#[T2017-01927]:(522930N 1134273W - CEG3 : Lacombe). Edmonton area control centre (ACC) called to report a small plane accident at the Lacombe, AB (CEG3) airport. Local authorities responded. 2 persons on board (POB) with no injuries were involved. Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) and Aviation Operations Centre advised. No assistance from Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton required.

May 22, 2016


UPDATE: JRCC Halifax SARSUM Report#[H2016-00354]: (481394N 0693257W - Les Bergeronnes: CTH3). Rimouski 911 reported that a small aircraft had crashed on landing at Grand Bergeron, QC. Investigation revealed that a Piper Cherokee with two people on board had skidded off the end of the runway on landing. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) confirmed with the pilot that there were no injuries and that emergency services were on scene.
Update TSB#16Q0048: A private Piper PA28 had taken off from Sept-Îles (CYZV), QC, to Les Bergeronnes (CTH3), QC, on a VFR flight with a pilot and a passenger on board. During landing on Runway 28 at CTH3, the aircraft left the runway in the extended area. The nose wheel broke and the right wing tip was damaged. The two occupants were not injured. The pilot did not report any aircraft defect.
A privately registered Piper PA-28-180, from Sept-Îles (CYZV), QC, to Grandes-Bergeronnes (CTH3), QC, landed and finished its run more than 200 ft off the runway. The nose gear had been damaged. No one on board was injured. The flight service station (FSS) at CYZV provided the CYZV departure service, the pilot had filed a flight plan with the Quebec (YQB), QC, flight information centre (FIC). VFR weather.

April 1, 2016

Accident at BARRHEAD AB (CEP3)

UPDATE: TSB#A16W0036: C-FXXQ, a Piper PA28-180, was on a day VFR training flight in the vicinity of Barrhead, AB. After dropping off the instructor, the student pilot took off again to perform some exercises before returning to the airport. On his second approach to Runway 25, the aircraft was high and fast, resulting in a long landing. The student attempted a go-around and the aircraft became airborne near the end of the runway; it struck a runway end light marker which consisted of a plastic sleeve over a steel rod. The pilot was unable to control the aircraft and it landed heavily off the end of the runway surface, into the soft dirt of the overrun area. Damage to the aircraft was substantial but the pilot was uninjured.
An emergency locator transmitter (ELT) was heard from 1912Z until 0335Z. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton advised that the ELT was from a Piper PA-28 that had a hard landing at Barrhead, AB (CEP3). No impact on operations.

February 13, 2016


TSB#A16C0018: The Winnipeg Aviation Piper PA28-140 aircraft, C-GQPN, was on approach to St. Andrews, MB (CYAV) with an instructor and a student on board. Prior to touch down at approximately 50 feet AGL, a snap was heard and the control column response was found to be very sluggish. The pilot was able to round out the aircraft just prior to touch down. The aircraft landed safely and taxied back to the ramp. A maintenance inspection of the control system revealed a complete failure of the control column T-bar assembly. The control column T-bar assembly will be sent to the TSB laboratory for further analysis.

July 21, 2016


An Exploits Valley Air Services Beech 1900 (EV7756) from Halifax, NX (CYHZ) to Charlottetown, PE (CYYG) descending into CYYG on a visual approach received a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA). EV7756 climbed above a privately registered Piper PA-28-161 from CYYG to Debert, NS (CCQ3) heading SSW bound.
UPDATE: TSB#A16A0068: C-GORZ, a Beech 1900D aircraft operated by EVAS Air as flight EV7756 from Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ) to Charlottetown, PE (CYYG) on an IFR flight plan, was descending into CYYG on a visual approach. a privately operated Piper PA28-161 aircraft on a VFR flight, had departed CYYG and was heading South-Southwest of the airport. The crew of EV7756 could see PIPER PA28-161 on their TCAS, however the traffic could not be visually identified. ATC levelled off EV7756 at 4500? until clear of the traffic. However, PIPER PA28-161 continued to climb up to 4500' which triggered the TCAS of EV7756 to send an RA message. About 3 nautical miles from PIPER PA28-161, EV7756 climbed and was 1400? above PIPER PA28-161 when they passed. NAV CANADA is investigating.

