September 23, 2019


A loud and clear emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was heard for 5 seconds in the Chibougamau/Chapis, QC (CYMT) region at FL330. Source unknown. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Trenton was notified.

May 18, 2019

Incident at CYMT 190 / 48 (ATS operating irregularity)

An Air Canada Boeing 787-8 (ACA011) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Shanghai, China (ZSPD) was instructed to descend from FL330 to FL320 without respecting the separation with a Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300 (DAL137), which was at FL320.

April 23, 2019

Incident at In the vicinity of: QUÉBEC / JEAN LESAGE INTL QC (CYQB)

A Boeing 777-333ER (C-FIVW/ACA870) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Paris, France (LFPG) received and read back clearance to FL330 and direct NEEKO. At 0144Z, air traffic services (ATS) noticed that ACA870 was not heading to NEEKO. ACA870 flew direct ANCER instead of NEEKO. No loss of separation and no impact on operations.

August 24, 2019

Incident at 4402N / 07911W (ELT)

A Sky Regional Airlines Embraer ERJ 170-200 SU (C-FEKI/SKV7594) from Chicago/OHare, IL (KORD) to Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL) reported receiving an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal at FL330 that gradually faded out. Details passed to Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton.

June 30, 2019

Incident at In the vicinity of: TORONTO / LESTER B. PEARSON INTL ON (CYYZ)

An Air Transat Airbus A310-308 (C-GTSH/TSC462) from Montreal/Trudeau, QC (CYUL) to Toronto/Pearson, ON (CYYZ) was cleared to descend to FL330. Aircraft was observed to descend through FL330. When queried, the pilot stated that they had been cleared to FL310. Audio playback confirmed that the cleared level was FL330 and was read back correctly. Crossing traffic was well clear and TSC462 was cleared to continue descent to FL240. No impact on operations.

June 23, 2019

Incident at 4526N / 07525W (ELT)

A loud and clear emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was heard from 4526N/07525W, at FL250, to 4510N/07712W, at FL330. Source unknown. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton was notified.

February 23, 2019

Incident at In the vicinity of: LONDON ON (CYXU) (ELT)

A SkyWest Airlines Bombardier CL-600 2B19 (Series 200) (N923SW/SKW5480) from Chicago/OHare Intl, IL (KORD) to Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier Intl, ON (CYOW) reported hearing a strong emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal in the vicinity of London, ON (CYXU) at FL330. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton was notified. No operational impact.

February 14, 2019

Incident at TORONTO / LESTER B. PEARSON INTL ON (CYYZ) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown, FOD (foreign object debris))

An Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-333 (C-FMWP/ROU1712) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) to Punta Cana Intl, Dominican Republic (MDPC) reported a possible bird strike after departing Runway 23. An inspection vehicle reported finding debris and indicated it appeared to be a bird of prey which was ingested in the engine. A Private Air Inc. Beech 200 (C-GMNM/FSY134) from Teterboro, NJ (KTEB) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) was instructed to initiate a missed approach. Afterwards, Air Canada (ACA) Dispatch reported that ROU1712 would be returning to CYYZ due to vibration in the engine. No emergency was declared and ROU1712 landed on Runway 23 at 1920Z without incident. No impact to operations.
Update TSB Report #A19O0014: C-FMWP, a Boeing 767-300 aircraft operated by Air Canada rouge, was conducting flight ROU1712 from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl (CYYZ), ON to Punta Cana Intl (MDPC), Dominican Republic with 8 crew members and 280 passengers on board. During the takeoff roll on Runway 23 at CYYZ, the aircraft struck a bird. The flight crew reported observing a large bird, hearing a loud bang, and a slight adverse yaw was detected, however engine parameters were normal; therefore, the takeoff was continued. Following a brief level off at 5000 ASL to evaluate the situation, the decision was made to continue the flight in the absence of abnormal parameters. During cruise flight at FL330, the flight crew noticed increasing vibrations on the left engine, and elected to return to CYYZ as a precaution. The aircraft landed overweight without further incident. The operator’s maintenance inspected the left engine and, based on the extent of the damage, elected to replace it.

