March 18, 2020

Incident at 12NM MANIWAKI QC (YMW) NDB

A WestJet Boeing 737-7CT (C-FWSF/WJA214) from Calgary, AB (CYYC) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, QC (CYUL) was cleared to FL310 with a correct read back. WJA214 was informed of traffic at FL300. WJA214 reported having the traffic in sight. At FL314, with a descent rate of around 2900/minute, WJA214 advised air traffic control (ATC) of a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) and climbed a few hundred feet. The other aircraft in the vicinity was a Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 (JA865J/JAL7) from Boston, MA (KBOS) to Tokyo/Narita Intl, Japan (RJAA). After crossing traffic, WJA214 was observed descending below FL310. No impact.

January 10, 2020

Incident at 5152N / 06549W

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200 (N864DA/DAL148) on a flight from Las Vegas Intl, NV (KLAS) to Paris/Charles de Gaulle, France (LFPG) reported having a pressurization issue and would divert to New York/John F. Kennedy, NY (KJFK) for repairs. The aircraft requested and was cleared to descended to FL300. At 0115Z, the aircraft declared an emergency and requested to divert to Boston Intl, MA (KBOS). Boston Area Control Centre (ACC) and Montreal (CYUL) low level advised. The aircraft did not require assistance, nor a fuel dump. No impact on operations. Aircraft left airspace at 0135Z to Boston air route traffic control center (ARTCC).
UPDATE TSB #A20Q0011: N864DA, a Delta Airlines Inc. Boeing 777-200 (DAL148), was on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight from Las Vegas/McCarran Intl, NV (KLAS) to Paris/Charles de Gaulle, France (LFPG). At 0059Z, approximately 125 nautical miles (NM) northwest of Havre-Saint-Pierre, QC (CYGV), the crew declared that it had a pressurization problem, requested a descent to FL300, and also asked to divert to New York/John F Kennedy, NY (KJFK). At 0115Z, when the aircraft was 25 NM north of CYGV, the crew declared an emergency and asked to be diverted to Boston/ General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl, MA (KBOS). The flight was then transferred to the Boston Control Centre at 0135Z. The aircraft landed at KBOS at 0226z. There were no injuries.

May 22, 2020

Incident at 105NM TORONTO ON VOR/DME (YYZ)

A United States Air Force McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster II (RCH339) from Bangor, ME (KBGR) to Naval Air Station North Island, CA (KNZY), at FL300 and westbound, reported receiving an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal on the ultrahigh frequency (UHF). The ELT was strong (5) and continuous for approximately 5 minutes. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton was advised. No other reports.

March 11, 2020

Incident at 120NM S Denver Intl, CO (KDEN)

TSB Report #A20F0067: C-FYJE, an Airbus 319-114 operated by Air Canada Rouge was conducting flight ROU1890 from Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau (CYUL), QC to Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. (KPHX), AZ. During cruise at FL390, Flight Crew identified increasing left hand engine (#1) vibration and spool back. Flight Crew initiated QRH procedures, notified the ATC and declared a PAN PAN. The flight descended to FL300 where the engine stabilized at 50% N1 and subsequently returned to normal operations. The flight crew elected to divert to Denver Intl. (KDEN), CO as a precaution and the flight landed without further issues.

August 5, 2020

Incident at 5010n / 11604w

The pilot of an Air India Ltd. Boeing 737 200 (AIC174) from San Francisco, CA (KSFO) to Delhi/Indira Gandhi, India (VIDP) checked in at FL300 and was given clearance to direct heading to 5900N/11000W and climb to FL310. Shortly after the pilot called saying they were able to climb to FL310. The controller queried and gave instruction to climb to FL310 again. AIC174 was observed still flying same heading and was asked if they were turning to head to 59N/110W, to which the pilot responded negative. AIC174 was advised that they were given clearance to head to 59N/110W and the pilot acknowledged and turned to fly the correct heading. No impact to operations.

