June 22, 2011

Incident at 100 Miles Southeast of Sydney (CYQY)

One hundred miles southeast of Sydney (CYQY), DAL64, Boeing 767-300, enroute from Atlanta (KATL) to Manchester (EGCC), advised that the operator had requested the flight divert to New York (KJFK). No emergency was declared and no assistance was required. There was no impact on operations.

February 2, 2011

Incident at NAT"Z"(43/50) (ATM - inaccurate aeronautical information)

New York ATC coordinated DAL64 with Gander ATC routing NAT Track "Z" at 35,000 feet. The Gander Controller read back the correct altitude but inadvertently entered 37,000 feet into the Flight Data Processor. This error resulted in Gander protecting an incorrect flight profile for the aircraft. There was no traffic. Nil TSB

December 29, 2008

Incident at 4802N/06638W

DAL64, Boeing 767-300, enroute from Atlanta (KATL) to Manchester (EGCC), at position 4802N/06638W, reported a fuel system problem. The flight requested to return to New York (KJFK). No assistance was required and no emergency was declared.

July 6, 2005

Incident at Gander Domestic/Oceanic Boundary

DAL64, Boeing 767-300 enroute from Atlanta (KATL) to Manchester (EGCC) entered oceanic airspace at 37,000, instead of 35,000 as given in oceanic clearance. Aircraft was not descended to appropriate flight level prior to crossing domestic/oceanic boundary. No traffic. TSB Case Closed.

March 1, 2005

Incident at 5 miles west of DENDU

DAL64 B767-300 enroute Atlanta (KATL) to Manchester (EGCC) flight 5 miles west of DENDU track U indicated navigation problem and stated that did not wish to enter oceanic airspace. Flight was cleared to hold at DENDU. Problem was solved by 0520Z, and flight proceeded into oceanic airspace. Flight did not indicate nature of problem other than navigation. Nil TSB

August 1, 2001


DAL64 B777 enroute Atlanta to Manchester requested from 60nm east of VIXUN direct Stephenville due medical emergency. After discussion with dispatch, the pilot requested to land Gander. Arrived Gander 0442Z. Nil TSB

June 6, 1999

Incident at Moncton FIR

DAL64 MD11 enroute Atlanta to Manchester request divert to Boston due to unruly passenger who had to be restrained with handcuffs. Situation worsened and flight requested a Fuel Dump and divert to Bangor. Flight exited Moncton FIR 0358z. Nil TSB Update: Two Flight Attendants required hospitalization. TSB File # A99A0077

February 4, 1998

Incident at Overhead Charolettetown PEI

DAL64 L101 FL350 enroute Atlanta to Manchester shutdown # 2 engine due to a fire warning while over Charlottetown. Aircraft descended to FL310 and diverted to New York. No emergency declared. Nil TSB

January 8, 1998

Incident at Gander Oceanic

DAL64 L101 enroute Atlanta to Manchester reported oil leak in number 1 engine. Engine not shutdown. No emergency declared or assistance required. Nil TSB

March 27, 1997

Incident at 51N/50W

DAL64, a L1011 registered N769DL was on a flight from Atlanta to Manchester UK at FL290. At 50W requested and received a clearance back to Keflavik due to mechanical problems with generators. One generator unserviceable, one generator failing and one generator serviceable. SAR notified. No emergency declared. TSB case closed

March 12, 1997

Incident at Gander Oceanic

KAC102, an A340 registered 9KANA was on a flight from Kennedy International to London Heathrow at FL390. It progressed 54/40 at 0538Z estimating 55/30 at 0622Z. At 0610Z the flight advised that it was shutting down #3 engine and requested descent to below FL350. Did not declare an emergency but stated that the descent was necessary. Traffic below was British Airways BAW176 at FL370 and Delta Airlines DAL64 at FL330. Both were cleared to FL310 and FL290 respectively. KAC102 was issued a clearance to FL330 and reported level at 0623Z. The flight also progressed 30W at 0623 and continued to London. Prestwick took over the surveillance of the flight.