November 13, 2012

Incident at 37 SE of Chicago, IL

The FAA reported that a private Canadian registered Eurocopter EC20, entered temporary flight restriction without authorization at 900 feet, 37 NM SE of Chicago at 1213z. No conflicts were reported. (AGL ROC 11/8 Hagans)

February 13, 2011


HAWK1 EC20 reported a green laser being directed at them from approximately 1NM south of the runway 34 threshold. No other aircraft targeted. HAWK1 was unable to located exact source of the laser.

February 2, 2011


Calgary Police HAWC2 EC20 was flashed with a green laser. Source came from an area between Deerfoot and McLeod Trail and Anderson and Southland.

September 8, 2010


C-GEMN an EC20 originally transiting from west to east along Highway 43 approached within 2.6NM of CYZU before requesting SVFR I/B to land at CYZU. SVFR obtained at 1610Z and aircraft landed safely at 1615Z. No impact upon operations. CYZU 1600Z METAR reporting a 300 feet ceiling and visibility of ¾ miles.

February 17, 2010

Incident at CALGARY INTL AB (CYYC) (Navigation error, Conflict - potential, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

UPDATE A10W0030: A Calgary Police Service Eurocopter EC120 B helicopter, registration C-FHWC, operating as HAWC2, had requested a priority departure, southeast bound, from Calgary International. A North Cariboo Flying Service Ltd. Beech 200, registration C-FCGC, operating as flight NCB236, was on approach to runway 28. NCB236 was advised the helicopter would be lifting off in the vicinity of taxiway N and would remain clear of the approach path for runway 28. Soon after, at the request of the tower controller, NCB236 accepted a new clearance for a visual approach to runway 25 and HAWC2 was cleared across the approach to runway 28 to fly a heading of 030. When NCB236 was approximately three miles back on final HAWC2 turned southbound, back towards the approach to runway 28, and encroached the approach path for both runway 28 and runway 25. The tower turned NCB236 left to a heading of 250 to keep clear of HAWC2, and instructed HAWC2 to fly northbound to clear the approach to runway 28. NCB236 subsequently requested and landed runway 28 to ensure a stable approach. The incident occurred during daylight hours and the helicopter had been visually identified by the NCB236 crew. The aircraft came within 200 feet vertically and 1 nm laterally of each other. There have been numerous traffic conflicts involving a Calgary City Police Air Services Unit aircraft, near Calgary International, over the past four years to include TSB occurrence A09W0221.
HAWC2 EC20 had requested priority departure Southeast bound. Runway 34 and runway 28 were active. HAWC2 was cleared across the approach to runway 28 to fly heading 030. NCB236 was approx 3 miles final runway 28 when HAWC2 turned southbound back towards the approach to runway 28. Tower turned NCB236 left to heading 250 to keep clear of HAWC2. Tower then instructed HAWC2 to fly northbound to clear the approach to runway 28. The confliction was solved in time to allow NCB236 to resume the approach and land on runway 28.

May 26, 2009

Incident at MONTRÉAL INTL (MIRABEL) QC (CYMX) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

Mise à jour #1: Selon les informations obtenues de la division Maintenance, le pilote a demandé de se faire guider par radar par le contrôleur de la tour jusqu'à l'aéroport de St-Hubert (CYHU), ou son technicien a remplacé le transpondeur. Le transpondeur défectueux a été enlevé pour réparation.*** ** *** Update #1: According to information received from the Maintenance Division, the pilot requested that the tower controller provide radar vectoring to the St-Hubert (CYHU) airport, where his maintenance engineer replaced the transponder. The defective transponder was removed for repairs.
Un Eurocopter EC20 de propriété privée, effectuait un vol selon les règles de vol à vue (VFR) depuis St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil (CSB3) à destination de Mirabel (CYMX). L'aéronef a effectué plusieurs envolées dans la zone de Mirabel, alors que le transpondeur de l'appareil était hors service.*** *** *** A privately-owned Eurocopter EC20 was VFR from St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil (CSB3) to Mirabel (CYMX). The aircraft flew in the Mirabel zone with a non-functional transponder.

August 27, 2009

Incident at CHIBOUGAMAU / CHAPAIS QC (CYMT) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

C-FWKA, un Eurocopter EC20 exploité par Forages Chibougamau, effectuait un vol local selon les règles de vol à vue (VFR) dans la région de Chibougamau (CYMT). L'équipage a effectué la communication initiale alors que l'aéronef était situé à trois milles nautiques au nord-ouest de l'aéroport.*** ** *** Forages Chibougamau Eurocopter EC20 C-FWKA, was on a local VFR flight in the region of Chibougamau (CYMT). The crew made initial contact when the aircraft was 3 NM northwest of the airport.