September 19, 2019

Incident at LTFE - Milas - Bodrum

TSB Report #A19F0247: C-GOWG, a Boeing 737-800 operating as flight TVS7212 from Katowice Intl - Katowice Intl (EPKT), Poland to Milas - Bodrum (LTFE) Turkey, was instructed by ATC to descend to FL330. While descending, the flight crew received a TCAS TA followed by TCAS RA `Monitor Vertical Speed and `Level Off. The flight crew had the traffic in sight and had already leveled off at FL330. The flight continued uneventfully.

February 23, 2019

Incident at 440NM NNE SAEZ - Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza/Ministro Pistarini 0 - Buenos Aires

TSB Report #A19F0046: C-FKSV, a Boeing 787-9 aircraft operated by Air Canada, was conducting flight ACA95 from Buenos Aires/Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza/Ministro Pistarini (SAEZ), Argentina to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl (CYYZ), ON with 11 crew members and 267 passengers on board. Shortly after the aircraft reached its cruising altitude of FL330, the cabin crew advised the flight crew that a passenger had a medical emergency and that doctors, travelling as passengers, were assisting. Stat MD was also contacted and, after consultation with the crew, the decision to return to SAEZ was taken. However, because of a language barrier with local ATC personnel, the flight crew had to declare a MAYDAY. The aircraft proceeded to land at SAEZ without further incident.

December 9, 2018

Incident at Palm Beach Intl - West Palm Beach (KPBI)

TSB Report #A18F0280: C-GTQC, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Air Transat, was conducting flight TSC934 from Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl (CYUL), QC to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl (KFLL), FL with 6 crew members and 192 passengers on board. During the descent to destination, TSC934 was instructed to hold at waypoint FATHR at FL330 due to heavy thunderstorms (+TS) at KFLL. The filed alternate airport, Miami Intl (KMIA), FL, was also experiencing +TS with an estimated holding time of 25 to 30 minutes. Since weather conditions were not improving at both the destination and the alternate after 38 minutes of holding, the flight crew declared a fuel emergency for priority handling at KFLL. ATC offered West Palm Beach Intl (KPBI), FL as an option, which the flight crew accepted. TSC934 landed at KPBI uneventfully with emergency vehicles in attendance, and with 1600 kgs of fuel on board, which was above the minimum reserve fuel required.

August 29, 2019

Incident at 4905N / 09534W

A Federal Express Corporation Airbus A310-324 (N811FD/FDX134) on a flight from Memphis Intl, TN (KMEM) to Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson Intl, MB (CYWG) was northwest bound descending from FL380 to FL290 and advised responding to a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA). The traffic was a southeast bound Air China Cargo Company Boeing 777-200 (B2094/CAO1053) on a flight from Anchorage Intl, AK (PANC) to Chicago/OHare Intl, IL (KORD) at FL330 which passed 5.1NM south of FDX134. No other impact to operations.
Update TSB Report #A19C0107: N811FD, a Airbus A310-324 aircraft operated by FedEx, was conducting cargo flight FDX134 from Memphis Intl (KMEM), USA to Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson Intl (CYWG), MB. At approximately 100 nm SE of CYWG, FDX134 requested a descent from flight level 380 and was cleared to flight level 290 by Winnipeg Centre Area Control Centre (ACC). FDX134 subsequently started the descent. ACC then cleared B-2094, a Boeing 777-FFT operated by Air China Cargo as flight CAO1054 at flight 330, to turn right 10 degrees to provide separation with FDX134. As FDX134 was descending through flight level 340, the crew of FDX134 asked ACC about traffic ahead of them. During the radio transmission regarding the traffic, FDX134 received a TCAS TA/RA to climb. FDX134 complied with the TA/RA, notified ACC of the manoeuvre and advised once clear from the traffic. FDX134 continued for an uneventful landing at CYWG. Review of the available radar information indicates that the nearest distance between the two aircraft was 5.1 miles laterally and 600 feet vertically. Minimum separation requirements are 5 miles or 1000 feet.

July 23, 2019


A WestJet Boeing 737-700 (WJA339) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Comox, BC (CYQQ) climbed through FL300 for FL330 when only cleared for FL300. No impact on operations.

