December 10, 1999

Incident at near Lake Simcoe

The aircraft was on a scheduled IFR flight from Barrie-Orillia (Lake Simcoe Regional Airport) to North Bay. The flight crew was issued a clearance from Lake Simcoe Regional Airport to North Bay via the Midland VOR (YEE) and V332 airway direct to North Bay (YYB). The flight crew read back direct North Bay. The controller corrected the routing to direct YEE V332 YYB and the flight crew read it back correctly. The aircraft was then observed on radar 10 miles east of YEE proceeding direct YYB. This routing placed the aircraft on the boundary of another sector. Discussions with the pilot revealed the aircraft had in fact proceeded direct to North Bay despite the clearance. Ops. impact -- unknown. Two (2) S.O.B. -- both crew. O.P.I.: PAP

July 21, 1999

Incident at NORTH BAY ON (CYYB)

The aircraft arrived on an IFR flight from Barrie-Orillia (Lake Simcoe Regional) Airport. During the landing on runway 36, the pilot noted that the aircraft experienced a sever shimmy after touchdown. The pilot shut down the aircraft at the north end of the runway to investigate. The pilot advised that the problem appeared to be due to a damper hydraulic leak on the nose landing gear. Runway 18/36 was closed for approximately 10 minutes while the aircraft taxied to the apron. Ops. impact -- none. Two (2) S.O.B. -- both crew. The aircraft departed for Sudbury at 1251Z. O.P.I.: PAH

August 27, 1998

Incident at SUDBURY ON (CYSB) (ATS operating irregularity)

GGN926 CESSNA 208 GEORGIAN AIRWAYS VFR from North Bay to Sudbury C-GTEL (VFR from Timmins to Sudbury) was on a right base to runway 30 when it came in close proximity to GGN926, which was conducting a straight-in approach. Ops. impact -- unknown. S.O.B. -- not reported. Note: this report was received on 98/09/11. O.P.I.: PAS

November 25, 1997

Accident at NORTH BAY ON (CYYB)

The aircraft (C-FESA, operating as GGN926) departed North Bay Airport (CYYB) on an IFR flight to Sudbury Airport (CYSB). The aircraft encountered icing conditions and elected to return to North Bay. The first approach attempt was unsuccessful, so the aircraft then attempted an ILS approach to runway 08. The aircraft crashed on the airport, 1,200-1,500 feet east of runway 18/36. Two (2) S.O.B. -- both seriously injured. Ops. impact -- Runway 08/26 has been NOTAM'ed closed until 2000Z. O.P.I. -- PAX Supplemental information from T.S.B. Initial Notification (#A97O0247): The Cessna 208B Caravan departed North Bay Airport and then requested to return to North Bay. The aircraft conducted a missed approach on runway 18 and then was cleared for another approach for runway 08. The aircraft was substantially damaged when it struck the runway.

March 4, 1997

Accident at CNB9

Aircraft IFR Hamilton to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. The flight had been cleared for an IFR approach by the Simcoe controller and changed to the UNICOM frequency. The estimated down-time, including an allowance of 10 minutes for the approach procedures, was 1310Z. When nothing had been heard by 1320Z, the controller asked an overflying aircraft to contact the Simcoe UNICOM in an attempt to get a down-time for GGN926. The person responding to the overflight indicated that the airport was closed because there had been a crash. Toronto ACC received two calls also advising of the crash - one from the Ontario Provincial Police indicating they were on the scene but other services may have trouble getting there due to freezing rain. A witness indicated that as the flight approached the runway, a wing dipped and caught the ground and then the nose struck. There is no specific weather report available for the airport. A pilot report at 1340Z, distributed by Kingston FSS, indicated severe clear icing in the Simcoe area between 8,500' and 9,500'. The pilot, the sole occupant, was fatally injured. Extent of damage unknown.

January 16, 1997

Incident at Sudbury, Ontario

Aircraft departed and returned to Sudbury when the gear wouldn't retract. Ops. Impact -- priority given to C-GMTI; GGN926 on IFR approach was overshot.

October 4, 1996

Incident at SUDBURY ON (CYSB) (Conflict - potential)

GGN926 (Georgian Airways C208) was four miles final for runway 30. The pilot reported passing a helicopter by about 200 yards. The helicopter was C-GHNM who had strayed into the runway 30 approach from the work area. Ops. impact -- none.

March 5, 1996

Incident at Hamilton, Ontario

GGN926, IFR CYHM-CNB9, departing runway 06 was cleared for a Hamilton Five SID (climb on runway heading to 3000' ASL). GGN926 departed runway 06 and at 1300' ASL, turned left to a heading of 260 degrees and climbed to 3000' ASL. Ops. Impact -- one IFR departure was delayed three minutes. It appears that GGN926 used the procedures for the Hamilton Five SID that apply to a departure from runway 30.