July 28, 2015


At EVABU, An Air Greenland Boeing 737 700 (OYJTU/ GRL786) from Narsarsuaq, Greenland (BGBW) to Copenhagen, Denmark (EKCH) reported that their next point would be 63N40W when their oceanic clearance was 64N40W. The flight was queried and confirmed the incorrect point. Gander Oceanic then re-cleared the flight to the correct fix of 64N40W.

March 23, 2005

Incident at Narsarsuaq (Conflict - potential)

DCFAX LJ35 was enroute Narsarsuaq (BGBW) to Keflavik (BIKF) and GRL786 B757-200 was enroute Narsarsuaq to Kobenhavn (EKCH). Both aircraft received ATC clearance with restrictions to enter controlled airspace vertically separated in accordance with the normal operating practices. Due to a change in the order of departure both clearances were amended to provide service based on 'first come first served' practices. Apparent delays in the delivery of the amended clearances within the BGSF FIC compromise safety. No loss of separation occurred. Final clarification on the situation depends on information from Denmark Investigation Authorities. Nil TSB

June 21, 2003

Incident at 40W Gander Oceanic

A Boeing 757 GRL786 enroute from Narsarsuaq to Kastrup was approaching 40W at Flight Level 220 and advised Gander of medical emergency. A passenger with heart problems, a nurse was attending, and requested to divert to Keflavik and requested higher up to F370. ATC unable to issue clearance for higher due traffic at F230. GRL786 continued to Kellavik at F220 and arrived at 1631Z.