February 22, 2019

Incident at 5016N / 11144W

A WestJet Boeing 737-800 (WJA1416) from Calgary Intl, AB (CYYC) to Orlando Intl, FL (KMCO) switched to Salt Lake City (SLC) for further instructions to climb to FL350. The switching of instructions were meant for a WestJet Boeing 737-700 (WJA1460) from Calgary Intl, AB (CYYC) to Las Vegas Intl, NV (KLAS). The read back error was not identified and WJA1416 initiated a climb from FL330 to FL350 unexpectedly. No other impact on operations.

January 8, 2019

Incident at 60NM W IKMAN intersection (Weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO)

While enroute, a Turkish Airlines Inc. Boeing 777-300 (THY10) from Los Angeles International, CA (KLAX) to Istanbul Atatürk, Turkey (LTBA) reported seeing a red rotary beacon light near the aircraft, at the same altitude of FL330. The only known aircraft in the region was more than 80NM ahead of THY10. The North American Aeropsace Defence Command (NORAD) was advised.

January 7, 2019

Incident at 5127N / 11150W

A WestJet Boeing 767 300 (WJA1) from Calgary Intl, AB (CYYC) to Gatwick, UK (EGKK) was cleared to climb to FL330. The aircraft was observed by controller to climb above FL332. The pilot was asked to confirm cleared altitude and confirmed FL330. WJA1 descended to FL330. No impact to operations.

September 12, 2019

Incident at TUSKY intersection

A Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-300 (SVA020) on a flight from New York/John F. Kennedy Intl, NY (KJFK) to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (OEJN) reported moderate to severe turbulence at FL350. The aircraft descended to FL330 and reported continuous moderate turbulence but remained at that level. Halifax (HZ) flight information centre (FIC) advised, no impact on the operation.

May 30, 2019

Incident at 4244N / 06444W

An Emirates Boeing 777 300 series (A6EGF/UAE210) from Newark, NJ (KEWR) to Athens, Greece (LGAV) reported continuous moderate to severe turbulence. The aircraft descended from FL330 to FL290.

Incident at 5938N / 05228W

A WestJet Boeing 767-338 (C-GOGN/WJA4) from Gatwick, England (EGKK) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) was at FL330. The aircraft requested FL350, and was given a clearance (CLX) by air traffic control (ATC) for FL340 and issued requested level not available. Shortly after, WJA4 was observed at FL347 before the aircraft returned back down to cleared level of FL340. There was traffic at FL350, 6 minutes behind.

April 4, 2019

Incident at 5232N / 06307W

A United Airlines Boeing 777-300 (UAL179D) from Newark, NJ (KEWR) to Hong Kong Intl, Hong Kong (VHHH) reported severe turbulence at FL330. The aircraft was given descent clearance to FL310. No impact on operations.

February 1, 2019

Incident at 4156N / 06627W (ELT)

A Lufthansa Cargo AG Mcdonnell Douglas MD-11F (GEC8223) from Dallas/Fort Worth Intl, TX (KDFW) to Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF) reported an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal at FL330. It was described as Strength 2 and occasional. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Halifax was notified.

January 30, 2019

Incident at 4200N / 06713W (ELT)

An Omni Air International Boeing 767-316 (N495AX/OAE600) from Washington-Dulles International, VA (KIAD) to Bucharest, Romania (LRBS) reported hearing an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal at FL330. The signal lasted for 5 minutes. Details were passed to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Halifax.

September 4, 2018

Incident at 5105n / 06619w

Severe turbulence reported at FL330 at 2035Z at position 5105N/06619W by an Air France Boeing 777 200 (AFR342) from Paris/Charles de Gaulle, France (LFPG) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Int'l, QC (CYUL) descended to FL320. No impact on operations.

August 6, 2018


Although it had received and correctly read back clearance to climb to FL320, an Air Canada Rouge Airbus A321-211 (ROU1799) from Quebec/Jean Lesage Intl, QC (CYQB) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) continued its climb to FL330. Separation was not ensured between ROU1799 and a Polar Air Cargo Worldwide Boeing 747 (PAC956) from Covington/Cincinnati Intl, KY (KCVG) to Leipzig/ Halle, Germany (EDDP), level at FL330.

