March 26, 1998

Incident at SAULT STE. MARIE ON (CYAM) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

The aircraft (operating as ONT289) was on an IFR flight from Toronto (LBPIA) (CYYZ) to Sault Ste. Marie Airport (CYAM). Heavy fog was in the area at the time. The flight crew were issued instructions to report the DURLV fix on final for the ILS approach to runway 12. The aircraft was next seen exiting runway 12 at ""BRAVO"" taxiway. Further investigation is proceeding. Weather at the time (1934Z) was: winds 090 at 8 knots; visibility 1/4 statute mile in fog; vertical visibility 200 feet; temperature 5, dew point 5; altimeter setting 29.46. O.P.I.: PAP

September 26, 1995


Crew reported bird strike while landing on runway 29. No birds found. Crew advised. Ops impact - unknown.

September 24, 1995

Incident at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

On landing runway 29, pilot reported bird strike. On inspection of runway, the remains of 12+ small birds were found. Ops. Impact -- none.

September 20, 1995

Incident at near Sault Ste. Marie Airport (CYAM) (Other operational incident, Controlled airspace - unauthorized entry, Conflict - potential, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, Communication error, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

ONT289 was on final approach for Sault Ste. Marie Airport (CYAM) runway 29 at 6-7 miles when the flight crew reported a Cessna 180 or 185 aircraft on floats crossing in front of them (southbound) at a distance of about one-half (½) of a mile at 2,000 feet. The Tower Controller was not in contact with the operator of the float-equipped aircraft. Ops. impact -- unknown.

May 19, 1995

Incident at 50 NM northwest of Toronto (Conflict - loss of separation)

ONT289 was climbing to FL200, en-route to Sault Ste. Marie Airport (CYAM). ACA109 was climbing to FL350. The aircraft appeared to have gotten closer than the required separation. Ops. impact -- none.

May 1, 1995

Incident at near Sault Ste. Marie (Other operational incident, Conflict - potential)

The Air Ontario Inc. aircraft (operating as ONT289) was on approach to Sault Ste. Marie Airport (CYAM) runway 29. N5774J departed off Sault Ste. Marie (Sanderson Field), MI (U.S.A.) (KY62), heading southbound. The pilot of N5774J had ONT289 in sight. The flight crew of ONT289 advised the Tower Controller after landing that they had climbed. Ops. impact -- unknown.

April 29, 1995

Incident at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

ONT289 reported a near miss at the VOR area (2 miles nw of VOR). C-FWHQ in the area but had just reported on the 090R for the VOR after ONT289 had gone by - NORDO aircraft observed going southbound. Ops. Impact -- unknown.

May 29, 1994

Incident at 40 NW Toronto (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATS operating irregularity)

ACA191 (DC-9) was not handed off to the Wiarton Sector and conflicted with ONT289 (DHC8) 40 NM NW of Toronto. The aircraft were at the same altitude (19,600' ASL) with three miles lateral separation, where 10 miles lateral separation is required. Ops. Impact -- none.

May 17, 1994

Incident at Vicinity of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Unidentified aircraft transitted zone from Sault Ste. Marie Municipal (Michigan) southbound through ONT289's flight path. No contact. Ops. Impact -- None noted.