July 31, 1994

Incident at 75 N Langruth, MAN (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

The U.S. registered Beech 35 Bonanza aircraft was on an Instrument Flight Rules flight plan from The Pas, Manitoba, direct the Langruth VOR direct Grand Forks, North Dakota at 7000 feet. The last acknowledged communication with the aircraft was to contact Winnipeg Area Control Centre between 75-100 miles north of Langruth. At about 75 miles north of Langruth, the aircraft disappeared from radar. The aircraft failed to make its position report 30 miles north of Langruth, and a communication search failed to raise the aircraft. An intermittent primary target was observed, whose route and position was consistent with N311JW. The aircraft was found to have landed at Grand Forks without further incident at 0100Z.