January 3, 1999

Incident at Northwest of Saint John NB

ICN2205 ATR43 enroute Halifax to Montreal FL180. ICN2243 ATR43 enroute Saint John to Montreal FL160 requesting FL180. At time of occurrence, both aircraft were proceeding direct Millinocket (MLT) ICN2243 ahead of ICN2205 by aprx 7.5 miles, 20 knots faster was given clearance to climb with a speed requirement. ICN2243 then turned northerly towards Houlton then gradually turned back towards Millinocket When ICN2243 reported at FL180 the speed restriction was restated. At the time of handoff to Boston ATC, ICN2243 had continued the turn and was tracking westerly 255-270 degrees and the spacing between ICN2243 and ICN2205 was decreasing. The Controller issued a descent instruction to FL160 to ICN2243 three (3) times before the aircraft left FL180. A turn of 30 degrees right was issued to ICN2205. Aircraft were aprx 5 miles apart. TSB case closed. Update: The separation between the two aircraft deteriorated to 4.7 miles horizontal where 5 miles horizontal or 1000 feet vertical is required. Separation was restored when ICN2243 descended to 16,000 feet and ICN2205 was instructed to turn 30 degrees right. The operator will have further information for TSB.

December 25, 1998

Incident at Au-dessus de Bromont

While over Bromont Airport on an IFR flight from Dorval (CYUL) to Fredericton (CYFC), the crew of ICN2243 declared generator trouble. The pilot requrested to be re-routed to CYUL. The aircraft touched down without incident on Runway 24L at CYUL at 1558Z. UPDATE: The TSB investigation found that the ATR42 was en route to Fredericton when the crew noticed a loss of electric power on the left side. The crew requested to be rerouted to Dorval. The aircraft landed without incident. Maintenance found a cut wire in the generator on the left side. The aircraft was returned to service. Alors qu'il était au-dessus de l'aéroport de Bromont sur un vol IFR en provenance de Dorval (CYUL) vers Frédéricton (CYFC), l'équipage de ICN2243 a déclaré avoir un problème de génératrice. Le pilote a demandé d'être réacheminé vers CYUL. L'appareil s'est posé sans encombre sur la piste 24L à CYUL à 1558Z. MISE À JOUR: L'enquête du BST a révélé que le ATR42 était en route vers Fredericton, lorsque l'équipage a remarqué une perte électrique du c,té gauche. L'équipage a demandé d'être réacheminé vers Dorval. L'appareil s'est posé sans problème. L'équipe d'entretien a découvert un fil sectionné au générateur, c,té gauche. L'avion a été remis en service.

December 11, 1998

Incident at Fredericton NB

ICN2243 ATR42 departing Fredericton was cleared to 5000 feet but was observed climbing through 5500 feet. Aircraft was vectored around traffic and separation was maintained. The pilot stated that he thought he was cleared to 7000 feet but a review of the audio tape did not support this statement. Nil TSB