January 22, 2020

Incident at 65NM BROADVIEW SK (YDR) VOR/DME (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A SkyWest Airlines Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (SKW4560) on a flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul Intl, MN (KMSP) was cleared to FL290 by the Winnipeg area control centre (ACC) controller and the clearance was read back correctly. The controller subsequently updated the electronic flight strip (EFS) with FL320 as that was the altitude the controller had intended to clear the aircraft to. SKW4560 was observed descending through FL308 and was queried by the controller. SKW4560 was re-cleared to FL300. No impact to operations.

September 5, 2019

Incident at 4930N / 07730W

An RCMP Pilatus PC-12/47E (C-RGMQ/SST107) on a flight from Sanikiluaq, NU (CYSK) to Kingston, ON (CYGK) reported a loss of pressurization and requested a descent from FL300 to 10 000 ft. The aircraft did not declare an emergency. The aircraft later requested to divert to Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier Intl, ON (CYOW). No impact on operations.

February 22, 2019


After having received and read back the instruction to climb to FL300, a Federal Express Corporation Airbus A300 (N742FD/FDX153) from Montreal/Mirabel, QC (CYMX) to Indianapolis, IN (KIND) was seen at FL307. No impact on operations.

January 25, 2019

Incident at 5403N / 07052W

An Emirates Airbus A380-800 (UAE212) from Houston Intl, TX (KIAH) to Dubai Intl, UAE (OMDB) advised of a medical emergency and was rerouted to a new destination, John F. Kennedy Intl, NY (KJFK), via IGN IGN1 at FL300. UAE212 requested medical assistance at destination.

May 25, 2019

Incident at 28NM W LILLOOET BC (CYLI) (Weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO)

A Carson Air Cessna 560 Encore (C-FTJC/CA888) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Quesnel, BC (CYQZ) at FL300 reported 6 bright lights in the sky above going West to East at a high rate of speed. No reported traffic in the area at the time. The North American Aeropsace Defence Command (NORAD) was advised. No operational impact.

December 24, 2019


A Pacific Coast Jet Cessna 750 (PXT750) on a flight from Eagle County Regional, CO (KEGE) to Rochester Intl, NY (KROC) reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) to climb while in descent to FL310. Traffic, a Federal Express Corporation Boeing 757-200 (FDX3052) on a flight from Newark Intl, NJ (KEWR) to Seattle/Tacoma Intl, WA (KSEA) was level at FL300.

October 29, 2019


After it had received and read back clearance to climb to FL300, an Air Canada Airbus A321-211 (C-FLKX/ACA407) from Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl, QC (CYUL) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) was seen climbing to FL330. No impact on operations.

September 27, 2019

Incident at 20NM NE DERLO intersection

An Envoy Air Embraer ERJ 170-200 LR (N270NN/ENY4053) on a flight from Buffalo Intl, NY (KBUF) to Chicago/OHare Intl, IL (KORD) was observed to have climbed above cleared altitude of FL300. When queried, the pilot believed they had been cleared to FL330. Audio playback confirmed cleared level was FL300 and was read back correctly. Subsequently ENY4053 was cleared direct to FNT and the aircraft was observed to take up a northerly heading instead of a westerly heading towards FNT. When queried the pilot advised of an "input" error.

September 23, 2019


An Air Canada Rouge Airbus A320-214 (C-GFCI/ROU1791) from Quebec/Jean Lesage, QC (CYQB) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) descending to cleared altitude FL310. A Jazz Bombardier CL-600-2D24 (SERIES 900) (C-FRJA/JZA8035) from Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier, ON (CYOW) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) at FL300 in the vicinity. Traffic had been passed. No impact to operations.

September 16, 2019

Incident at 16NM ECK VOR (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

An Air Canada Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (ACA1038) on a flight from Denver Intl, CO (KDEN) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) was cleared to descend to FL240 with crossing traffic, an ExpressJet Airlines Embraer EMB-145 (ASQ3984) on a flight from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) to Chicago/OHare Intl, IL (KORD) at FL300.

