August 9, 2003

Incident at 10 nautical miles South West of DUXAR intersection

N22YP, a Dassault-Breguet Falcon 50 (FA50), was flight planned from Juneau, Alaska direct to 5808N/13309W, then direct to Swift Current, Saskatchewan (CYYN), and flight planned route to Orlando, Florida (KMCO) at FL350. The pilot was cleared, as per his flight plan, by Anchorage ACC (this was confirmed by their shift manager) but he entered Smithers, BC (CYYD) into his flight computer instead of YYN and this put the aircraft south of course by 45nm and increasing. Vancouver ACC advised us they had a target just inside their airspace (by DUXAR) and wanted to know who it was. Edmonton ACC suspected it was N22YP because it had not positioned at 130 degrees west as had been requested. Edmonton has no radar capability in this area so did not notice aircraft was off course. Pilot was advised and admitted he had entered an incorrect location in his flight computer. Aircraft course was corrected to put it back on course and no further incident transpired. No impact on other traffic and no conflicts with other aircraft were experienced in any of the ACC's involved.

August 13, 2003


The Magna International Inc. aircraft (FA50)(operating as registered C-GMII) was manoeuvring at the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport (CYKZ). The Canada Customs And Revenue Agency (CCRA) officers (three persons) were walking on an airside area at CYKZ. The CCRA officers reported that after completing the Customs inspection of C-GMII, C-GMII powered-up and re-positioned in a manner which directed the jet blast in their direction, catching them in the jet blast and causing them to run to the outside patio and into the building. The CCRA officers and their supervisor, have submitted written statements concerning the incident.

July 15, 2003


The Knighthawk Air Express Ltd. aircraft (FA50)(operating as KNX1702) was an IFR flight that departed the Hamilton Airport (CYHM) for the Ottawa M-CI Airport (CYOW). KNX1702 reported a bird strike landing runway 32. A runway inspection did not find a bird.

March 10, 2003

Incident at 45 NM south of Toronto (TCAS alert)

The Northwest Airlines Inc. aircraft (DC9) (operating as NWA1085) was an IFR flight that departed the Newark International Airport (KEWR) for the Minneapolis-St. Paul/ Wold Chamberlain Airport (KMSP). The Private aircraft (FA50) (operating as registered N718DW) was an IFR flight that departed the Toronto LBPI Airport (CYYZ) for the Philadelphia Airport (KPHL). NWA1085 was westbound at FL240, reported a TCAS RA and climbed approximately 700 feet. The traffic was N718DW, climbing southbound to FL230.

March 23, 2003

Incident at 12 min West of 51N 40W

At 1320Z An FA50 which was en route from Saint John to Dublin and Declared 'PAN PAN PAN' Due to a smoke indicator which had activated in the baggage compartment. The aircraft requested a clearance to St John's. A clearance was issued direct St. John's at Flight Level 340. The aircraft requested priority handling and landed safely at 1426Z in St. John's. TSB - Case Closed - More to Follow
TSB Update - A03A0034: The Falcon 50 aircraft, C-FKCI was in cruise flight at FL340 en route from Saint John to Dublin when the baggage compartment fire indication light illuminated. The crew activated the fire extinguisher bottle for the baggage compartment but the light remained illuminated. The crew then declared 'PAN PAN PAN' and requested and received clearance for a diversion to St. John's. The aircraft landed safely one hour and six minutes later. An inspection of the baggage compartment did not reveal any evidence of smoke or fire. The false indication was caused by a burnt-out light bulb in the baggage compartment smoke detector. The light bulb and the fire extinguisher bottle were replaced and the aircraft was returned to service.

March 12, 2002


N99JD FA50 departing Gander runway 31 for Palm Beach, aborted takeoff and went off side of the runway. After inspection by the pilots, the aircraft taxied to the ramp on it's own power. No further details available on any damage, however the aircraft departed an hour later for its destination. TSB Evaluating

February 9, 2002


CTM1275 FA50 on 5 mile final to Gander airport advised experiencing a flap problem requested to hold. Shortly after advised the problem fixed requested and cleared to continue approach. Landed 0102. No emergency declared, no assistance required. Operator French Air Force Transport Command. Nil TSB

January 21, 2002


N158M FA50 enroute to Gander reported #1 Generator Failure and returned to the United States. No impact on traffic. Nil TSB

January 11, 2001

Incident at TORONTO / LESTER B. PEARSON INTL ON (CYYZ) (Conflict - potential, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATS operating irregularity)