September 14, 2015

Incident at VICTORIA INTL BC (CYYJ) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

UPDATE: TSB#A15P0188: A Cessna 172S, C-GTDK, was cleared to land on Runway 14 in Victoria, BC (CYYJ) and instructed to hold short of Taxiway Sierra to allow a DHC8, which had just landed on Runway 09, to taxi to the terminal. At the same time, a Piper PA28-140, C-GRWB, was also cleared to land on Runway 14. C-GRWB landed on Runway 14 while C-GTDK was still on the runway.
A Victoria Flying Club Cessna 172S (C-GTDK) on a local flight from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) was cleared to land Runway 14 and instructed to hold short taxiway Sierra. A Shawnigan Air Piper PA-28-140 on a local flight from Victoria, BC (CYYJ) was cleared to land short on Runway 14 while C-GTDK was still on the runway.

July 15, 2015

Accident at 5 NM S GRAND FORKS BC (CZGF)

UPDATE: JRCC SARSUM Victoria Report#[V2015-01794]: (485990N 1181337W - Avey Field State Airfield, WA). A Canadian 406 emergency locator transmitter (ELT) was activated with both satellite positions outside the search and rescue region (SRR). However one position was very close to Grand Forks, BC. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Kelowna called to say the pilot had called them and had crashed. The pilot had received minor injuries and was trapped in the aircraft. When the Fire and Ambulance arrived on scene the pilot was extracted and taken for treatment.
UPDATE: TSB#A15F0076 - The PIPER, PA-28-151 departed Lethbridge, Alberta for Victoria, BC. It diverted to Avey Field, landed long and went off the end of the runway. The pilot sustained minor injuries. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The NTSB investigated (WPR15CA214).
UPDATE: FAA Report sent July 15, 2015: The pilot of a Piper PA28 enroute from Lethbridge, AB (CYQL) became lost and decided to land at Laurier-Avey Field, WA (69S). The pilot overshot the runway went off the south end of the runway and hit a tree then went into an embankment. The pilot was taken to a Canadian Hospital.
UPDATE: Report received from the owner: The Pilot of a Piper PA-28 reported that he/she had been involved in an incident when being ?too long? on landing at Avey field State Airport in Laurier, Washington, USA. The aircraft went off the runway and was destroyed. The pilot was able to get out of the aircraft without help and with minor injuries. Transportation Safety Board (TSB) was advised by the pilot.
Update from Aviation Enforcement: This incident has been reviewed by Civil Aviation Enforcement and the appropriate action has been taken.
Pilot reports of emergency locator transmitter (ELT) in the vicinity of Castlegar, BC (CYCG) passed to Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria, who advised receiving a 409 ELT from a privately registered Piper PA-28-151 from Lethbridge, AB (CYQL) to Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) near Grand Forks, BC (CZGF). Subsequent investigation found that the aircraft had crashed during a forced landing immediately south of the Canada-US border. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were given approval to attend and pilot was extracted from aircraft with minor injuries.

October 11, 2015

Incident at CAMROSE AB (CEQ3) (Incursion - runway - animal)