September 10, 2019

Incident at 4322N / 07950W

A Delta Airlines Airbus A320-212 (N335NW/DAL1434) from Buffalo, NY (KBUF) to Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (KMSP) climbing to FL300 came in conflict with a Skyservice Business Aviation Inc. Beech B300 (C-FIBR/SYB529) from Windsor, ON (CYQG) to Peterborough, ON (CYPQ) at FL230.

April 13, 2019

Incident at AGNOB intersection

An Alitatlia Airbus A330-200 (AZA65F) from Toronto/Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Rome, Italy (LIRF) climbing to FL290 received a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) resolution advisory (RA) from crossing traffic at FL300. They had the traffic visually and there was no operational impact.
UPDATE: AOR-249508-V2: Traffic was not passed. AZA65F had the traffic visually and there was no operational impact.

August 4, 2019

Incident at 140NM NNW Kos Island Intl, Greece (LGKO)

TSB Report #A19F0266: C-FDBD, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Sunwing Airlines Inc., was conducting flight TFL194, Kos Island Intl (LGKO), Greece to Amsterdam/Schiphol (EHAM), Netherlands with 6 crew members and 183 passengers on board. During the climb through FL300, ATC asked the flight crew if they could climb to FL360 and how long it would take. The flight crew replied in the affirmative and indicated it would take 4 minutes. While climbing the flight crew informed ATC that they would be unable to make FL360 within the 4 minutes. Leveling off at FL360 a TCAS RA (Monitor vertical speed) was triggered. No action was required, the flight continued uneventfully.

October 7, 2019

Incident at 50.00 Nautical miles NE From LEVC - Manises - Valencia, Valenciana

Update TSB Report #A19F0270: C-GOWG, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Sunwing Airlines Inc., was conducting flight QS1055, from Valencia/Manises (LEVN), Spain to Prague/Václav Havel (LKPR), Spain with 6 crew members and 186 passengers on board. The flight crew was asked to expedite to FL300; during the climb they received a TCAS RA to descend and level-off. They complied and informed ATC. Once the traffic was in sight, and they were clear of the conflict, they resumed the climb to FL300. The flight continued uneventfully.

April 8, 2019

Incident at 4425N / 04208W

An Air Canada Airbus A330-343 (C-GHLM/ACA808) from Montreal, QC (CYUL) to Casablanca, Morocco (GMMN) declared a medical emergency. Descended to FL300 by NY and cleared direct St. Johns, NL (CYYT). Landed 0319Z. No traffic. No impact to operations. Duplicate of AOR 247329-V1.

January 28, 2019


TSB Report #A19F0017: C-FLSS, an Airbus 320-200 aircraft operated by Air Canada, was conducting flight ACA795 from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl (CYYZ), ON to Los Angeles Intl (KLAX), CA with 5 crew members and 146 passengers on board. During cruise flight at FL360, approximately 85 nm south west of Colorado Springs/Municipal (KCOS), CO, the aircraft passed through a mountain wave and the number 1 engine (CFM56-5A1) rolled back from 90% to 60% N1. The aircraft started to lose speed, and started to descend. The flight crew notified ATC and requested FL300. There was a slight vibration on the number 1 engine, however there were no ECAM warnings. Shortly thereafter, the engine recovered and the flight landed without further incident. No emergency was declared. The operator is troubleshooting to find the cause.

January 12, 2019


TSB Report #A19F0005: C-FSNQ, a Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft operated by Air Canada, was conducting flight ACA517 from Vancouver Intl (CYVR), BC to Honolulu/Daniel K Inouye Intl (PHNL), HI. During cruise flight, continuous light turbulence was encountered as expected. Shortly after, flight conditions worsened to continuous moderate turbulence at FL360. As the flight subsequently encountered severe turbulence, a PAN PAN was declared, and the flight crew requested a lower altitude via Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC). The autopilot could not maintain the selected altitude or speed, as there were variations of at least +/- M.03 and +/- 500 feet observed. The aircraft descended to FL300 and continued to destination without further incident.