AAL 1562 was on an IFR flight from Miami International Airport (KMIA) to Toronto LBPIA (CYYZ). The Toronto South Ground controller asked the South Tower Controller for permission to cross runway 24L at Whisky to Whisky 1 with CFMFL. The South Tower Controller provided the South Ground Controller with a condition clearance. The condition clearance being that CFMFL could cross after the AAL 1562 landed, which was two miles final. The South Ground Controller misunderstood the South Tower Controller who was thinking that the pointout of AAL 1562 was given so that CFMFL could cross in a hurry. The South Ground Controller crossed CFMFL across runway 24L. At that time the two controllers became aware of the misunderstanding. CFMFL cleared the runway when AAL 1562 was 3/4 of a mile final.
Supplemental information from T.S.B. Initial Notification (A01O0015): The occurrence took place at Toronto (LBPIA). The South Ground Controller (SGC) asked the South Airport Controller (SAC) for permission to permit a McCain Foods operated Falcon 50 (FA50) aircraft across runway 24L from Whisky to Whisky 1. The SAC provided the SGC with a conditional clearance for the FA50 aircraft to cross after landing of the American Airlines Boeing 727-200 aircraft which was two miles final. The SGC misunderstood the SAC thinking he could cross the FA50 and advised the pilot to hurry in order not to conflict with the B727 on final. As the FA50 proceeded across the active runway, both controllers became aware of the misunderstanding with the B727 approximately one mile final. The pilot-in-command of the B727 then requested to the airport controller to continue with his landing as he visually confirmed at 3/4 mile on final that the FA50 was well clear of the runway. The airport controller subsequently cleared the B727 for landing. Nav Canada is conducting its own investigation on this operating irregularity.

June 26, 2001

Incident at GANDER INTL NL (CYQX) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

N99JD FA50 departing Gander for Geneva advised of Navigational problems and request return to Gander. Landed 0500z. No emergency declared or assistance requested. Nil TSB

February 19, 2001


N900SG FA50 while parked on the Ramp at Gander had Fuel Spill through the vent while refueling. Cleanup by Airport personnel. Nil TSB

October 21, 2000


N544RA FA50 departed Gander enroute Le Bourget. Shortly after departure, pilot advised of a gear warning light. Crew able to extend gear ok, however gear warning light when gear retracted. Flight requested and received clearance direct Gander for landing runway 31. Aircraft arrived at 0256z. FOB 14,500 lbs. SOB 4 ERS on standby for landing. No emergency declared, and pilot advised no assistance required. Nil TSB

September 24, 2000


N55NT FA50 departing Fredericton for Dallas was issued a Standard Instrument Departure for RNWY 33. Aircraft appeared on radar west of the field. There were two other aircraft involved, ARN 872 DH8 inbound from Montreal and N3023U a westbound aircraft overflight at 6,000. Controller instructed N55NT to maintain 5,000 and separation was maintained but traffic was disrupted. Fredericton FSS confirmed that N55NT read back the departure instructions properly. Nil TSB

August 3, 2000

Incident at SAINT JOHN NB (CYSJ)

FKCI FA50 landed on RWY 23 in Saint John while backtracking RWY 23 the pilot advised that he would stop on RWY 32, clear of all taxiways, and needed the company engineer to come out to the aircraft and pin the gear. The aircraft was on RWY 32 from 1837z until 1853z, when it was towed to the hangar by the company tug. Weather at 18Z and 19Z W1 X 1/8F , RWY 23 active. TSB Case Closed. More to follow. Update from Maintenance and Manufacturing. Nose gear green light extinguished during taxi. Maintenance determined gear downlock indicator proximity switch failed. Replacement parts ordered. Update. No further action by TSB.

May 6, 2000

Incident at 50 West Gander (CYQX)

N80TR FA50 inbound to Gander advised of an Oil Light inoperative for the # 2 enigne. Flight decided to return to Boston and then changed destination to Teteboro. Nil TSB

September 26, 1999

Incident at Fredericton NB

N163WW FA50 takeoff from Fredericton deviated from assigned SID heading (turned to 020) without ATC clearance. Nil TSB

April 11, 1999

Incident at 50 NM South East Stephenville

ARN830 DH8 FL220 reported a bright light followed by 2-3 smaller bright lights 0-5 degrees above the horizon travel at a high rate of speed on a track of 000-045 degrees. Appeared to be at a higher altitude with a significant tail. Observed for 30 minutes before it faded. N95PH FA50 also confirmed the objects had crossed the nose of his aircraft while he was at FL370 from his 01:30 position to a point of disappearing at his 10:30 position. Aprx 30 miles in 10-20 seconds. Appeared to be at a distance of 10 miles and a couple of thousand feet above. Thought it was 2 fighters with afterburners then realized it wasn't aircraft. A resident on the ground also reported the object but didn't think it was an aircraft because it had sparks coming from it. Information relayed to NORAD. Nil TSB

December 10, 1998


N8400E FA50 departed Gander Intl. at 2228Z. Requested to return due to door indicator light . Aircraft began circulating airport to burn off fuel, but advised problem corrected at 2240Z. Proceeded to destination.