September 30, 2018


After being given a 11 minute delay going into Seattle, a Delta Airlines Inc. Boeing 777 200 (N861DA/DAL38) from Hong Kong Int'l Airport, HK (VHHH) to Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport (Sea-Tac), WA (KSEA) advised they had minimum fuel and could not take the delay. Subsequent to coordination with Seattle Centre, the delays were cancelled for DAL38. No operational impact.

January 16, 2013

Incident at 53N 030N

DAL38, Boeing 767-400, enroute from Atlanta (KATL) to London (EGLL), was routing NAT Track "Y" at 32,000 feet. When approaching 53N 030W it declared a medical emergency and requested clearance to divert to Keflavik (BIKF). The aircraft was given clearance as requested.

November 14, 2007


DAL38, Boeing 767-400, enroute from Atlanta (KATL) to Amsterdam (EHAM) was approximately 90 nautical miles west of Gander (CYQX) when the flight crew declared a medical emergency (passenger). The aircraft diverted to Gander and landed at 02:49Z without further incident. Nil TSB.

September 4, 2000

Incident at Gander Oceanic (CYQX)

DAL36 B777 enroute Cincinnati to London declared a Medical Emergency, followed emergency contingency procedures and diverted to St. John's NF. Flight landed 0447z. TSB case Closed. TSB File # A00A0144

April 12, 2000

Incident at Near Monctn NB (CYQM)

DAL38 B767 enroute Atlanta to Amsterdam reported a Passenger Medical Emergency and request divert to Bangor. Company to arrange medical services for the arrival. Boston ATC advised. No other flights affected. Aircraft exited airspace 0122z. Nil TSB

June 21, 1996

Incident at Gander Oceanic

N805DE (MD11) and N763DL (L1011) progressed 50W and 40W within ten minutes. When N763DL, reported by 49N/30W longitudinal separation was reduced to 7 minutes when 10 minutes is the standard. The controller identified the loss of separation and Preswick was advised, who had DAL38 reduce their Mach speed to restore separation to 10 minutes. It could not be determined why the 10 minutes separation which was maintained past the two previous position points, was reduced to 7 minutes at 49N/30W.