December 19, 2019


The pilot of a Horizon Air Industries Embraer ERJ 170-200 SU (QXE2535) on a flight from Edmonton Intl, AB (CYEG) to Seattle/Tacoma Intl, WA (KSEA) reported a computer error that showed fluctuating air pressure. The aircraft was climbing through FL310 to FL360. The aircraft requested descent to FL300. Once the aircraft levelled at FL300, the pilot reported that the indicators returned to normal. No impact to operations.

October 1, 2019

Incident at 30NM SASKATOON / JOHN G. DIEFENBAKER INTL SK (CYXE) (Aerodrome, runway or taxiway shutdown)

On initial descent to Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker Intl, SK (CYXE), a SkyWest Airlines Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (SKW4661) on a flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul Intl, MN (KMSP) to Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker Intl, SK (CYXE) advised they needed to figure out an issue and requested a hold. The pilot subsequently requested a diversion to Minot Intl, ND (KMOT) as they were unable to land in CYXE due to Runway 09/27 being closed. Clearance was issued and read back by pilot to KMOT at FL310. SKW4661 was then observed on radar to descend to FL300. No impact to operations.

July 23, 2019


A WestJet Boeing 737-700 (WJA339) from Edmonton, AB (CYEG) to Comox, BC (CYQQ) climbed through FL300 for FL330 when only cleared for FL300. No impact on operations.

June 16, 2019

Incident at 5757N / 11318W

An Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER (C-FIVR/ACA001) from Toronto/Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Haneda, Japan (RJTT) descended from FL300 to FL291 without a clearance. No impact to operations.

September 26, 2019

Incident at 484648N / 650426W

A Qatar Airways Group Boeing 777-200 (A7BFL/QTR8177) from Luxembourg, Luxembourg (ELLX) to Mexico City, Mexico (MMMX) reported severe turbulence at 0128Z at FL320. Aircraft was cleared and descended to FL300 and reported FL300 as light turbulence. Flight Information Centre (FIC) was advised. No impact on operations.

December 27, 2019


A Chartright Air Inc. aircraft (HRT433) reported continuous to moderate occasional severe turbulence, northwest (NW) of Greater Moncton/Romeo LeBlanc, NB (CYQM) from FL300 down to FL240. Flight Information Centre (FIC) advised.

October 9, 2019

Incident at 5451N / 04812W

A United States Air Force McDonnell Douglas C-17 (RCH108) on a flight from Ramstein Air Base, Germany (ETAR) to Dover Air Force Base, DE (KDOV) at position 5451N4812W declared MAYDAY at FL300 with smoke in the cockpit and descended to FL250 direct to Gander, NL (CYQX). Aircraft landed safely at 1549Z. No traffic. (AOR 256945-V1 deleted).

September 18, 2019

Incident at 4330N / 06149W

A military aircraft from origin unknown to destination unknown operating within CYD755 (topped at FL300) climbed above CYD755 cap without air traffic control (ATC) clearance.

March 25, 2019

Incident at 40NM TAFFY intersection

An American, corporately registered Beech B200 (N537EM) from Goose Bay, NL (CYYR) to Bangor, ME (KBGR) was observed vacating FL300 without air traffic control (ATC) clearance. No traffic was involved. No impact on operations.

February 17, 2019

Incident at 5800N / 03000W

At 1236Z, at the position 58N030W, an Air Canada Boeing 787-9 (C-FGHZ/ACA869) from Heathrow, UK (EGLL) to Toronto/Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) declared a medical emergency and requested to deviate to Keflavik Intl, Iceland (BIKF). IFR clearance was not available due to traffic. The aircraft followed contingency procedures to FL300. IFR clearance direct BIKF was issued at FL300. The aircraft exited the Gander (CZQX) oceanic control area (OCA) at 1309Z.