June 18, 2018


An intermittent emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was heard by the Bagotville, QC (YBG) non-directional beacon (NDB) between 10 N and 10 S YBG at FL330. Source unknown. The Halifax (HZ) Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) was notified.

July 29, 2018


UPDATE from Airworthiness: A Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI) looked into this occurrence. The Flight Crew experienced a loss of System No. 2 Hydraulic Pressure at top of climb (complete loss of fluid accompanied by Low Pressure Caution Message). The flight returned to CYVR. An emergency was not declared; however, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) was on standby for arrival. Maintenance replaced a failed flex line, engine driven pump, and carried out an overweight landing inspection. The aircraft was returned to service following functional and leak checks.
After declaration of an emergency with Seattle Centre due to a hydraulic problem, a Jazz Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (series 900) (C-FJJZ/JZA840) from Vancouver Int'l, BC (CYVR) to San Francisco Int'l, CA (KSFO) returned to CYVR and landed Runway 26L safely at 2303Z. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) responded at towers request.
Update TSB Report #A18P0106: C-FJJZ, a Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (CRJ900) aircraft operated by Jazz Aviation LP, was conducting flight JZA8040 from Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR) to Chicago/O'Hare Intl, IL (KORD) with 4 crew members and 58 passengers on board. Once the aircraft reached its cruising altitude of FL330 after the departure, the flight crew observed a loss of hydraulic pressure in the number 2 system. The flight crew elected to return to CYVR and requested ARFF to be present for the landing. The aircraft landed approximately 1900 lbs overweight at CYVR without further incident. The operator?s maintenance found a flex line unserviceable. The number 2 EDP and flex line were both replaced, and the aircraft was returned to service.

April 4, 2018

Incident at 5028N / 11537W

A WestJet Encore de Havilland DHC-8-402 (WEN3116) from Kamloops, BC (CYKA) inbound to Calgary, AB (CYYC) was at FL230 and cleared to A120. A WestJet Boeing 737-700 (WJA128) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Calgary, AB (CYYC) also inbound to Calgary on the same track was cleared from FL330 to FL240. WJA128 received a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) Resolution Advisory and levelled off at FL250. Traffic was passed between aircraft. No impact to operations.

December 28, 2018

Incident at In the vicinity of: SAULT STE. MARIE ON (CYAM) (ELT)

A Flair Airlines Ltd. Boeing 737-4Q8 (C-FLHJ/FLE462) from Edmonton International, AB (CYEG) to Toronto/Pearson International, ON (CYYZ) reported an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal in the vicinity of Sault Ste. Marie, ON (CYAM) at FL330. Details were passed to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton.

August 16, 2018

Incident at yow 156 / 33

An Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319-114 (C-GBHR/ROU1704) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Int'l, ON (CYYZ) to Deer Lake, NL (CYDF) at FL330 declared a pressurization issue and requested to descend to FL290. At 1940Z, when reaching FL290, the aircraft advised that the pressurization was now stable and continued towards its destination without declaring an emergency. No operational impact.

June 20, 2018

Incident at RAKAM intersection

A corporately registered Cessna 525 (N85VR) from Watertown, NY (KART) to West Michigan, MI (KBIV) checked in climbing to FL330. The flight plan had been filed at FL240 and Concordia advised they had cleared N85VR to FL230 which was read back. The controller cleared N85VR to maintain FL230. No operational impact.

June 3, 2018

Incident at IGSAP intersection

An Air Canada Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (ACA619) from Halifax, NS (CYHZ) to Toronto, ON (CYYZ) received a Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Resolution Advisory (RA) while descending to FL340. Adjust vertical speed RA was followed. Traffic was a Wow Air EHF Airbus A321-211 (WOW9JW) from Toronto, ON to Reykjavík?Keflavík, Iceland (BIKF) at FL330. No operational impact.

April 24, 2018

Incident at 4258N / 07945W

An ExpressJet Airlines Embraer E135 (ASQ4420) from Milwaukee, WI (KMKE) to Newark, NJ (KEWR) was instructed to cross 30W of WOZEE at FL330. Read back was correct. Aircraft observed descending out of FL330 and the air traffic controller (ATC) instructed aircraft to climb back to cleared altitude. No impact to operations.