UPDATE: Aviation Incident Report#14095: A Piper PA28 (C-GFLY) was landing in Camrose (CEQ3) and just after touchdown a deer was seen crossing ahead of the aircraft. Brakes were applied heavily and the aircraft avoided hitting the first deer but struck a second one. It impacted the aircraft and went underneath the aircraft. The aircraft taxied to the ramp and shut down normally. There was no injury to the occupants. The aircraft will remain at CEQ3 until morning when a visual inspection will be carried out by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) and a full damage assessment will be conducted.
Deer were encountered on the runway as the pilot of a Centennial Flight Centre Piper PA-28R-200 (C-GFLY) from Villeneuve, AB (CZVL) to Camrose, AB (CEQ3) was about to begin the departure phase of a touch-and-go. The aircraft struck one deer by the propeller. The aircraft was taxied off of the runway and parked. The pilot reported propeller and nose wheel door damage.
Update from Maintenance & Manufacturing: The pilot was performing touch and go?s, when upon the landing phase, noticed a deer run underneath the aircraft, and a second one did the same, but a slight thump was heard. The pilot came to a full stop and looked back and saw a dead deer. Blood was found to be an the backside of the propeller and underneath the aircraft. Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) was notified and aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) inspected the aircraft. It was confirmed that the propeller was undamaged, but Nose Landing Gear (NLG) door had impacted the deer and a small crack on Nose gear door was found. The person responsible for maintenance control (PRM-C) was notified and a report was generated in accordance with the Maintenance Control Manual (MCM).

November 15, 2014

Accident at Dans les environs de: QUÉBEC / NEUVILLE QC (CNV9)

UPDATE: JRCC Trenton Report#[T2014-02617]: (464324N 0713457W - Neuville Airport, Quebec). CYQB flight information centre (FIC) reported a plane crash on Highway 40 near Quebec City. Both occupants walked away with minor injuries. Surete du Quebec, ambulance and firefighters on scene. Nothing required from Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC). Area control centre (ACC), Transportation Safety Board (TSB) and Aviation Operations were notified.
A privately registered Piper PA-28-140 had to conduct a forced landing at the edge of Autoroute 40 east. The National Operations Centre (NOC), Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) and Aviation Operations were notified.
UPDATE A14Q0170: A private PA28-140 with a pilot and a flight instructor on board was conducting a flight in order to fulfil an insurance requirement to enable the pilot to use the PA-28-140. The aircraft had just taken off from Runway 24 at Québec/Neuville Airport when the engine (Avco Lycoming O-320-E2A) lost all power. The instructor took control and power returned. The instructor made a turn with the aim of returning to land at the airport, but the engine stopped again. The instructor had to land the aircraft in a wooded area less than 1 NM from the airport at the edge of Autoroute 40. The two occupants suffered minor injuries. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The engine will be examined in order to determine the reason for the outage.

May 31, 2014

Accident at LAC-À-LA-TORTUE QC (CSL3)

UPDATE #A14Q0069: A privately-registered PA28 took off from Île-aux-Grues (CSH2) on a VFR flight to Lac-à-la-Tortue (CSL3) with two passengers and the pilot on board. The aircraft landed about 500 feet from the end of Runway 16 and bounced. After the bounce, the nose wheel folded and the pilot lost control of the airplane. The aircraft turned to the left and then struck a privately-registered unoccupied Cessna 172 before coming to a stop on a fence. The occupants were unharmed. The two aircraft were substantially damaged.
A privately-owned Piper PA-28-151 landed on Runway 16 at Lac-à-la-Tortue, QC (CSL3), overran the runway and struck a parked privately-owned Cessna 172K. The two aircraft were damaged and no one was injured. The National Operations Centre (NOC) and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) were notified.
UPDATE: JRCC Trenton Report#[T2014-00707]: (463730N 0723782W - CSL3 : Lac-à-la-Tortue). Advised by FIC CYQB of non injury crash. The aircraft crashed on landing and struck another aircraft. ACC TSB CMCC notified. No further action required. Case closed.