January 21, 2019

Incident at 100NM HALIFAX NS VOR/DME (YHZ)

A Cargojet Airways Boeing 757-28A (C-GIAJ/CJT992) from Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ) to Newark Intl, NJ (KEWR) was cleared to FL300. The aircraft was observed at FL309. No loss of separation. No impact to operations.

July 1, 2018

Incident at 4844N / 07715W

After having received and read back the instruction to descend to FL300, just before levelling off, an Icelandair Boeing 757-200 (TFISJ/ICE855) from Keflavik, Iceland (BIKF) to Chicago O'Hare, IL (KORD) was seen climbing to FL315. The aircraft was then given clearance for FL340. No impact on operations.

May 29, 2018

Incident at 200NM NE MONT-JOLI QC (CYYY)

UPDATE: TSB #A18Q0082: C-GTSW, an Air Transat Airbus 310-304, was on instrument flight rules (IFR) flight TSC729 from London/Gatwick, UK (EGKK) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl, QC (CYUL) with 218 passengers and 9 crew members on board. While it was in cruising flight at FL360, approximately 200 NM northeast of Mont-Joli, QC (CYYY), the aircraft encountered moderate to severe turbulence. The brief loss of control caused a climb of 400 ft, followed by a descent of 700 ft, 300 ft below the assigned cruising altitude. No one was injured and during the post-flight inspection, no damage was found on the aircraft.
An Air Transat Airbus A310-304 (C-GTSW/TSC729) from London/Gatwick, UK (EGKK) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Int'l, QC (CYUL) reported moderate to severe turbulence between FL360 and FL320. The aircraft descended to FL300. The Halifax Flight Information Centre (HZ FIC) was advised.

January 8, 2018

Incident at 4948N / 06538W

After a destination change due to an unruly passenger declared near Moncton Centre at 4948N065387W, an Air Canada Boeing 787-9 (C-FRTW/ACA42) from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Delhi, India (VIDP) had to return to CYYZ. This being the case, the aircraft had to dump fuel between 0612Z and 0628Z and between 4722N7208W and 4619N7438W at FL300. No impact on operations.

February 14, 2018


A Morningstar Air Express Boeing 757 200 (MAL8079) from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Toronto/Pearson, ON (CYYZ) had an equipment issue and diverted back to CYVR, and landed safely. No impact on operations.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A18P0021: C-FMEP, a Boeing 757-200 aircraft operated by Morningstar Air Express, was conducting a flight from Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ). During the takeoff run out of CYVR, the flight crew received a left engine limiter caution light. The flight crew continued the takeoff, adjusting the thrust manually, and subsequently executed the required checklist. Once at FL300, the flight crew noticed that the left engine EGT was rising. A PAN PAN was declared and a return to CYVR was requested where the flight landed without further incident. The operator?s maintenance is currently troubleshooting the issue.

September 18, 2018

Incident at 34 NM SE THUNDER BAY ON (CYQT) (ATS operating irregularity)

A Skyservice Aviation Learjet 45 (C-GEJD) from Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) was cleared to FL280. The pilot's incorrect read back of FL300 was not caught by the controller. When checking in with the next sector, the controller stopped C-GEJD at FL290 due to traffic.

July 15, 2018

Incident at DUTEL intersection

A Volga-Dneper Airlines ILYUSHIN IL76 (RA76952/VDA2644) from Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Int'l, ON (CYOW) to Los Angeles Int'l, CA (KLAX), westbound at FL300 reported a traffic alert and collision avoidance system resolution advisory (TCAS RA). A Flightexec Dassault Mystere Falcon 900 (C-FDOW/FEX902) from Hinton/Jasper-Hinton, AB (CEC4) to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Int'l, ON (CYYZ), southbound descending to cleared FL310. Traffic was passed, no impact to operations.