April 11, 2018

Incident at 4857N / 09224W

An Air Canada Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (ACA1118) from Regina Intl., SK (CYQR) to Toronto / Pearson Intl., ON (CYYZ) was observed on the on radar leaving flight level 33 000 feet (FL330) without a clearance. ACA1118 was cleared to descend to flight level 31 000 feet (FL310). No impact to operations.

January 3, 2018

Incident at OLIGO intersection

A Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800 (SWG9382) on a flight from Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier, ON (CYOW) to North Bay, ON (CYYB) checked in climbing through FL230. The aircraft stated that they were cleared to FL330 after being queried by the controller. The flight was recleared to FL280. No conflicts or operational impact.
UPDATE TO AIRCRAFT INFORMATION: Aircraft information changed from a "Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800 (SWG9382)" to a "TUI Airlines Belgium Boeing 737-8K5 (wet lease with Sunwing)".

October 17, 2018

Incident at Terceira

TSB #A18F0233:C-GMCP, a Bombardier Learjet 45 aircraft operated by Skyservice Business Aviation, was conducting a medevac flight from Terceira/Aeroporto das Lajes (LPLA), Portugal, to St. John’s Intl (CYYT), NL with 4 crew members and 2 passengers on board. During the climb through FL300 after the departure from LPLA, the flight crew noticed the cabin altitude was climbing at an abnormally high rate. The flight crew stopped the climb at FL330, and switched the pressurization to manual mode; however, there was no effect. The decision to return to LPLA was elected, and a PAN PAN was declared. The aircraft landed at LPLA uneventfully. An inspection revealed that the cockpit muffler assembly was cracked.

September 11, 2018

Incident at 5247N / 11552W (ELT)

A Flair Airlines Boeing 737 400 (FLE138) from Vancouver Int'l, BC (CYVR) to Edmonton Int'l, AB (CYEG) reported receiving an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal at FL330.

June 15, 2018

Incident at 6327N / 13847W

An Air North Charter & Training Ltd. Boeing 737-2X6C (C-GANV/ANT3762) from Fairbanks International, AK (PAFA) to Dawson City, YT (CYDA) came from the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) area control centre (ACC), crossing 141 West at FL330 and needing to descend into CYDA airspace, which is under active military airspace from FL260 to FL490. The controller turned the aircraft to a point of 6327N13847W to give the aircraft descent without infringing on the military airspace. Meanwhile, an Air North Charter & Training Ltd. Aerospatiale ATR 42-300 (C-FVGF/ANT228) from Dawson City, YT (CYDA) to Whitehorse/Erik Nielsen International, YT (CYXY) was climbing to FL210. ANT3762 was cleared out of high level controlled airspace and the coordinates they were given was 10 miles from the protected airspace and therefore separation was not assured.

December 11, 2018

Incident at GAYBL intersection

A Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-300 (HZAK25/SVA022) from New York/John F. Kennedy International, NY (KJFK) to King Khalid International, Saudi Arabia (OERK) reported severe turbulence at FL330, and climbed to FL340. No injuries were reported and there was no impact on operations.

November 26, 2018

Incident at TAGRA intersection

An Air France Boeing 777-200 (AFR345) from Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, QC (CYUL) to Paris/Charles de Gaulle, France (LFPG) reported experiencing severe turbulence at FL350 and requested a descent to FL330.

November 13, 2018

Incident at 4635N / 06225W

An Air India Boeing 777-300 (AIC102) from New York/John F. Kennedy International, NY (KJFK) to Indira Gandhi International, India (VIDP) encountered moderate to severe turbulence. The aircraft climbed from FL310 to FL330.

September 23, 2018

Incident at 4400N / 05000W

The automatic dependent surveillance (ADS) waypoint position reporting (WPR) received indication that a Condor Flugdienst GMBH Boeing 767-300 (CFG185) from José Martí International, Cuba (MUHA) to Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF) was at FL330, instead of FL340 as coordinated. New York was called and the aircraft was climbed to FL340. There was no imminent traffic.

September 15, 2018

Incident at 4738N / 06500W

An Egypt Air Boeing 777 300 (MSR986) from New York/John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY (KJFK) to Cairo, Egypt (HECA) encountered severe turbulence and descended from FL340 to FL330. No damage or injuries reported.

