December 30, 2014

Incident at In the vicinity of: GANDER INTL NL (CYQX)

At 1550Z, A DHL Air Boeing 767 300 (GDHLG/ DHK971) from New York, NY (KJFK) to Nottingham (EGNX) declared emergency due to computer problems and diverted to Gander, NL (CYQX). Aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) requested because of possible overheated brakes due to weight on landing. Landed at 1610Z. No other traffic affected.
UPDATE: TSB Report#A14A0103: The DHL Air Ltd. Boeing 767-300, registration G-DHLG, was operating as DHK971 on a freight flight from New York to East Midlands, UK. While in cruise flight at about 200 nm south of Gander, NL (CYQX), the crew received multiple warning messages and had multiple flight instrument displays fail for several seconds. The crew declared a MAYDAY and diverted to CYQX, where they were vectored for a visual approach. The crew requested that ARFF stand by for the landing. The aircraft landed at CYQX without further incident. Maintenance personnel replaced the DC STBY circuit breaker and associated relay, conducted systems testing, and returned the aircraft to service.

January 31, 2013

Incident at 4858/6130

DHK971, Boeing 767-300, enroute from New York (KJFK) to Leicestershire (EGNX), reported a left Air Data Computer (ADC) fault. Both Electronic Engine Controllers (EEC) were intermittent and the aircraft experienced a left aileron lockout. The flight crew requested clearance to return to New York. No emergency was declared and no assistance was required. The aircraft descended to 28,000 feet to burn excess fuel.

February 4, 2010

Incident at 4400N06449W

DHK97, Boeing 767-300 was enroute from New York (KJFK) to East Midlands (EGNX). The estimate from Boston showed the aircraft route as BOS direct YYT. The aircraft was approximately 20 nautical miles south of course from what was received on the Boston estimate. The hard copy flight plan showed a requested flight plan route of LFV 4500N06000W YYT. When the Moncton controller inquired what route the aircraft was on, after some hesitation, the pilot advised he was proceeding 4500N06000W then YYT but would except clearance direct YYT. The controller cleared the aircraft direct YYT. After investigation with Boston and KJFK tower the aircraft had been re-cleared by the tower, BOS direct YYT and read back the clearance. The aircraft was not on the cleared route. There was no loss of separation or impact on other aircraft. Nil TSB