May 3, 2018

Incident at COLTS intersection

A JetBlue Airways Corporation Airbus A321-211 (JBU323) from John F. Kennedy International, NY (KJFK) to Los Angeles International, CA (KLAX) at a flight level of 30,000 feet (FL300) was observed veering left off course from the flight plan WOZEE NOSIK. The controller queried JBU323 regarding the course heading, JBU323 responded Q935 HOCKE. JBU323 was re-cleared to a flight level of 32,000 feet (FL320) for traffic reasons. No impact to operations.

February 14, 2018

Incident at 113NM W TORONTO / LESTER B. PEARSON INTL ON (CYYZ) (ATS operating irregularity)

UPDATE: TSB Report#A18O0025: UAL1712, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, was conducting a flight from Newark/Liberty Intl, NJ (KEWR) to Santa Ana/John Wayne-Orange County, CA (KSNA). C-GBLB, a Bombardier BD-700-2A12 Global 7000 aircraft, was conducting local flight BBA702 from Windsor, ON (CYQG). As UAL1712 was in level flight at FL320, BBA702 had been cleared to climb to FL350. Separation was not assured and Air Traffic Control detected the conflict as BBA702 was climbing through FL306. BBA702 was immediately re-cleared to FL300 before a loss of separation occurred. The closest proximity between the 2 aircraft was 1.5 nm laterally and 1400 feet vertically in an area where 5 nm or 1000 feet is required.
A loss of separation occurred between a Bombardier BD-700-2A12 (C-GBLB/ BBA702) on a flight from Windsor, ON (CYQG) and landing at Windsor, ON (CYQG) climbing through FL306 and cleared to FL350 with a United Airlines Boeing 737 823 (N77530/ UAL1712) from Newark, NJ (KEWR) to Santa Ana, CA (KSNA) at FL320. BBA702 was re-cleared to FL300.

December 19, 2018

Incident at 108NM NE George Bush Intercontinental, TX (KIAH)

TSB Report #A18F0290: C-FMZU, an Embraer 190-100 aircraft operated by Air Canada, was conducting flight ACA592 from Houston/George Bush Intercontinental (KIAH), TX to Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl (CYYZ), ON with 4 crew members and 65 passengers on board. Passing FL280 during the climb to cruising altitude, approximately 110 nm northeast of KIAH, the flight experienced continuous moderate turbulence. As the flight passed through FL300, the turbulence became severe and the flight crew observed the vertical speed in excess of 2500 feet per minute. A higher level was requested, however it was denied by ATC due to heavy traffic at FL320. The flight crew levelled off at FL310 in continuous moderate turbulence, and subsequently climbed to FL350 a short while later. The operator’s maintenance carried out a phase one inspection and found no faults. The aircraft was returned to service.

October 17, 2018

Incident at Terceira

TSB #A18F0233:C-GMCP, a Bombardier Learjet 45 aircraft operated by Skyservice Business Aviation, was conducting a medevac flight from Terceira/Aeroporto das Lajes (LPLA), Portugal, to St. John’s Intl (CYYT), NL with 4 crew members and 2 passengers on board. During the climb through FL300 after the departure from LPLA, the flight crew noticed the cabin altitude was climbing at an abnormally high rate. The flight crew stopped the climb at FL330, and switched the pressurization to manual mode; however, there was no effect. The decision to return to LPLA was elected, and a PAN PAN was declared. The aircraft landed at LPLA uneventfully. An inspection revealed that the cockpit muffler assembly was cracked.

Incident at Nordholz-Spieka

TSB #A18F0238: C-FGZO, an MD A4N aircraft operated by Top Aces, was conducting a local flight from Wittmund/Wittmundhafen, Germany (ETNT). While climbing to FL300, overhead Nordholz Air Base (ETMN), the generator failed and no reset was possible. The emergency generator was deployed, the pilot declared an emergency and a return to ETNT was completed uneventfully. Maintenance found that the power connector of the generator was disconnected and the safety wire was broken.