July 20, 2013

Accident at Lac Sergent (piste privée), près de St Raymond

UPDATE: JRCC SAR REPORT#2013-01003: CRASH Piper PA28 (465400N 0714998W - Saint-Raymond, QC). Montreal received report from PA28, landed at Lac Sergent and went off the runway. 1 POB no injuries. Aircraft damaged and ELT set off. Pilot turned off ELT. Assisted by local persons. No assistance required. TSB advised. Case closed.
UPDATE: A13Q0128: A privately operated Piper PA28-180 was VFR from St-Raymond/Paquet, QC (CSK5) to a private runway at Lake Sergent, QC with only a pilot on board. Upon landing, the aircraft left the runway surface and came to a stop against some trees on the edge of the runway. No one was injured but the aircraft sustained significant damage.
Update: According to information from the Aircraft Maintenance Division, following the accident, the aircraft is no longer in service.
The pilot of a privately-registered Piper PA-28-180 informed the Quebec City FIC that had a runway excursion at Lac Sergent. The pilot was the only person on board and was injured. RCC, NOC and TSB were advised. The aircraft wings, propeller and landing gear were damaged.

March 29, 2013


C-GQXV, a Piper PA-28 operated by Aéroclub de Montréal, was on a local VFR flight in the St-Hubert (CYHU) area. After taking off from Runway 24L and while the aircraft was in crosswind, the pilot asked to return and land due to an open door. The aircraft landed without incident on Runway 24L.

March 26, 2013

Incident at Zone réglementée du Lac St-Pierre (CYR606)

C-GLHB, a Piper PA-28 operated by Saint Hubert Flying School, was on a local VFR flight from an unknown location to an unknown destination. At 1659Z, the aircraft crossed the Lac St-Pierre (CYR 606) restricted area at an altitude of 2 000 ft. ATC contacted the zone operator to report the occurrence. No impact on ATC operations.

January 5, 2013


Update #1: The TSB occurrence number and class of investigation were added. According to TSB report #A13Q0003: The privately owned PA28-140 Piper Cherokee was on a VFR flight in the vicinity of the Mascouche Airport (CSK3), QC. While the aircraft was on short final for Runway 29, the aircraft hit a snow bank, pitched nose-down and came to a stop on the runway. Neither passenger was injured. The aircraft's left wing, nose wheel, propeller and engine were significantly damaged.
A privately owned Piper PA-28 was on a local VFR flight in the Mascouche (CSK3) area. While the aircraft was on short final, the pilot encountered a wind shear and hit a snow bank at the end of the runway. The aircraft was substantially damaged but the pilot and the passenger were uninjured.

July 11, 2013

Accident at Kelowna

Update System Safety: The pilot and the maintenance organization have reviewed the incident and concluded a contributing factor for the operator, after returning from a long overseas flight, was fatigue.
Aviation Incident Report#13182: The Pilot was taxiing his privately-registered Piper PA28 south from AMO Stolairus Aviation Inc at Kelowna International Airport and attempted a 180 degree turn to a run-up area. During the turn the right wing tip hit a jet blast deflector which caused the fuselage to swing to the right and the propeller to strike the blast deflector. The wind speed at the airport at the time was 15 knots from the south to which the pilot thought had caused the turn to be extended.

June 14, 2013


A privately-registered Piper PA28, from Quesnel, BC (CYQZ) to Prince George, BC (CYXS), was landing on runway 06 and failed to remain on the landing area. The pilot said a crosswind pushed the aircraft into the grass south of Runway 06. No operational impact.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A13P0116: A private P-28-140 aircraft landing RWY 06 at Prince George failed to remain on landing area. Pilot stated a crosswind pushed the aircraft into the grass south of RWY 06. No operational impact.

March 28, 2013


While doing circuits, pilot of a Langley Flying School Piper PA28 (C-FKKF) on a VFR local flight from Langley (CYNJ) requested a full stop on runway 25. Aircraft porpoised on runway and then pulled up. A second attempt was made on runway 19. Aircraft porpoised and then pulled up yet again. Aircraft landed on the third attempt on runway 25. Aircraft sustained a prop strike during one of the attempts.
UPDATE TSB A13P0045: The Langley Flying School PA-28-140 C-FKKF (ser # 28-7425253), the pilot was attempting to land on runway 25 in Langley following two unsuccessful landing attempts. On the third landing attempt the propeller struck the runway. The aircraft completed the landing without further incident.

