November 19, 1996

Incident at Brandon, Manitoba

KFA8069 a CV580, which was enroute Regina from Winnipeg on a routine courier flight, advised Winnipeg ACC that due to smoke in the cockpit, they were requesting a descent and diverting to Brandon. The aircraft was landed safely at 1255Z. The pilots evacuated the aircraft after landing. Update to follow. UPDATE: Company maintenance personnel found that the cockpit located autopilot amplifier had suffered an internal failure and was severely heat damaged.

October 30, 1996

Incident at Regina, Saskatchewan

The crew of KFA8069, a Convair 580, was on a short final for runway 31 at Regina when the Regina Control Tower were advised that the aircraft did not have a nose gear down indication. A low approach for a visual check by Tower personnel was conducted. The crew were advised that the gear appeared normal. ERS were called out and in position when the aircraft was landed without further incident.