January 12, 2000

Incident at Moncton NB

GGN2722 BE1900 landing Moncton overshot the runway at 0156z due unsafe Gear Indication. Flight cancelled IFR and proceeded North of filed to check on problem. Aircraft landed safely 0212z. NIL TSB

September 1, 1999

Incident at KINGSTON ON (CYGK) (Aerodrome - operations, ATM - other)

A hydro failure occurred at the Kingston Airport on September 1, 1999 at 2202 local time (0202Z on September 2, 1999). The emergency generator at Kingston F.S.S. did not come on, resulting in a complete power outage at the F.S.S. Ops. impact -- the last scheduled flight to arrive for the day (GGN2722 with an ETA of 0320Z) was cancelled due to the lack of runway lights. The Kingston F.S.S. EPU was manually started at 0325Z by the service contractor. Regular hydro was returned during the night. O.P.I.: PAD