March 6, 2013


A Langley Flying School Piper PA28 aircraft, registered as C-FKKF, squawked 7600 during last circuit. The aircraft landed uneventfully after light gun instruction.

February 19, 2013


A privately registered Piper PA28 on a VFR local flight from Langley (CYNJ) was instructed to line-up and wait on runway 25. The aircraft lined up and commenced take-off roll without authorization. No operational impact.

January 17, 2013

Incident at VANCOUVER / BOUNDARY BAY BC (CZBB) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

UPDATE from Aerodrome Safety: No further action required. The Boundary Bay Airport has a wildlife program in place meeting the regulatory requirement of CAR 302.
Pilot of a privately registered Piper PA28 140 on a VFR flight reported a bird strike on final runway 12. Runway inspected, nothing found. Pilot reported blood on tail but no damage. Runway 12 not available for approximately 30 minutes while airport staff checked runway.


A privately registered Piper PA28 on a VFR flight taxiing for departure runway 07 via taxiways A and A1, called the Tower and reported ready. Aircraft then proceeded to enter runway 01 via taxiway C without waiting for a response from Tower. Tower corrected the situation with no operational effect.

January 10, 2013

Incident at KAMLOOPS BC (CYKA) (Aerodrome - other)

A privately registered Piper PA28 on a VFR flight called FSS intending CCTs runway 26. FSS provided advisory including a report that taxiway E was covered 100% ice. The aircraft acknowledged and entered taxiway E. The aircraft slid across taxiway E into a snow bank. Pilot exited aircraft and pushed the aircraft out of the snow bank. The aircraft remained on taxiway E while pilot exited the taxiway. Approximately 9 minutes later at 2229Z 2 people walked to the aircraft and removed it from the taxiway. No operational impact

June 21, 2013

Incident at LONDON ON (CYXU)

A privately-registered Piper PA28, from London, ON (CYXU) to Timmins, ON (CYTS) departed London on a VFR flight to Timmins. The aircraft's transponder appeared to be unserviceable- both Mode A and Mode C.

March 26, 2013


The privately-operated PJs Aircraft Partners Inc. Piper PA-28-181 aircraft (C-GPJS) was on a local VFR flight from Toronto (Buttonville) Municipal Airport (CYKZ). NAV CANADA staff at Toronto (City Centre) Tower advised that the pilot reported that the aircraft was subject to a green laser strike when it was three (3)NM northeast of Toronto (BB/TCA) (CYTZ) at an altitude of 2,550 feet. Ops. impact -- unknown.

March 24, 2013

Incident at TORONTO / BILLY BISHOP TORONTO CITY AIRPORT ON (CYTZ) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

The privately-registered Piper PA-28-151 aircraft was concluding a local VFR flight from Toronto (BB/TCA) (CYTZ). NAV CANADA staff at Toronto (City Centre) Tower reported that the aircraft allegedly landed without a landing clearance. Ops. impact -- none.

October 15, 2013

Incident at STETTLER AB (CEJ3) (Aerodrome - visual aids)

A privately-registered Piper PA28 on a local flight was unable to activate aerodrome lights at Stettler, AB (CEJ3) and had to divert to Hanna, AB (CEL4). The aerodrome operator was notified and a NOTAM was issued.

June 18, 2013

Incident at LETHBRIDGE AB (CYQL) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

An Excel Flight Training Incorporated Piper PA28 (C-GDTK) on a local flight landed on runway 05 and advised he had blown a tire. The aircraft waited on the runway to be towed off. 2 aircraft used runway 12/30 for an arrival and departure until the aircraft was removed and runway 05 was available again. Winds were 01010KT at the time.
Update Maintenance & Manufacturing: The aircraft C-GDTK was backtracking on runway 05 for departure after completing its run up. On turn around, it was noted that the nose wheel was not responding as normal, and the aircraft had difficulty turning. FSS was notified, and was shut down on the runway. It was discovered that the nose tire was flat, and arrangements were made to be towed back to the apron. It was determined that the tube had a pinch hole next to the valve stem, and was subsequently replaced. The tire was not damaged and was reused. The aircraft was then returned to service. There was no debris noted on the runway, and the tube had been installed in the tire for approximately 500 hours service without any issues prior to the incident.

