October 22, 1996

Incident at Winnipeg, Manitoba

The pilot of KEE200 a PA-31 advised Winnipeg Tower that the aircraft was experiencing an instrumentation problem. The aircraft was IFR enroute to Oxford House. The pilot advised Winnipeg that he was returning, where a safe landing was accomplished on runway 13 at 1348Z.

August 6, 1996

Incident at Sabourin Lake, Ontario

The pilot of C-FSJX, a DHC2, VFR from Winnipeg to Sabourin Lake, relayed via Keystone Air Services Ltd. (KEE200) that his aircraft was losing oil and the engine was smoking. C-FSJX advised they were intending to land on the north end of Sabourin Lake. At 1400Z, C-FSJX relayed via Perimeter Aviation Ltd. (PAG207) they were down safely on Sabourin Lake. The aircraft had reportedly blown a cylinder causing the oil to spray over the windshield and hot exhaust.