October 27, 2011

Incident at TORONTO / LESTER B. PEARSON INTL ON (CYYZ) (Overshoot/missed approach, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATM - other)

The Jazz Air Limited Partnership Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (RJ100) Regional Jet aircraft (operating as Air Canada Express flight JZA7996) was concluding a scheduled IFR flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, TX (U.S.A.) (KDFW) to Toronto (LBPIA) (CYYZ). The Air Georgian Limited Beech 1900D aircraft (operating as Air Canada Express flight GGN7462) was departing on a scheduled IFR flight from Toronto (LBPIA) (CYYZ) to Portland International Jetport, ME (U.S.A.) (KPWM). NAV CANADA staff at Toronto Tower advised that the JZA7996 flight crew was instructed to fly their aircraft in an overshoot of their approach to runway 06L due to GGN7482 (sic) still on the departure roll. Ops. impact -- none.

October 20, 2011

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

GGN7482, Beech 1900D, departed from Runway 14 in Saint John (CYSJ) at 09:36Z. Shortly after takeoff the flight reported losing a windshield wiper. The runway was checked and the wiper was found.

July 31, 2011


Upon landing JZA879, RJ100, enroute from Deer Lake (CYDF) to Halifax (CYHZ), reported a possible bird strike. GGN7482, on final approach, opted to circle for Runway 32. JZA803 also opted to land on Runway 32 as there would be a delay for the runway inspection. The Airport Duty Manager reported that no remains were found during the runway inspection.

February 17, 2011

Incident at HALIFAX / STANFIELD INTL NS (CYHZ) (Conflict - loss of separation, ATS operating irregularity)

GGN7482, Beech 1900D, enroute from Saint John (CYSJ) to Halifax (CYHZ), was being vectored for a visual approach to Runway 23. ACA649, Embraer E190, enroute from St. John?s (CCYT) to Halifax was long final for Runway 23. GGN7488 was cleared for the visual approach for Runway 23 but turned downwind without advising Air Traffic Control (ATC). The controller vectored ACA649 north but did not maintain minimum separation. ACA649 then conflicted with another Beech 1900D, GGN7466, enroute from Moncton (CYQM) to Halifax. Both aircraft were vectored but did not maintain minimum separation.

May 24, 2010


GGN7482, Beech 1900D, enroute from Saint John (CYSJ) to Halifax (CYHZ), reported a pressurization problem. The aircraft descended from 13,000 ft. to 7,000 ft. No emergency was declared and no assistance was required. There was no impact on operations.
UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: During the flight the left hand environmental system became inoperative. The aircraft descended to reduce the load on remaining operative system. The aircraft was inspected and the Bleed Air Management Printed Circuit Board was replaced.

May 23, 2008


UPDATE Maintenance & Manufacturing: The wiper blade was replaced and the windshield was checked serviceable.
After GGN7482, Beech 1900D, enroute from Saint John (CYSJ) to Halifax (CYHZ), landed on Runway 23, the flight crew reported losing a windshield wiper at one mile final. The runway was inspected at 10:23Z and a wiper was found at the intersection of the runways.

February 7, 2007


GGN7482, Beech 1900, enroute from Halifax (CYHZ) to Charlottetown (CYYG), overshot Runway 21 due to an oral gear warning. The pilot also advised he had a normal "green" indication on the gear. The pilot requested that FSS look at gear, which appeared to be down. The pilot cancelled IFR and landed on Runway 21 at 20:13Z. Nil TSB.

July 23, 2005


The Air Georgian Beech 1900 (GGN7482) was enroute from Halifax to Sydney. The aircraft did slow speed, rejected takeoff on Runway 23 due ""door indication."" The aircraft exited in taxi D and departed at 1407Z. Nil TSB

April 6, 2004

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

The Air Georgian Beech 1900 enroute Saint John to Halifax struck 3 snow buntings on departure from runway 23.

December 19, 2003


A Be1900 GGN7482 en-route from Fredericton to Halifax advised the Halifax tower at a position 6 miles North of Halifax of a medical emergency on board. The aircraft requested assistance and the AFF and the Airport Duty Manager were advised. The AFF met the aircraft at the gate. There was no impact on operations.

November 24, 2003


GGN7482 a Beech1900 which was flight planned from Saint John via V310 to the Fredericton VOR departed at Saint John at 1057Z. The aircraft was cleared off Runway 32 & proceeded north bound as if proceeding direct the YFC VOR instead of on the airway. The aircraft was then given a heading to intercept V310 but ended up going through the airway and eventually cleared direct FRENN. The 1100Z weather for Fredericton was winds calm visibility 15 ceiling 1100 overcast. GGN7482 was cleared to CYFC airport for the straight in VOR Runway 27 approach and switched to the Fredericton FSS. A few minutes later the FSS called the sector and advised that GGN7482 was unable to continue with the VOR 27 approach. The aircraft was then cleared for an ILS15 approach. The aircraft was later observed proceeding West-Bound west of the Fredericton airport at 3,000' in intermittent radar coverage. GGN7482 then came over to 124.3 requesting vectors. The controller advised unable vectors because of radar coverage west of the Fredericton airport and was cleared direct the FC NDB. The intermittent target appeared to be still preceding West-Bound 25 west of Fredericton airport still at 3,000'. It soon became apparent the flight needed assistance and was given a Clearance to climb and vectored for an ILS15. GGN7284 landed in Fredericton at 1136Z for a total flight time of 39 minutes. The pilot informed Moncton Low Supervisor he believes he had a problem with his VOR. He apologized for the confusion but offered little explanation as to why he did not proceed for the ILS 15 when cleared through FC FSS or why he proceeded so far west after breaking off the approach to Runway 27. No other aircraft were involved and separation was not compromised.