May 28, 2009

Incident at VICTORIA HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYWH)

The privately-registered 0757156 B.C. Ltd. Eurocopter EC20, VFR destination unknown to Victoria Harbour-Camel Point (CBF7) entered the Victoria Harbour control zone from the West at 800 ft as observed on the Nav Can Auxiliary Radar Display System (NARDS) and visually. The EC20 landed at CBF7 without any radio contact on the Mandatory Frequency (MF). Several attempts to contact the aircraft were made on Frequency 122.2. Other traffic was updated with no further incident. The FSS contacted the pilot via local phone who confirmed down at CBF7. The pilot was informed of the MF requirement.

June 25, 2008


The RCMP Air Services Branch Flight AIR1, a Eurocopter France EC20 VFR origin/destination unknown, reported a TCAS advisory while orbiting at 2,000 ft approximately 2 NM Southwest of Langley. Nearest traffic was in the circuit at 1,000 ft and one unidentified aircraft 4 miles Southwest at 1,300 ft. There was no traffic in the immediate vicinity observed on radar. AIR1 reported TCAS traffic 0 miles same altitude.

June 21, 2008


At 0526Z the pilot of the privately-registered Cessna C150, VFR Pitt Meadows (CYPK) to CYPK, reported having red and green lasers aimed at the aircraft.
UPDATE from the Pilot: The pilot was conducting a local night flight within and out of Pitt Meadows (CYPK) Control Zone from the West to the Northeast sector for approach to land, and was cleared to right base 26L. At left glance the pilot confirmed very bright green/red light beams pointing directly at the aircraft cockpit window from the ground and from the East (North end of 224th Street Maple Ridge). This route would take the aircraft abeam a designated check point and direct the Harmmond Mill as instructed by CYPK Tower. The pilot reported the situation at approximately 2,000 ft ASL. RCMP Air Services Branch Flight AIR1, a Eurocopter France EC20 origin/destination unknown, was in the area and upon requested acknowledgement by the Tower confirmed they would follow up. Other aircraft reported previous situations encountered by the Abbotsford police in the past while. Although a brief glance at the laser, the pilot still experienced a slight vision impairment, and for safety reasons requested a wide left hand 270 degree turn for a 2 mile approach to 26L for brightness recovery and a stabilized approach. The aircraft landed successfully on Runway 26L. System Safety was contacted to request follow up with CYPK Tower and subsequent reporting in the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS). Similar reports of laser attacks have been noted in CADORS.

August 1, 2008

Incident at EDMONTON CITY CENTRE / BLATCHFORD AB (CYXD) (Incursion - runway - vehicle)

UPDATE Aerodrome Safety reported that the APM at City Centre Airport met with both security and EPS (Air Medevac operations) personnel about the occurrence. The airport manager directed security to keep their vehicle running lights on however if they are required to approach an AIR 1(EC20) Eurocopter they are move to a different location so that the lights do not interfere with the flight crew.
While departing the east ramp, the flight crew EC20 Eurocopter AIR 1 were startled by Security 08 nearby without any lights on. The flight crew felt this was an unsafe practice.

October 5, 2007

Incident at PITT MEADOWS BC (CYPK) (ATM - other)

UPDATE from ANS & Airspace: No further action required.
AIR1, a Eurocopter EC20 VFR Pitt Meadows (CYPK) to destination unknown, departed Runway 08L with a visibility of 1/8 SM and a Vertical Visibility of 100 feet. The pilot was informed of the weather and reported that conditions were clear at his position.

August 4, 2007

Incident at VANCOUVER / HARBOUR (PUBLIC) BC (Heli) (CBC7) (TCAS alert, Controlled airspace - unauthorized entry, Conflict - potential, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

While the RCMP Eurocopter France EC20, VFR Vancouver to Vancouver, was in the Vancouver Harbour Airspace the Tower advised them of an aircraft, a Skyquest Aviation Ltd Cessna C172, VFR Langley to destination unknown, approaching from the east and not in radio contact with anyone. The aircraft proceeded to the downtown core of Vancouver at approximately 2,000 ft while the EC20 was orbiting the same area (doing police work) at approximately 1500 - 1800 ft in contact with Harbour Tower. The EC20 flew closer to the No Radio (NORDO) C712 and confirmed the registration. The aircraft continued to fly in the area for approximately ten minutes, and at one point did come within 1 mile of the RCMP EC20 causing their TCAS alert to go off. After a few minutes, the EC20 flew up next to the C172 and got the pilot's attention, who then did turn back eastbound and was clearing the area. The C172 did finally come on the radio and was talking with Harbour Tower and admitted to being on the wrong frequency.

