February 20, 2012

Incident at TUSKY Waypoint (ATM - other)

KLM 642, a Boeing 777-200 enroute from New York (KJFK) to Amsterdam (EHAM) was flying the BRADD / COLOR routing, the flight plan was TUSKY / YYT routing.. A review by Boston Center revealed no changes were issued to KLM642. The pilot stated that they filed a new flight plan before departure with the BRADD / COLOR routing. There was no alternate flight plan located in the system. There were no other aircraft in the area and no impact on operations.

July 2, 2010

Incident at 30 Miles Northeast of Charlottetown (CYYG)

KLM642, Boeing 777-200, enroute from New York (KJFK) to Amsterdam (EHAM), requested clearance to descend and return to New York due to an oil pressure problem. The flight was cleared as requested. The aircraft exited Canadian airspace at 01:11 with no assistance required. There was minimal impact on operations.

February 20, 2009


KLM642, Boeing 747-400, enroute from New York (KJFK) to Amsterdam (EHAM), diverted to Halifax (CYHZ) due to a medical emergency. The aircraft conducted fuel-dumping procedures. The flight landed without incident at 01:43Z. Nil TSB.

December 3, 2003

Incident at Gander Oceanic 51N 50W (ATM - other)

An MD11 KLM642 Kennedy to Schiphol reported 51N 50W at 0212Z, at Flight Level350, estimating 54N 40W 0253Z. At 0219Z the MD11 requested FL330 and Mach .84 due low fuel temperature, ATC was unable descent due to other traffic but re-cleared Mach .84. ATC also advised no traffic at FL310. At 0250Z KLM642 advised PAN PAN proceeding 30 miles north of track and descending to FL310. At FL310 ATC re-cleared KLM642 back on course.
TSB Update - A03A0129: The Royal Dutch Airlines MD11, operating as KLM642, was in cruise flight at FL350. At 0212 UTC the crew reported 51N 50W estimating 54N 40W at 0253. At 0219 UTC the crew requested descent to FL330 and to reduce speed to Mach .84 due to low fuel temperature. Gander ACC granted the reduced speed clearance but was unable to issue a descent due to other traffic at FL330, however, the crew were advised there was no traffic at FL310. The crew declared Pan-Pan at 0250 and advised they were proceeding 30 miles north of track and descending to FL310. Once established at FL310 Gander ACC re-cleared KLM642 on course.

April 13, 2003

Incident at Gander Domestic FIR just east of CYAY

KLM642 B747-400 enroute New-York to Schiphol reported shutting down #4 engine due to oil loss approx. 6 minutes East of St. Anthony. No assistance required and flight continued to destination. TSB case closed

March 8, 1997

Incident at 51N 40 W

The Delta Airlines L-1011, Dal 124 was on a flight from Atlanta to Bruxelles on Track "V" at FL 350. Approaching 40W, the crew declared PAN PAN . They lost #2 engine and they proceeded 30 miles off track and descended to FL 320. When they arrived at FL 320 they announced that they were not declaring an emergency and that they had restarted the engine. They then requested clearance back to track "V" at FL 350. ATC was unable due to traffic such as BAW 184 at FL 330 track "V", BAW 196 FL310 track "V", UAL942 at FL330 on track "V", KLM642 FL310 on track "U" and NWA52 on track "U". DAL 124 was cleared to destination at FL 270.