April 22, 2013

Incident at LETHBRIDGE AB (CYQL) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

Update Maintenance & Manufacturing: During landing, the aircraft was landed fast and flat and started to porpoise, and the aircraft suffered a propeller strike and damage to the nose gear. The aircraft was taxied to the ramp where it was confirmed that the nose wheel was flat, the nose gear assembly was damaged, along with damage to the propeller. The aircraft was then removed from service for repair, and is expected to be out of service for a few weeks. The pilot reported that there was no mechanical problems associated with the aircraft prior to this incident, and indicated that it was pilot error which induced the porpoise, which led to the aforementioned damage.:
A Excel Flight Training Piper PA-28-140 (C-FFIO) from CYQL to CYQL landed runway 23 and indicated during backtrack that perhaps nose gear wheel was flat. Aircraft taxied off runway under own power and upon closer inspection it was indicated that wheel was not flat but rather a mechanical failure of some degree had lowered nose gear and damage had been sustained to propeller as well upon landing. FOD check performed, none found. Operational impact: inbound aircraft changed runway for landing and outbound aircraft used other runway due possibility of FOD.
Update TSB A13W0049: An Excel Flight Training Inc. Piper PA28-140 (C-FFIO) was landing on Runway 23 at the Lethbridge, AB airport. Upon touchdown, the aircraft entered into a porpoising condition. After taxiing clear of the runway, it was determined that the aircraft had sustained damage to the nose gear and propeller.

February 23, 2013


UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: Pilot error on re-securing the cowl after the walk-around inspection.
An Excel Flight Training Piper PA28 (C-GQGF) on a VFR local flight from Lethbridge (CYQL) aborted takeoff runway 23 due to cowling coming loose.

February 22, 2013

Incident at WINNIPEG / ST. ANDREWS MB (CYAV) (Overshoot/missed approach, Incursion - runway - aircraft, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

A privately registered Vans RV4 on a VFR flight from St Andrews (CYAV) to Selkirk (CKL2) was observed taxing to position and taking off runway 18 without contact or authorization from Tower. A Winnipeg Aviation Piper PA28 (C-GQPR) on a VFR local flight from St Andrews (CYAV) with a touch and go clearance was instructed to pull up - go around and to turn right cross wind to avoid conflicting with the Vans RV4.

February 18, 2013


While conducting continuous circuits in Lethbridge (CYQL) on runway 12, the pilot of an Excel Flight Training Piper PA28 (C-GDTK) on a VFR flight was unable to locate the final approach leg and the runway threshold. VDF assistance was provided. Aircraft landed safely. Operational impact - one aircraft extended their departure leg.

February 14, 2013

Incident at LETHBRIDGE AB (CYQL) (Conflict - IFR & VFR)

An Air Georgian Beech 1900 (C-GORF/ operating as GGN7223) on a IFR flight from Calgary (CYYC) to Lethbridge (CYQL) was inbound from CYYC and was provided with an advisory, indicating the active runway was 30 with an Excel Flight Training Piper PA28 (C-GQGC) on a VFR flight in left hand circuits from Lethbridge (CYQL). GGN7223 indicated planning runway 05. Upon becoming visual northwest of the airport, GGN7223 asked if C-GQGC could do a right hand circuit. GQGC complied with the request.

January 16, 2013

Incident at Vicinity of RED DEER REGIONAL AIRPORT (CYQF)

A privately registered Piper PA28 140 on a VFR flight reported people were shining lights at aircraft over the town of Sylvan Lake.

