December 11, 2013

Incident at GOOSE BAY NL (CYYR)

Aviation Incident Report#13325: The flight crew of a US Airways Airbus A330 202 (AWE735 / N280AY) reported a medical emergency on board enroute from Manchester (EGCC) to Philadelphia, USA (KPHL). The aircraft diverted to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR). The flight continued to destination after the passenger was transported to the local hospital.

Incident at 60N 5520W

A US Airways Airbus A330-243 (N280AY/ AWE735) from Manchester (EGCC) to Philadelphia, PA (KPHL) declared a medical emergency with Gander High Domestic at 1535Z in the vicinity of 60N 5520W and diverted to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR). The Pilot requested medical assistance and the aircraft arrived at 1647Z without incident.