February 13, 2020

Incident at 5609N / 06557W

According to an automatic dependent surveillance – contract (ADS-C) report, an El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 787-9 (ELY027/4XEDK) from Tel Aviv, Israel (LLBG) to Newark, NJ (KEWR) was not following the route in its flight plan, that is, MOFAT ALB. The report indicated instead that the aircraft followed MOFAT HANAA ALB. When questioned, the aircraft confirmed that the flight plan had been entered incorrectly. No impact on operations.

September 23, 2011

Incident at Near QUBIS intersection

ELY027, Boeing 777-200, enroute from Tel Aviv (LLBG) to Newark (KEWR) declared PAN PAN with a medical emergency (passenger). The flight requested clearance to divert to Bangor (KBGR). No assistance was required. The Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) was advised. There was no impact on operations. TSB Case Closed.
UPDATE TSB: A11A0066: The El Al Israel Airlines B777-258 (reg 4XECC) aircraft, operating as flight ELY027, was on a scheduled flight from Ben Gurion International airport (LLBG), Israel, to Newark Internation, NJ (KEWR). While in cruise the flight crew declared a PAN PAN due to a passenger medical emergency. The flight was diverted to Bangor International airport (KBGR) where it landed without incident.

April 18, 2010

Incident at BOBTU Intersection (ATS operating irregularity)

ELY027, Boeing 747-400, enroute from Tel Aviv (LLBG) to Newark (KEWR), reported over BOBTU intersection with Gander High Domestic at 06:59Z at 32,000 ft. proceeding to the next point (JAROM). No estimate had been received from New York Oceanic and nil traffic. New York advised that the flight had been cleared 43 North 50 West JEBBY CARAC. The flight advised that they had received a clearance from LPPO 43 North 50 West BOBTU. A Gross Navigation Error (GNE) report was filed. Nil TSB.