March 22, 1999

Incident at Near Summerside PEI (ATS operating irregularity)

CANICE 03 DH7 was on an ice patrol departing Summerside at 7000 feet. The pilot had faxed the flight plan to the Halifax Flight Information Center who then retyped the flight plan and forwarded to Moncton Center. Halifax FIC had missed forwarding the last coordinate for the routing. CANICE 03 proceeded eastbound across ICN2330 flight path and it was anticipated that the flight would turn south bound clear of ICN2330 flight path. ICN2330 was passing 6000 feet climbing to 15,000 feet and passed behind CANICE 03 with aprx 1000 feet vertical and 10.8 miles lateral separation. TSB case closed.

July 9, 1996

Incident at TIMMINS / VICTOR M. POWER ON (CYTS) (TCAS alert, Other operational incident, Conflict - potential, Communication navigation surveillance/air traffic system, ATM - other)

At 2231Z, Toronto ACC advised Timmins FSS that ONT337 (DHC-8) was 30 south for runway 03, followed by C-GGXS (DHC-7). The controller requested calls through 4000' and 3000'. At 2234Z, ONT337 reported to Timmins FSS and was given an advisory for runway 03. ONT337 reported leaving 4000' - this was passed to Toronto ACC. At 2236.31Z, ONT337 reported through 3000', levelling 2800' - this was passed to Toronto ACC. At 2237.17Z, ONT337 cancelled IFR - this was passed to Toronto ACC at 2237.45Z. At that time, the controller acknowledged the call and advised that C-GGXS had cancelled IFR and was coming over. On initial contact, the FSS requested a position report and C-GGXS advised 3300' and 8 DME southwest. C-GGXS was given an advisory which included the DH8 traffic as 10 south 30 seconds ago. C-GGXS acknowledged the advisory and stated he was breaking off as he had the traffic in sight. Subsequent inter pilot conversations indicated concern on the part on ONT337 as to the proximity of the DH7. The captain of ONT337 phoned the FSS to repeat his concern. Later, the pilot advised the FSS that he had had a TCAS Alert. Ops. Impact -- C-GGXS changed runways and landed runway 10.

August 16, 1994

Incident at North Bay, ONT

C-GDHO was VFR Sudbury to North Bay, cleared right downwind for 26. Aircraft was observed flying overhead the field, joining right downwind for 08. Conflicted with VFR C172 C-GUOB, departing 26. C-GDHO instructed to turn around - no response. C-GDHO eventually joined left downwind for 26, sequences number 2. C-GDHO cut-off C-GUOB and landed; C-GUOB given a 360 degree turn. On ground frequency, C-GDHO was instructed to proceed straight ahead and turn left. C-GDHO was then instructed to turn left and went straight ahead. Due to traffic, C-GDHO was denied departure clearance from North Bay. Ops. Impact -- C-GUOB delayed; VAL103 (DH7) VFR delayed.