August 27, 2003

Incident at Gander Oceanic

UAL925 a United Airlines Boeing 777 was en-route from Heathrow to Washington Dulles at Position 56N 37W at 1828Z and at Flight Level 390 the aircraft declared an emergency due to a generator failure and requested a diversion to BIKF (Keflavik). The B777 later cancelled the emergency at 1908Z. No further assistance was required.
TSB Update - 2003-08-28 - A03A0102: N789UA, a Boeing 777-200 aircraft, was in cruise flight at FL390 en route from London to Washington and was at position 56N/37W when the crew declared an emergency due to a generator failure. The crew requested and received clearance from their present position direct to Keflavik, Iceland. The crew cancelled the emergency at 1908 UTC and the aircraft continue to Keflavik and landed without further incident.