April 11, 2003

Incident at 10 minutes East of 52N/50W

NWA63 DC10 enroute Schiphol(EHAM)to Newark Intl. Airp. declared a medical emergency 10 minutes east of 52N/50W and was cleared direct to Gander. Aircraft landed in Gander at 1504Z. Nil TSB

April 9, 2003

Incident at Gander Oceanic - 58N 30W

TSB - A03A0042 - Case closed
A Northwest Airlines DC10 Flt 63 was en route from Amsterdam to Newark at position 58N 30W at 1222Z and at Flight Level 330. At 1237Z the aircraft advised of a medical emergency and requested a clearance to Keflavik. Gander was unable to issue a clearance due to other traffic. At 1237Z the aircraft reported that it was offsetting and executing an emergency decent to Flight level 290. Gander ATC then issued a clearance direct to Keflavik at Flight level 290. The aircraft exited Gander airspace at 1306Z without further incident.