August 5, 2007

Incident at VANCOUVER HARBOUR BC (Water) (CYHC) (Controlled airspace - unauthorized entry, Conflict - potential, Alleged Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) infraction)

UPDATE from Commercial Business Aviation: No Further Action required.
Skyquest Aviation Cessna C172, VFR Langley to Langley observed on radar east Vancouver Harbour (CYHC) Control Zone at 0249Z at 1,800 feet and proceeded into Control Zone with no contact with the Tower and conflicted with Skylines Advertising Cessna C182, VFR exiting zone East Bound at 1,500 ft. Traffic was passed and C182 descended to 1,200 ft to avoid. C172 continued to operate in the zone circling over the city at 1,800 ft and conflicted with the RCMP Eurocopter EC20 Air 1 patrolling restricted airspace (NOTAM070606 Vancouver CYVR fireworks site over English Bay). Air 1 stated the C172 came within 1 mile of him. CYHC Tower attempted to contact C172 on all frequencies. Air 1 was able to establish visual contact with the pilot and signal him to depart the airspace to the east. C172 contacted CYHC and explained that he used Victoria Harbour's Mandatory Frequency of 122.2.

June 19, 2006

Incident at OTTAWA / GATINEAU QC (CYND) (Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system)

Helicopter EC20 registered CGLCN took off from Gatineau (CYND) for Rockliffe without making any radio contact with the FSS.

October 9, 2006

Incident at Kelowna (TCAS alert, Overshoot/missed approach)

Air Canada Jazz Flight JZA8420 had a TCAS RA and elected to go around, at about 2 DME final for Kelowna. The only known traffic was C-FINZ a Kokanee Helicopters Eurocopter France EC20 doing a low-level powerline patrol about 5 or 6 miles north of the airport. No traffic was passed to JZA8420 as it was considered not to be a conflict.

September 24, 2005


C-FGBA, an Héli-Inter EC20 helicopter, was conducting a visual flight rules (VFR) flight to Chicoutimi/St-Honoré (CYRC). The aircraft was seen on the radar and by some gliders, crossing the Valcartier restricted areas (CYR612 and CYR603). The Québec (CYQB) control tower's attempts to contact C-FGBA were unsuccessful until the aircraft was just about to exit the restricted area.

July 4, 2003


The Memento Mori Investments Ltd. aircraft (EC20)(operating as registered C-FJDZ) was a VFR flight that departed (not reported) for (not reported). C-FJDZ reported a loss of hydraulics approximately 15 nm north of CYKZ and requested emergency services. C-FJDZ landed without further incident on the south helipad. There was no impact to airport traffic.
Update provided by the TSB of Canada Daily Notification Log 28-Jul-2003: A03O0186: The privately-operated Eurocopter EC120B helicopter was practicing hydraulic failures in the circuit at Toronto/Buttonville. After completion of the exercises, the hydraulics failed to come back on when they were turned on. An emergency was declared and the helicopter landed safely. After landing, as rotor rpm dropped, the hydraulics came back on without any pilot command.

June 29, 2003

Incident at TORONTO / BUTTONVILLE MUNICIPAL ON (CYKZ) (Conflict - near collision (VFR or IFR))

The private aircraft (C170) (operating as C-FFYL)was a VFR local flight that departed the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport (CYKZ). The second private aircraft (EC20) (operating as AIR2)was a VFR local flight that departed CYKZ. C-FFYL reported 9nm to the West of CYKZ, inbound, and was given the airport advisory, including helicopter traffic (AIR2), 3nm NW at 2000. C-FFYL reported the traffic in sight and advised he would be joining the circuit for runway 15. C-FFYL then proceeded directly towards AIR2, also at 2000 feet. As C-FFYL approached AIR2, AIR2 advised he was forced to take evasive manoeuvres by descending approximately 400 feet to avoid C-FFYL. C-FFYL reported being overhead of AIR2 and then continued towards the airport, flying overhead before landing on runway 15. AIR2 resumed air work 3nm NW of CYKZ at 2000.