January 14, 2013

Incident at WINNIPEG / ST. ANDREWS MB (CYAV) (Navigation error, Conflict - loss of separation)

A Winnipeg Aviation Piper PA28 140 (C-GQPN) on a VFR flight left downwind runway 36 conflicted with a Harv's Air Service Cessna 152 (C-GGGP) on a VFR flight on left base runway 36.
UPDATE AOR 156561-V1: C-GGGP on wide left base sequenced number one for runway 36 with C-GQPN on left downwind for runway 36. C-GQPN was not given traffic information to follow C-GGGP. C-GGGP sighted C-GQPN and positioned to pass behind as Tower was passing traffic information to C-GGGP. No other aircraft involved.

January 7, 2013

Incident at WINKLER MB (CKZ7)

A Harv's Air Service Piper PA28 (C-FEIN) on a VFR flight arrived at CKZ7 from KMOT without a transborder flight plan. KPNM FSS was contacted and although a flight plan had been filed, it had not been opened by the pilot.

March 28, 2013


The controller initiated a missed approach of N8537W, Piper PA28 235, enroute from Bangor (KBGR) to Halifax (CYHZ), on the short final due to insufficient spacing with SPR01 departing from Runway 05.

January 13, 2013

Incident at EDMUNDSTON NB (CYES) (Other operational incident)

The pilot of C-GDYB, Piper PA28, reported on Quebec Radio that he had heard the pilot of an unknown aircraft using the term "engine failure" on the 126.7 frequency. No distress call containing the words "Mayday" or "Pan Pan" was heard. No ELT signal was heard. The Trenton Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) was advised.

July 27, 2012

Incident at Coordonnées N453100/W0732815 (région de Longueuil)

The pilots of a Cessna 150 and a privately owned Piper PA28, as well as the pilot of C-GZBF, a Cessna 172 operated by Cargair, reported having been targeted by a laser while conducting circuits near the Jacques-Cartier bridge.

Incident at Coordonnées N453100/W0732815 (région de Longueuil)

The pilots of a Cessna 150 and a privately owned Piper PA28, as well as the pilot of C-GZBF, a Cessna 172 operated by Cargair, reported having been targeted by a laser while conducting circuits near the Jacques-Cartier bridge.

November 23, 2012

Incident at 17NM à l'est de Québec/Jean-Lesage (CYQB)

C-GCIS, a Sasair Piper PA-28, was VFR from Quebec City/Jean-Lesage (CYQB) to Montmagny (CSE5). At 1930Z, the pilot reported mechanical problems and asked to return to the airport. No emergency was declared and the aircraft touched down without incident at 0322Z. No impact on ATC operations.

November 14, 2012


An emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was heard in the Drummondville (CSC3) area from 2300Z to 0011Z. The source of the signal was found to be a privately owned Piper PA-28 which was parked in a hangar.

October 13, 2012

Incident at BROMONT QC (CZBM)

The operator of the Bromont Airport (CZBM) informed the Québec flight information centre (FIC) that an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal had been heard on the ground since 1425Z. The Trenton rescue coordination centre (TR RCC) was notified. The source of the signal was found to be a Piper PA-28, privately owned in the United States, that was parked at Bromont. The ELT signal stopped at 1825Z.

October 6, 2012

Incident at LACHUTE QC (CSE4)

The emergency locator transmitter (ELT) on a privately owned Piper PA-28 was set off accidentally at Lachute (CSE4). The ELT was deactivated at 1843Z. The Trenton rescue coordination centre (TR RCC) was notified.

October 3, 2012


C-GBQQ, a privately owned Piper PA28 operated by Kalusair inc., was on a VFR flight from Bromont (CZBM) to Baie-Comeau (CYBC). At 1502Z, the crew lost radio contact and was unable to transmit communications (receiver only [RONLY]). The crew returned to land at CZBM at about 1600Z. There was no impact on ATC operations.