October 15, 2001


At 22:50Z a communications search was initiated for N108WV, an aircraft enroute from Prince George, BC to High prairie, AB. The aircraft was on an IFR flight plan and should have landed at 21:50Z. After the preliminary calls had been made the RCMP in High Prairie were sent out to do a field check. The RCMP did not call the ACC back with an answer so the ATOS supervisor called them and he was informed that one of their constables had checked and the aircraft was not there. After another hour of searching RCC called the RCMP and requested another search because the pilot of an aircraft that left High Prairie just after the overdue arrived confirmed seeing the aircraft on the ground. At 01:45Z it was confirmed that the first RCMP check had not been thorough enough and the second search found the aircraft safe on the ground. The search was then cancelled.