October 20, 2018

Incident at 25NM NW Albany (KALB)

TSB #A18F0241: C-FEJD, an EMB170-200 was being operated by Sky Regional Airlines as flight SKV7672 from Lester B. Pearson Intl - Toronto (CYYZ) to General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl - Boston (KBOS). During the climb through FL300 for FL310 the crew noticed the cabin altitude was at 8000 feet and in the amber caution range. A descent was requested and at FL290 the cabin altitude continued to rise with a Cabin Altitude High message. A full emergency descent was completed with a descent to 10000 feet. An emergency was declared by the crew with a request to divert to Albany International Airport (KALB). The aircraft landed on RWY28 KALB uneventfully with ARFF on standby. The aircraft was inspected and ferried to CYYZ for further maintenance.

February 12, 2018

Incident at 40NM WHITEHORSE/ ERIK NIELSEN INTL (CYXY) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 (DAL1543) from Seattle, WA (KSEA) to Anchorage, AK (PANC) was cleared to FL300 from FL360 without proper co-ordination with Anchorage Centre. Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (CAATS) transmitted FL360 when the aircraft crossed into Anchorage's airspace at FL300. No separation loss, no other aircraft involved. No impact to operations.

December 22, 2018

Incident at 5613N / 04408W

At 1324Z an Aeroflot-Russian Airlines Boeing 777-M0ER (VQ-BQB/AFL100) from Sheremetyevo Intl Airport, Russia (UUEE) to New York/John F. Kennedy Intl Airport, NY (KJFK) descended from FL300 to FL280 without clearance. Opposite direction traffic of a Federal Express Corporation McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (N613FE/FDX9001) from Memphis Intl Airport, TN (KMEM) to Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany (EDDK) at FL290. AFL100 requested FL280 after it was asked to confirm flight level (FL).
Update TSB Report #A18A0098: VQ-BQB, a Boeing 777-300 aircraft operated by Aeroflot Russian Airlines, was conducting flight AFL100 from Moscow/Sheremetyevo Intl (UUEE), Russia to New York/John F. Kennedy Intl (KJFK), NY. N613FE, a McDonnell Douglas MD-11F aircraft operated by Federal Express, was conducting flight FDX9001 from Memphis Intl (KMEM), TN to Cologne-Bonn/Konrad Adenauer (EDDK), Germany. At approximate position 56°13 N / 044°08 W, AFL100 descended from FL300 to FL280 without a clearance. Opposing traffic was FDX9001 at FL290. Since the 2 aircraft did not establish the required vertical separation for 15 minutes before and after crossing tracks, a loss of separation occurred.

October 12, 2018

Incident at YYR 100 / 100

A KLM Boeing 777 200 (KLM95R) from Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM) to New York/John F. Kennedy, NY (KJFK) reported severe turbulence. Descended from FL300 to FL280. Halifax (HZ) flight information centre (FIC) advised.

September 6, 2018

Incident at In the vicinity of: GANDER INTL NL (CYQX)

An American corporately registered Cessna 525 (N858DP) from Narsarsuaq, Greenland (BGBW) to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR) was cleared off of not above (NA) to FL220 with opposite direction at FL230. N858DP levelled at FL220 and requested FL400. The aircraft then climbed without a clearance (CLR) and was seen climbing on ADSB. The aircraft was stopped at FL300. Traffic was PSK620 FL230 HOIST 56/55 58/50 5937/45 61/40 6207/35 63/30 EPENI ELDIS. The pilot for N858DP thought that they had received a CLR to FL320 and climbed without confirming it. The pilot said primary frequency reception was poor when they confirmed it on secondary they realized it was for FL220.

September 20, 2018


An American corporately registered Cessna 560XL (N803JS) from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Int'l Airport, PA (KAVP) to Charlottetown Airport, PEI (CYYG) reported severe turbulence 50 nautical miles west of Moncton, NB (YQM) VOR/DME during descent from FL300 and FL280.