October 12, 1999

Incident at Greenwood

ACA142 B767 inbound Halifax from Toronto at 33,000 feet was clear to 29,000 feet. Controller acknowledge and cleared him to 10,000 feet. ICN2210 F28 reported at 25,000 feet about 30 nautical miles north of ACA 142, converging into Halifax. The ACA had descended to 25,800 feet and advised he had a TCAS and was leveling at 26,000feet. ICN also reported a TCAS and was leveling at 26,000 feet. The controller than turned the ACA142 20 degrees to the left and once he had required radar spacing descended both aircraft into Halifax. TSB Evaluating Update : TSB Case Closed. Update : NAV CANADA conducted an over-the-shoulder ( OTS ) proficiency check on the controller before returning him to duty. Correction: ICN2210 was level at 25,000 feet during the incident and was not leveling off at 25,000 feet.

February 8, 1999

Accident at ST. JOHN'S INTL NL (CYYT)

Aircraft was executing a localizer approach runway 16 at St. John's Airport (Rwy 16 NOTAM advising of displaced threshold-ASDA 5530 ft. LDA 5530 ft). Aircraft landed runway 16 close to displaced threshold touchdown area according to observation from tower. Aircraft was then observed swerving while proceeding down the runway. Runway was reported as wet. Crash alarm was activated by ATC when ICN2210 was approx. 500' to 1000' from end of runway and it became evident aircraft was going to overshoot landing area. Aircraft stopped at approx. 200' beyond the runway. ERS were on site for evacuation of passengers. Passengers were transported by bus to the terminal building. One female passenger was reported injured during evacuation and transported to hospital. Runway 16 closed. Impact on operations: five aircraft diverted to alternate airports. Clearance monitoring antenna localizer Rwy 16 damaged but not considered major. Some visible damage to aircraft - extent unknown. Update: TSB investigation continues. TSB file #A99A0100 assigned.

March 6, 1999

Incident at Halifax Intl

ICN2210 F28 landed Halifax Runway 15 and asked if he should exit on the runway or continue. Pilot was instructed to exit "B" and contact ground frequency. ACA142 B767 was on a CAT 2 approach runway 24 10 NM final. ICN2210 was not visible aprx 1 minute later and was asked what his position was. ICN2210 advised he was passing "E" (on runway 24). Pilot was told to exit at "D" and get off the runway. ACA142 was now inside the "J NDB" and was told that the approach was now compromised. ICN2210 reported off runway 24. ACA142 said he would continue the approach. ACA142 was cleared to land and landed without further incident 0027z. Nil TSB