July 31, 2018

Incident at MEDPA intersection

A Swiss International Air Lines Boeing 777 300 series (HBJNB/SWR38) from Zurich, Switzerland (LSZH) to San Francisco Int'l, CA (KSFO) coordinated FL330, entered CY FL340. No impact on operations.

July 15, 2018

Incident at 4721N / 06241W

A Jetport Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (series 604) (C-FHRL) from Saint John, NB (CYSJ) to Shannon, Ireland (EINN) started to climb from FL330 to oceanic altitude FL350 without air traffic controller (ATC) clearance. No loss of separation. No impact to operation.

June 19, 2018

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (YSJ) VOR/DME (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A Jazz Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (Series 900) (JZA8783) from Halifax/Stanfield International, NS (CYHZ) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, QC (CYUL) was given climb clearance to FL360, but the clearance was meant for a Jazz Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (Series 900) (C-FJZD/JZA8635) from Halifax/Stanfield International, NS (CYHZ) to Ottawa/Macdonald?Cartier International, ON (CYOW). The controller corrected the error when they noticed that JZA8635 was not climbing. JZA8783 was re-cleared to FL340 while climbing through FL330. No loss of separation and no impact on operations.

April 14, 2018

Incident at In the vicinity of: Washington Dulles Intl., V4603N / 05749W

An Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise Boeing 777 (ETH501) from Washington Dulles Intl., VA (KIAD) to Addis Ababa Bole Intl., Ethiopia (HAAB) reported severe turbulence at a flight level of 33 000 feet (FL330). The aircraft climbed to a flight level of 35 000 feet (FL350). No injuries reported.

April 25, 2018

Incident at 75NM HALIFAX / STANFIELD INTL NS (CYHZ) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

Controller cleared an Air Canada Airbus A320 (ACA1562) from Halifax/Stanfield Int'l, NS (CYHZ) to Cancun, Mexico (MMUN) to FL320 and did not notice incorrect read back of FL330. No loss of separation.

January 16, 2018

Incident at SUPRY intersection

An Air Transport International LLC Boeing 767 323 (N395CM/ATN303) from McGuire Air Force Base, NJ (KWRI) to Ramstein Air Base, RM (ETAR) was cruising at flight level 35, 000 feet (FL350) in receipt of Ocean clearance at flight level 33 000 feet (FL330). Prior to SUPRY intersection, the aircraft's descent to flight level 33 000 feet (FL330) was initiated without a clearance from air traffic control (ATC).

October 11, 2017

Incident at 140NM S IQALUIT NU (CYFB)

UPDATE: TSB#A17Q0160: A Nolinor Boeing 737-200 (C-GNLK/NRL792) was conducting a flight from Montreal/Mirabel Intl (CYMX), QC, to Iqaluit (CYFB), NU, with 5 flight crew members and 94 passengers on board. Approximately 140 NM south of CYFB, the flight crew observed arcing on the left side of the windshield. The crew went through the checklist in the quick reference handbook (QRH) and shortly afterward, the external surface of the windshield cracked. The flight crew declared PAN PAN and began descending from FL330 to 10,000 ft. The emergency was then cancelled and the flight proceeded to its destination, where the aircraft landed without incident. The windshield was replaced and the aircraft was put back in service.
While at FL330, Nolinor Aviation Boeing 737-2K2C C-GNLK/NRL792, flying from Montréal/Mirabel (CYMX), QC, to Iqaluit (CYFB), NU, issued a ?PAN PAN? due to a crack in the left cockpit window. After descending to 10,000 feet, the aircraft cancelled its emergency and landed at 0938Z without incident. No operational impact.

February 4, 2017


After receiving and reading back the authorization to climb to FL330, an Air Canada Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (ACA192), from Montréal (CYUL), QC, to Halifax (CYHZ), NS, reported that it had received a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) traffic advisory (TA) due to a Wow Air Airbus A321-211 (TFKID/WOW117), from Keflavik (BIKF), Iceland, to Baltimore (KBWI), MD, which was flying at FL340. Traffic information was transmitted to the two aircraft and WOW117 indicated that it had ACA192 in sight. The two aircraft kept their respective routes. No impact on operations.