September 15, 2019


Multiple aircraft, including an Egyptair Boeing 777-300 (SUGDR/MSR985) on a flight from Cairo, Egypt (HECA) to New York/John F. Kennedy, NY (KJFK) were filed through the active CYD areas south of Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ). This impacted controller workload by necessitating multiple reroutes.

June 9, 2015

Incident at TALGO INTERSECTION/ Oceanic waypoint

An Egyptair Boeing 777 300 (MSR985) from Cairo, Egypt (HECA) to New York, NY (KJFK) was observed not proceeding as per flight plan. Controller queried crew who reported a different routing than that on file at the sector/ Area Control Centre (ACC). New routing issued to aircraft. No impact. Eurocontrol had same routing as ACC, issue is being followed up by Company.

August 18, 2014

Incident at In the vicinity of: JOOPY intersection

An Egyptair Boeing 777 300 (SUGDN/ MSR985) from Cairo (HECA) to New York, NY (KJFK), approaching JOOPY, flight was cleared direct EBONY as this was in the flight plan route. Flight questioned clearance and indicated that the flight plan route was JOOPY TUSKY. No change to the flight plan had been received. Aircraft was cleared as per requested route.

November 8, 2012

Incident at JEBBY Intersection

MSR985, Boeing 777-200, enroute from Cairo (HECA) to New York (KJFK), reported on frequency from New York, approximately 20 miles left of course (JEBBY - CARAC). The deviation from course had not been approved by New York or Moncton. Approximately five minutes after communication contact and radar identification, the aircraft climbed to 35,300 feet. The clearance to climb had not been issued by New York or Moncton. The controller queried the aircraft and cleared the flight to 35,000 feet.

June 4, 2012

Incident at 40 Miles Northeast of Ïles-de-la-Madeleine (CYGR)

MSR985, Boeing 777, enroute from Cairo (HECA) to New York (KJFK) descended from 32,000 feet to avoid turbulence but encountered severe turbulence at 25,000 feet. The aircraft climbed back to 30,000 feet. No other information was reported by the pilot. The Flight Information Centre (FIC) was advised.

August 28, 2006

Incident at 65NM East of Goose Bay

MSR985 B772 enroute Westbound Cairo (HECA) to New-York (KJFK) at position 65NM East of Goose Bay (CYYR), declared emergency due to smoke in cockpit and requested clearance to land CYYR. Aircraft cleared direct and landed safely at 1728 UTC. TSB Case Closed TSB Update A06A0087: The Egypt Air Boeing 777, registration SU-GBX, operating as MSR985, was in cruise flight 65nm east of Goose Bay, NL when the crew detected a smell of smoke. The crew declared an emergency and requested clearance to land at Goose Bay airport. The aircraft was cleared direct and landed safely at 1528 ADT. Maintenance boarded the aircraft and found that a solenoid in the cockpit door security lock circuit had shorted internally. The solenoid was still warm to touch upon inspection, however, the circuit breaker had tripped and removed power

January 24, 2004

Incident at Near 58N 27W

An Egypt Air B777-200 from Cairo to John F Kennedy Intl. reported a Medical Emergency due to a male passenger in respiratory distress. The aircraft requested to divert to Gander. The clearance was issued as requested. The Passenger subsequently stabilized and the aircraft continued on to Kennedy.